Christchurch set for early start to spring

Christchurch is set for a string of fine weather as the beginning of spring looms.

With just one week left of what has been a cool and dry winter, the city looks to be in store for high cloud and light winds.

Today, MetService says Christchurch is set for cloud with fine spells this afternoon, looking to reach a high of 11 degrees Celsius.Fine weather

With temperatures peaking on Wednesday at 14C, the fine weather will stick around until late Friday when cloudy conditions settle in for the weekend.

In a cruel twist, rain and light winds will hover over the city on the first day of spring next Monday until the weather clears on Wednesday, according to MetService's 10-day forecast.


Rush-hour commuters can expect delays after a crash yesterday put traffic lights at the Brougham and Antigua streets intersection out of action.

Christchurch Transport Operations Centre senior traveller information adviser Kathy Graham said the crash had damaged the signal control cabinet.

She urged drivers to be cautious in the area this morning, and advised them to use alternative routes.

"The signals are unlikely to be reinstated before [the] Monday morning peak and possibly not until until after the afternoon peak," Graham said.

Traffic management had been put in place for safety reasons, stopping drivers from turning right into or out of Antigua St until the signals were back on.

There is no right turn from Brougham St into Antigua St.

"This will cause substantial delays for road users," Graham said.

She advised using alternative routes including Colombo, Selwyn or Waltham streets or travelling at different times.


The Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (Scirt) continues its work around the city this week.

Drivers have been warned of potential delays in the following areas:

- Moorhouse Ave - Antigua to Montreal St will be reduced to two lanes and one cycle lane as water pipes are repaired. The road shoulder, footpath and one lane are being taken out between Antigua and Montreal streets for about two weeks. Expect delays at peak hours travelling east on Moorhouse from Lincoln Rd/ Hagley Ave corner.

- Moorhouse Ave - westbound parking reduction from today as the fresh water pipe crew set up on the south side of Moorhouse, Durham St back to Antigua. Parking will be affected this week.

- Moorhouse Ave will be one lane at night for westwards drivers for another week of work along the south side. Drivers going towards Hagley Park from Pilgrim Pl (between Colombo and Manchester) to Antigua St will be restricted to one lane for pipe-lining.

- Work on lateral pipes and redundant manholes along Durham St North and in the Peterborough/Durham intersection will start on 28 August.

- Manchester St - Pak 'n Save customers must drive in off Moorhouse Ave as Manchester St kerb and channel is replaced from Moorhouse Ave to Dundas St over the next two weeks. Two-way road lanes will be maintained but there will be no parking outside Pak 'n Save on Manchester St.

- Drivers should use Manchester St if coming into New Regent St or Cathedral Junction (which runs from Gloucester St through to Worcester St, along the tram tracks). 

- Colombo St at Armagh (Victoria Square) is closed to all traffic except drivers going east on Armagh St who can turn left into Colombo St.

    - From Thursday Victoria St will have crews conducting on laterals and CCTV investigation work for a week. There will be one full evening of night work.

    - Hereford St, from the river/Oxford Tce to Colombo St, will be one-way eastbound for three more weeks past the Ibis Hotel as lateral wastewater pipes are replaced.

    - Lane reductions on St Asaph St between Madras St/CPIT corner and Manchester St while workers repair damaged laterals by trenching from the main pipe in the middle of the road to the property boundary.

    - Allen St, opposite CPIT, is one-way only from Madras St west to Manchester St.

    - Kilmore St has lane closures between Madras and Colombo streets for road reconstruction and storm water repairs, up until December.

    - Peterborough St will be closed to through traffic between Madras and Colombo streets with full access for residents and businesses.  

    - Madras St is reduced to one lane in more than one place between Moorhouse and Bealey avenues.

    - Barbadoes St has lane closures for final road reconstruction from south of Bealey Ave/Melrose St to the river. There is also a lane drop in the block between Cashel and Lichfield streets.

    - Night works between 6pm and 6am on Hagley Ave (near netball courts) and side streets, with no parking on the netball court side.

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