Taser used again

22:21, Jan 29 2013

Rangiora police are singing the praises of tasers after two incidents within a fortnight where they have been used to control situations without any harm to the victims.

Sergeant Graham Crosson said in the latest incident a large kitchen knife had been produced by a man at Hanmer Springs after a disagreement broke out outside a licensed establishment in the town’s main street just after midnight on Saturday.

By this time Hanmer Springs police were on the scene and a taser was switched on but not fired.

A 28 year old man gave himself up to police when he saw the taser light on him and he lay down to be arrested.  He was taken through to Christchurch, where he was to appeared in court today.

He was also to face an outstanding  ‘warrant for arrest’ charge.
‘‘It was a horrifying escalation of an event, to go home and fetch a large knife into an argument,’’ Sergeant Crosson said.

A fortnight earlier, a North Canterbury man had been tasered when he would not give in to police.
On that occasion a taser had been fired, but the victim was not hurt badly, nor were the police officers who were forced to fire the taser when an 18 year old threatened them at Culverden with a bayonent and a large knife.

‘‘It just goes to show what happens when the tasers work as they were supposed to. There was no harm to the people involved, either the offenders or the police, so everything was good,’’ said Sergeant Crosson.


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