Wet Labour Weekend looms

Rain is set to mar Christchurch's three-day Labour Weekend. 

The MetService website forecasts low temperatures and rain for Saturday, Sunday and Monday, with temperatures not expected to rise about 14 degress Celsius.

Spring River Festival organiser Evan Smith was "very disappointed" to hear of the weather forecast.

"We may lose a lot of money if that's the case,'' he said.

''There are some events that we can take inside but there are others, such as the outdoor concerts, that couldn't go ahead in the rain.

"We would have to look at postponing some things or alternative venues."

Smith said the organisers would be "praying to the weather gods" for some sunshine.

"We want that happy, festive atmosphere. We'll get Peter Beck on to it," he said.

Met Service forecaster Richard Finnie said it was "too far away" to know exactly what the weather would do this weekend, but it was not looking promising.

"We'll have a better idea over the next day or two when we see what the weather does,'' he said.

"At the moment we're in a disturbed southwesterly and it depends whether we stay in that or not. I can say it looks like it is not going to be the clear blue skies and no wind type of weather."

Strong winds and heavy rain lashed the city and much of Canterbury on Saturday and on Sunday morning.

The bad weather forced cruise ship passengers in Akaroa to shelter in the township on Saturday night as rough seas made it too dangerous to return to their vessel.

Strong winds saw Redcliffs residents Carly Bustin and Bruce Waddleton lose their greenhouse, while a Mt Pleasant family's trampoline was blown out of the garden.

After a sunny Sunday afternoon, southerly winds picked up this morning.

Strong winds briefly blasted across the city early today but eased by mid-morning, although temperatures remained at a coolish 11C.

Warmer weather is set to return tomorrow and Wednesday, with nor'westers bringing spring-like temperatures of 22C.

However, a southerly is expected to arrive on Thursday, bringing cold rain to the city.

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