Cass Bay roof lifted, windows 'explode'

04:13, Mar 04 2014
Firefighters repair roof
REPAIRS: Firefighters are trying to repair Janet Smart's roof.

Wind and rain is causing havoc in Cass Bay this morning with trees down, windows smashed and roofs lifting.

Janet Smart, 67, was preparing a batch of scones when she heard a "thump" outside.

She didn't realise it was bits of her roofing being ripped off by the wind until a neighbour knocked on her door saying a section had smashed through his window.

Cass Bay sunroom
'EXPLODED': Keri Whaitiri and Malcolm Hattaway at their home in Harbour View Tce, Cass Bay, where wind smashed windows at their sunroom early this morning.

Smart said she'd only recently had earthquake repairs done on her home.

Now firefighters are on the roof of her home trying to secure what's left while she's battling to contact her insurance company.

"It [the weather] is crazy. I've never seen anything like that here," the Cass Bay resident of 19 years said.


Janet Smart
JANET SMART: Just had quake repairs done to her home.

"I think if I was trying to walk up the road I'd probably get blown across the road. It's quite dangerous."

Nearby in Harbour View Tce, Malcolm Hattaway was surveying the damage to his home after high winds shattered windows.

Hattaway had got up to check a dinghy stored in his front yard hadn't blown away when he heard a "big crash" at his home about 5am.

Windows in a sunroom at the property had exploded, setting off a chain reaction inside.

Hattaway and his girlfriend, Keri Whaitiri, spent the morning cleaning up glass, which had blown across the street outside their rental home.

Firefighters helped board up their windows until a glazier arrived.

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