Not your bog standard column

This Beck Eleven column has nothing to do with cats but that has never stopped her throwing in a gratuitous cat before.

OPINION: Let us openly discuss going to the bog. You will, after all, spend 92 days there over a lifetime.

War stories hit and John Key runs

It was goodbye from the other side when Labour leader Andrew Little farewelled John Key this week.

A week of war stories and political farewells.

Privacy concerns remain

The Ministry of Social Development needs to convince the public it can be trusted to hold their information securely.

Nearly half of us have become more concerned about privacy in the past few years.

The magical transformation of 'free' water into $3.50 a bottle

"I wouldn't call that a glass of one hundred per cent pure New Zealand water." "What would you call it?" "Swimmable."

SATIRE: Roll up to watch El Bill and his beautiful assistant Nick magically transform this glass of one hundred per cent pure New Zealand water.

Smoking gun proves cover-up

Nicky Hager, left, and Jon Stephenson have produced a fine piece of investigative journalism, says Duncan Garner.

OPINION: Author Nicky Hager and journalist Jon Stephenson had provided some inconvenient facts.

NZ shouldn't decriminalise abortion


OPINION: Denial of the humanity and right to life of the unborn is a threat to the right to life of every citizen.

Charge everyone for water

"A water charge, perhaps calibrated for each region and each activity, would make both commercial and residential users ...

OPINION: We should all be paying for water because that's the only way it's properly valued. Price is the only language everyone understands.

London will 'never be cowed'

In the hours after yesterday's outrage an image, first used after a previous violent incident, reappeared on social ...

History has shown Londoners rise above tragedy, responding with defiance rather than fear.

Kaikoura: go for the cheese, stay for the museum

Kaikoura Cheese Co-owner Sarah Jenkins with some of their cheese at their Kaikoura factory just after the earthquake ...

OPINION: Without further ado I'd like to announce Johnny Moore's Cheese of the Year 2017: Kaikoura Cheese's Tenara.

SAS inquiry is needed

Authors Nicky Hager, centre, and Jon Stephenson, right, talk to the media at the launch of their book Hit & Run.

The claims about SAS crimes in Afghanistan require a full government inquiry.

From red to green, with feathers

Tui have a home-base territory of at least 1 hectare each. That's the minimum they need to survive.

OPINION: A piecemeal approach will not be enough for the return of native birds to Christchurch, writes Dr Amanda Black.

A startling gesture in a city of transients

A camel yawns on Jumeirah's popular tourist beach in front of  tower blocks in Dubai, in this November 28, 2009 file ...

OPINION: Joe Bennett gets a telling tap on the arm in a suffocating Dubai metro train.

Good news for the East

Linwood Avenue School pupils enjoying breakfast at school in this file photo.

OPINION: Greater than expected demand represents a vote of confidence from parents in their local schools.

Who benefits from bottled water?

The commercial extraction and export of New Zealand-sourced pristine drinking water is a political hot potato.

Why should the commercial extraction of water be viewed any differently than other extraction industries, like gold, oil or natural gas?

Political status quo still 'far from unbearable'

The story of John Key's prime-ministership is the status quo of 2008 has been protected and extended, writes Chris Trotter.

OPINION: Economic buoyancy under John Key suggests political status quo likely to be protected.

Abortion law stuck in the past

Wellington High School students protesting outside Wellington Hospital in support of women wishing to have abortions in 2014.

Editorial: Our abortion laws are out of date, but unlikely to change.

An Accessible City: It's no piece of cake

Christchurch's long-term Accessible City plan will improve Christchurch's traffic network for everyone, Rosalie Jenkins says.

OPINION: Abandoning An Accessible City would be dumping problems of congestion pollution on the next generation.

Does Nick Smith swim?

Bovine latrine or national treasure? Environment Minister Nick Smith poses beside a creek near Nelson.

OPINION: Probably not. I haven't seen him, for one. And I suspect he knows too much about cow poo.

Buying local with local dollars

Would you use a Christchurch Dollar if such a thing were available?

The concept of a Christchurch Dollar would need considerable buy-in from local businesses and communities to make it work.

After the fires, the clean-up

A post-apocalyptic scene from the Christchurch Adventure Park.

The ashes of a news week.

Toxic masculinity a new burden

The Dirty Harry type of man won't cut the mustard in today's gender climate.

OPINION: I knew some aspects of manliness could be harmful but, crikey, now masculinity is toxic.

When the Beehive's chickens come home to roost

SATIRE: Hello, this is Bill English. I can't come to the phone as I'm busy acting in a prudent and measured way, but please leave a message.

Crunch time for Canterbury water

Water is an extraordinarily precious resource that must be cared for and used more wisely than it is being used at ...

OPINION: We need to make better decisions about water use according and 2017 is crunch time.

Opposing the sale of state houses

State houses for sale in Porirua last year.

OPINION: Religion and politics are intertwined in the debate over the sale of state housing.

How to be Irish for a day

"Try dressing up like a racist stereotype for any other national day and you'll be so shamed on the Internet that you'll ...

OPINION: Don't worry if you're not Irish. The Micks are an inclusive bunch and they're not touchy about cultural appropriation.

Replant hills with 'green firebreaks' video

The Port Hills fires have left large areas of the Port Hills barren.

EDITORIAL: After damage to homes and businesses, time to consider "green firebreaks" for the Port Hills.

New city journey takes time

Traffic on Hereford St, one of many sites around the central city where construction is impacting drivers.

OPINION: A legal threat to halt Accessible City project smacks of short-term thinking.

Opinion: Why Beauty is the best

1991's Beauty and the Beast is a "tale as old as time" for all ages.

OPINION: If it is not Baroque, why are Disney trying to "fix" their Beauty?

Opportunity missed in foreign sale

Hunter Valley Station has been the source of land access wrangles for years.

OPINION: Kiwis view access to public land as a birthright, but it shouldn't come at the expense of private property rights.

An unnerving experience

An elderly person's hands - the story of a long-lived life.

OPINION: Venturing into the world of the old and demented leaves Joe Bennett searching for any small succour.

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