Cold bubble to bring rain and snow

"Fairly severe" weather is in store for Cantabrians this weekend.

Blue Skies Weather forecaster Tony Trewinnard said rain, wind and plummeting temperatures were expected tomorrow.

"A cold bubble of air is moving over the South Island, bringing rain and snow to as low as 300 metres," he said.

"There won't be a huge amount of snow to that level, but above 500m there could be up to 10 centimetres. It will be cold, with showers and southwesterlies."

Snow was likely in North Canterbury but was also possible on Banks Peninsula.

The temperature would be in "single digits" for most of the day.

"It could get up to 10 degrees first thing in the morning, but it will probably be below that for the rest of the day," Trewinnard said.

"It will probably be an inside day, unfortunately.

"It could be quite hazardous for driving and for stock, so we just want everyone to be warned so that they don't get trapped somewhere or anything."

The weather would improve by Sunday, but it would not be "hot with blue skies".

"It will be better than Saturday but it will still be cloudy and fairly cold. There may be some sunshine by Sunday afternoon," he said

The weather could also be wet for Guy Fawkes night on Monday, says MetService, which predicted a few showers and a high of 11 degrees Celsius.

If it was wet, the fireworks display at New Brighton would be postponed until Tuesday night.

Trewinnard said if it was dry it would be cold. "People need to wrap up warm and take a thermos of coffee. It will be a cold night."

He said the weather was "reasonably unusual" for November.

"It's not unheard of, but it is unusual. It's following a pattern we've seen since about April where every month we have a cold spell coming through and it's been a bit changeable,'' he said.

''We think it will continue through to summer to be quite changeable too - just not snow hopefully."

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