Christchurch hottest city in NZ

02:38, Feb 18 2014
Swimmers at Sumner beach
TAKING A DIP: Many cooled off in the sea at Sumner as temperatures reached 33 degrees.

Christchurch has hit 33.3 degrees Celsius making it the warmest day of the year and the hottest place in the country - but it won't last.

Temperatures in Ashburton at 3.25pm were about 10C cooler due to a southerly change due to hit Christchurch late afternoon.

The southerly will bring much cooler temperatures but no rain.

MetService meterologist John Law said the clear, dry weather should hang around for the rest of the week though cloud was likely in the mornings and evenings.

Overnight temperatures would remain about 13 to 14C.

Today has just surpassed the previous hottest day of the summer, when 33C was recorded on January 19.



The dry weather and no sign of significant rainfall has led to fire restrictions in Selwyn.

A restricted fire season will be introduced in the district from 8pm Thursday.

Selwyn Principal Rural Fire Officer Wilson Brown said the fire risk had increased over the past few weeks as weather conditions became dryer.

"Overall the district is now very dry and the forecast for the coming weeks does not include any significant rainfall so it's appropriate that we move to a restricted fire season to reduce the fire danger," Brown said.

The restrictions mean only gas barbeques, crop residue and rubbish fires inside contained drums are allowed in rural areas of Selwyn. Any other fires can only be lit if a permit is obtained from Selwyn District Council."

Fire Services have noticed people lighting pit fires to burn debris over the past couple of weeks - these fires are not allowed in a restricted fire season without a fire permit as they can easily escape from the pit," Brown said.

Further information on the restrictions can be found on the Selwyn District Council website

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