Spice up your reading

Librarian Debbie Lambert.
Librarian Debbie Lambert.

Mild, medium and hot. 

No, it's not the latest range of curry pastes - it's the special selection of romantic novels available this Valentine's Day at Rangiora Library. 

The staff have helpfully categorised their selection of novels into levels of raunchiness to cater to every taste.

Rangiora Librarians Debbie Lambert, Phillippa Ashbey and Mark O'Connell.
Rangiora Librarians Debbie Lambert, Phillippa Ashbey and Mark O'Connell.

These range from sweet romantic reads to sweep you off your feet (mild), saucier romance with small doses of love-making (medium) to long, hot steamy scenes that will leave you reaching for a glass of milk or a cold shower (hot). 

While the erotic Fifty Shades series is still hugely popular - with all 10 library copies, including one in large print, out on loan - the librarians wanted to promote the other romance reads available, manager Phillippa Ashbey said.

So, for those who want some imaginary Valentine's Day action and need help in deciding on a good read, each of the books includes a bookmark indicating their "spiciness factor", reference librarian Pat Mock said.

There is also room for readers' own ratings on the bookmark, given the difference in individual opinions and tastes.

And for those who like their romance electronically, there is also a good selection of romantic reading through e-readers, tablets and smartphones in the library's eBook collection, Ms Mock said.

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