Balmy weather not set to stick around

03:27, Aug 11 2014
Taken in the early morning of July 14, in Auckland.
Evan Bay Marina - No Filter - Last Friday
Alex Macuer wasn't even aware there was a supermoon when taking this photo in July at Evans Bay Marina. "I just thought it was a beautiful moon."
A Cloudy Night
One Tree Hill and the supermoon in July.
Friday night moon over Silverstream, Upper Hutt, in July.
A bit Misty..but still lovely
We had cloud most of the time and this was taken just as the cloud passed ....a bit cloudy but still a sight to behold. Taken in July.
Templeview in fog
After driving through very heavy fog this glow appeared on the side of the road in Hamilton - it was the moon and it extended in to this spooky view of the temple. Taken in July.
Moon as seen in Masterton last Friday.
Supermoon over One Tree Hill
The supermoon rising through the clouds next to Maungakiekie, taken from Mt Albert in July.
+61 435 373 061
Supermoon in Port Hedland, Western Australia, in July.
Alistair Hayward
Alistair Hayward got this shot as the moon was rising in July
Maggie Alasad
Maggie Alasad sent in this spooky picture of the full moon in July.
Lindsay Breach
Lindsay Breach took this picture in North Canterbury through a telescope in July.
Supermoon rising over the Orongorongos.
Alistair Hayward
The August Supermoon from Napier.
Allan Scadden snapped this pic of the August Supermoon from Wellington.
Jubi captured this photo of the August Supermoon.
The August Supermoon rises over the Barnicoat range in Nelson.
The August Supermoon from the Tuki Tuki Hills.
The August Supermoon as seen from Wellington's Mount Victoria lookout.
The August Supermoon from Waimate.
Debbie Brown snapped this pic of the August Supermoon from Taranaki.
The August Supermoon from One Tree Hill.
Gareth Polglaze caught this pic of the August Supermoon over Nelson.
The August Supermoon setting over the Ruahine Ranges.
The August Supermoon rising in Wellington.
The August Supermoon setting over Kaipara coast.
Super moon seen frm Moorhouse Ave, Christchurch
YELLOW MOON: Cynthia Johnson took this photo about 6.20am on Monday while walking her dog on Moorhouse Ave, Christchurch.
Super moon over Timaru
EERIE: Super moon photographed above Timaru.
Supermoon shines over Mt. Albert.
Supermoon by Dave Ross
An early morning supermoon shot from Karori.
Supermoon Shane Gaskin
The supermoon rising over the Orongarongas.

Today's balmy weather might have Cantabrians thinking spring has come early - but temperatures are set to plummet tonight, with rain and hail on the cards.

MetService duty forecaster Hannah Moes said there was a disturbed southwest flow moving over the country which meant several fronts would hit Christchurch in the next seven days.

Before each front, a warm northwest wind would pass through the city before rain and southwesterly winds arrived.

Norwest Arch
EARLY RISER: A nor'west arch forms over Christchurch at dawn.

"It's kind of a repeating pattern for the next couple of days," she said.

However, tomorrow's front could bring hail and snow to 500 metres on the Banks Peninsula.

Today will start off fine, but rain will develop in the afternoon and early evening.


Timaru super moon
SUPER DUPER: A view of a full and bright moon over Timaru this weekend.

There will be a high of 16 degrees Celsius, which will drop to 2C overnight.

Tomorrow and Wednesday will have highs of 11C, but drop to -4C and -2C overnight respectively. 

Moes said skies would be clear by midnight for those hoping to catch a glimpse of the "super moon" tonight.

This special sighting happens when the moon comes a little bit closer to Earth due to its elliptical orbit, making it appear bigger and brighter to the naked eye.

The full moon occured about 6.10am today, reaching its perigee - the closest point to Earth on its oval-shaped orbit - about 5.44am. 

The last super moon happened on July 9 and another would be seen on September 9, but today's event would be the closest of the year.

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