Warm week ahead for Canterbury

01:04, Jan 28 2013

A spectacular week of weather is on the way for Canterbury - the only blemish being some coastal low cloud at each end of the day.

A huge high-pressure system has taken up residence across New Zealand and the seas to the east, and looks unlikely to move or break down significantly until at least the weekend.

MetService spokesman Dan Corbett said the weather would generally be sunny and warm across the region.

However, coastal parts, including Christchurch, could expect a sheet of low sea cloud most days from about dusk to 9am or 10am the following day.

"That cloud's all you've got to contend with over the next few days, just lapping in and out; a bit like pulling the sheets up over the bed."

Temperatures are expected to be in the low to mid-20s near the coast and higher inland.

Rain would not come back into the weather "equation" until early next week, Corbett said. 


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