Nursery sticking to guns

20:39, Feb 06 2013

The Rangiora High School Nursery School Trust's resolution to remain on its Wales St site may force the high school board to take legal action. 

The dispute, which was triggered when the high school board issued a letter to the nursery school trust requiring it to move from the school-owned land by December this year, looks likely to end up in court.

In a statement issued yesterday, the nursery school again asserted its ownership of the building, outbuildings and infrastructure improvements, valued at $676,000 in December.

It claimed the cost to build a new facility would be close to $1 million and has proposed the nursery school be allowed to buy the Wales St land at its current market valuation of $333,000. 

This, together with savings from not having to restructure the nursery school buildings for its own purposes, would allow the high school to build new facilities for its learning support programme on other suitable board-owned or Ministry of Education land. 

The high school board claims there are inaccuracies in the nursery school statement, but chairman Warren Newbury said he would not go into details, as it was a commercial matter.

In a statement, the board said it "has always indicated a willingness and genuine desire to achieve a smooth transition to a new purpose-built location". 

Mr Newbury said it was a shame that relations had deteriorated so much between the two bodies. 

The high school board had received advice from lawyers, but Mr Newbury declined to say if the school would take legal action to remove the nursery school from its site.


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