Speed signs finally arrive

22:22, Jan 29 2013
Swannanoa speed campaign

Children starting the new year at Swannanoa and Loburn schools next week will find road safety top of the agenda, as the implementation of variable speed limits on the main roads in each location gets under way.

This follows approval last year by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) for the installation of variable speed limits for both schools, in rural areas trial, following lobbying by parents, the community and local MP Kate Wilkinson.

Work to instal the new electronic signage is now tipped to begin on Monday, January 28.

Swannanoa speed campaign

“Motorists are going to need to be really aware of the new speed limits at the start and end of the school day.

''Swannanoa School will see the speed limit on Tram Rd reduced from 100kmh to 70kmh during these peak times, while Loburn School will see a reduction in the speed limit outside the gates from the current 80kmh to 60kmh around 9am and 3pm,” Ms Wilkinson said.

“We have young children walking or biking to school, or being dropped off by their parents alongside high-speed traffic. The signs are not just about slowing down passing traffic but are about creating awareness for motorists to be vigilant and on the look-out for children, who are often unpredictable.”

The NZTA will undertaking a project with the Education Ministry, local councils and police to assess road safety risk around all rural and semi-urban schools like thw two above, to develop a High Risk Rural Schools Guide to further improve road safety at rural schools.


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