Summer that's a stunner for kids

Forget about holiday activities, trying blowing your kids' minds this summer.

How we botched in 2014

OPINION: The Press is committed to the highest standards of accuracy. However, at times, the football of error slips past the goalie of scrutiny.

A NYE one to remember

OPINION: Why are New Year's parties invariably such fizzers?

Centre plans must be watched closely

OPINION: Projects to build convention centres are also notoriously prone to cost over-runs and other difficulties, as Auckland and Wellington have shown in the last couple of weeks.

Cheer of the kind found in beer

OPINION: It's the week before Christmas, I'm sitting at home

Sober thought on drink-driving

OPINION: The new limit needs an attitudinal change on the part of all drivers, especially during this Christmas and New Year party season.

Red-light running a disease

OPINION: It's meant to be the season of goodwill. But the roads of Christchurch seem stubbornly impervious to exhibiting any semblance of festive spirit.

Singles' guide to eating, cleaning

OPINION: Suddenly single? Follow these unpatented, simple guidelines to get through the next week ... or decade.

Xmas is here, like it or not

OPINION: I swore black and blue I wasn't going to have a bar of Christmas this time round.

Hard-won present for council

OPINION: The Christchurch City Council has got exactly the Christmas gift it was wishing for - accreditation.

Hack a cyber lesson to all

OPINION: Sony Pictures says it is "actively surveying alternative" platforms for getting its controversial movie The Interview out.

Pollies tweet Christmas cheer

OPINION: JohnKeyPM: Awesome that NZ voted No 1 country to visit. Like most NZers I will spend Xmas hols at beach #HelloHonolulu!

Ups and downs of a doer-upper

Georgina Stylianou

OPINION: Constantly hearing the views of others is mostly helpful, but sometimes it makes you want to live in a tent.

Offering to help beats a hosing

OPINION: At Christmas time, all I want to hear from my boyfriend is "Can I help?" However knocking him down with a hose helped alleviate tension.

The television highlight of 2014

OPINION: Who would have thought four Australians cooking a steak could make an hour of totally riveting, edge-of-seat viewing.

Lifting US 'bloqueo' of Cuba overdue

OPINION: Just as Cold War 2 seems to be kicking off, it is surely time for America to at least sweep away the hidebound attitudes.

Editorial: Let's talk about boozing

OPINION: Unlike illicit drug use or smoking, drinking alcohol is normal for the vast majority of the adult population. It is here to stay.

Do you have charity fatigue?


OPINION: Ready for a moustache-free internet experience, I opened my laptop. Click, click - What the hell is Decembeard?

Shaking up communal spirit

OPINION: I grew up in a commune called Creekside. It was an era of communes. They were all over the place.

Editorial: Lessons from Sydney horror

OPINION: Whatever the events in Martin Place, Sydney, this week turn out to have been there is no doubt it was one that brought stark horror very close to home.

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The lower drink-driving limits from December are:

Great - too much carnage on our roads.

Overkill - targets moderate drinkers, not the heavies

Still too little - make it zero tolerance.

Sensible - punishment is in line with lesser breaches of limit.

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