Online abuse of women must stop

Women are overwhelmingly the victims of online abuse. But what can be done to stop the vicious comments and bullying?

Vicious online abuse of women has to stop but how do you do that while maintaining a forum for others?

From student farce to American tragedy

Donald Trump voters are driven by a toxic mix of moral indignation and violent desire to punish an American they no ...

OPINION: Trump voters driven by toxic mix of moral indignation and violent desire to punish a US they no longer recognise.

Strategy paints bleak picture

The Christchurch Visitor Strategy uses stale data and alarmist claims to create a bleak picture of the local tourism ...

OPINION: The Christchurch Visitor Strategy uses stale data and alarmist claims to create a bleak picture of the local tourism industry.

More men needed in social work

Men needed: From left, whanau worker Andrea Tan, CYF social worker Jonelle Galbreath talking to Flora Sta.Ana about ...

Social work is a tough job. Why are hardly any men doing it?

The Cleveland show and Baio watch

This is politics in the US in 2016: sitcom star Scott Baio endorses reality TV star Donald Trump at the Republican ...

Nothing happened in New Zealand this week.

Creating a world-class system

A GNS Science technician services a seismograph and GPS station at Thirsty Ridge above Jackson Bay in South Westland. ...

New Zealand's geohazard monitoring system, GeoNet, has much to celebrate as it marks 15 years in existence.

How can NZ tackle suicide?

Is suicide the last taboo subject in New Zealand? It's about time it wasn't.

We have to find a way to talk about suicide safely in order to find a way to reduce its terrible toll.

Death a kick in the guts

Tom Gifford and Vanessa Gifford

OPINION: I've had a pretty lucky life when it comes to death.

Niwa's data raises questions

Where have the real bone-crunchingly cold Christchurch frosts been this winter? There's been nothing like this minus 4 ...

COMMENT: Niwa's choice of a built-up, urban site to show Christchurch temperatures are rising was strange.

America, you had me at hello

SATIRE: I remember when I first met Melania. There was something in the air that night. The stars were bright, Fernando.

Baby boomers caused housing mess

For young, working class people living in the major cities, the dream of home ownership is slowly trickling down the ...

OPINION: Middle-class boomers solving the housing crisis is like possums planning pest control.

A Dark Sky Park for the Christchurch red zone

A dark sky park allows us to enjoy the beauty of the night sky, such as is already the case in the Mackenzie Basin where ...

OPINION: Imagine being able to see the whole vault of the heavens and count shooting stars from a inner-city Dark Sky Park.

We're blessed with uneventfulness

Cringe-making or a sign of how out of touch we are? When United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, right, ...

OPINION: New Zealand is a kind of Norfolk, surely, far away from places where they're currently hunting Pokemons or committing mass murder

Canty bus services still need improving

Spare a thought for your bus driver - courtesy and consideration go both ways.

Complaints reflect a bus service still trying to recover from the impact of the Canterbury earthquakes.

Painful price of inattention

Supporters of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan react to a Turkish military tank in front of the Turkish Parliament ...

OPINION: Never feed a log burner while watching a coup d'état.

At last, Lincoln has to reveal secrets

Some of the spending on consultants by former Lincoln University vice-chancellor Andy West has finally been revealed ...

Lincoln University's reasons for withholding public information have been deemed spurious by the Ombudsman.

Community boards 'impotent'

Burwood Pegasus Community Board chairwoman Andrea Cummings supports giving community boards greater powers to make decisions.

Community boards are full of well-meaning, but impotent elected representatives, Mike Yardley writes.

Erdogan lives – and secular Turkey dies

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan waves to the crowd following a funeral service for a victim of the thwarted coup ...

OPINION: The actions of the Erdogan regime make it clear that constitutional government in Turkey has become a fiction.

Red-zone visions are complementary

Some have lost sight of the fact concepts for the Avon River red zone are complementary not competing.

There has already been consultation on the Avon River red zone. So let's get moving.

Nimbyism undermines self-reliance

Richard Peebles is a director of 181 High Limited. He was "very disappointed" after discovering CCCL was seeking a ...

OPINION: Nimbyism (not in my backyard) is eroding our community-centred can-do attitude.

Cry wolf whistle

Sophia Loren:   Italian men worshipped her bottom's heart-stopping voluptuousness as it walked by and left them weak in ...

OPINION: If wolf whistles are deemed wicked, what of a hot look, or an admiring glance.

Getting ready for writers' festivals

Books and films to help readers prepare for writers' festivals.

May bringing stability back to Britain

New British Prime Minister Theresa May has to rebuild confidence in the nation and provide decisive leadership in ...

Theresa May has wasted no time purging opponents as she starts steering Britain towards Brexit.

Uber is taking us all for a ride

SATIRE: Smug Hatchback, spokesman for Uber New Zealand, welcome and please have a seat.

A week of mayoral hopefuls and political hopelessness

Police clear the streets in central Christchurch as a fire tears through the abandoned Sol Square on Thursday night.

The week in Christchurch: a fire, a mayoral race, more politics.

In your 50s? Don't expect a pension

Pension reform is always hard as these protesting Greek pensioners in Athens show.

OPINION: A government needs to be very careful about being generous.

Chch schools rejig was badly handled

In November 2012, Education Minister Hekia Parata visited Ouruhia School, earmarked for closure. The following February ...

Hekia Parata needs to acknowledge the failings of her post-quake reshuffle of Christchurch schools.

Field of dreams

About 18,500 peopled signed a petition calling for the residential red zone to become a naturally restored eco-reserve ...

OPINION: Will it become the place that defines our city - or another lost opportunity?

1950s school holidays don't work

Angelina Whang, 3, got some good air at the Sky High Trampolining Junior Jumpers event as part of Kidsfest but most ...

OPINION: The school system was designed when we lived the dream. Now it's a modern-day work nightmare.

Minto's bid adds pep to Chch campaign

Could activist John Minto give Lianne Dalziel a run for her money in the Christchurch mayoralty race?

Whatever your view of the candidates, Christchurch now has a proper mayoralty race.

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