Wild wind blows trampoline into tree

06:20, May 28 2013
Trampoline up a tree
UP, UP AND AWAY: Strong winds lifted this trampoline into a tree in Queenspark last night.
Trampoline up a tree
DAMAGED: Queenspark resident Jim Nicholls' shed was blown over last night in a strong gust of wind.

A Queenspark resident is scratching his head after finding a trampoline in his tree and his garden shed scattered over the ground after a freak gust of wind.

Jim Nicholls believed ''something like a mini-tornado'' hit the area around his house about 8.30pm yesterday after his garden shed was ''absolutely turned over''.

''I was just getting ready to go to the supermarket and I heard this huge roaring noise outside, and then a crash and a clatter, and there was this shed of mine completely bowled,'' he said.

''I came back from the supermarket, looked around the back of my house and there was this trampoline up in the trees and a small child's play tent in the backyard.''

Nicholls said there were no visible signs of damage anywhere else in the area, but the trampoline was ''firmly stuck up there'', and his shed had never moved in the 15 years since it was built.

The gust lasted about 10 seconds, he said, and it was ''certainly something out of the ordinary''.


''The wind seems to have been in a very limited area, something like a mini-tornado, and even a few blocks away nothing was felt apparently,'' he said.

MetService meteorologist Daniel Corbett said the gusts were probably ''straight-line winds'' associated with the storm that hit the region last night.

Corbett said ''sometimes you can get small little twists in the clouds'' that can result in damaging gusts of wind in a storm.

As there were no other reports of damage in the area, it was unlikely to have been a tornado, he said.

''Based on the wind profiles in that area, it was more likely strong, squally winds,'' Corbett said.

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