Rebuilding stronger, safer, smarter

Base isolator

OPINION: Christchurch has a first-class opportunity to lead the world in quake-resistant design.

No bones about sale to kids

New World

OPINION: Children make top customers with their lack of critical judgment, trust in adults and slavery to appetites.

A small story about Frank

michele a'court

OPINION: Frank may have forgotten where the story begins and ends, but the details between are all true.

Editorial: Gallery grabs city's attention

christchurch art gallery

OPINION: Last weekend's Christchurch Art Gallery fundraising event carried a message much greater than a simple plea for more donations to support more art.

Dirty politics - any other kind?

Chris Trotter

OPINION: Politics is not for the faint-hearted. Politicians cannot remain both effective and unstained.

Do we care about dirty politics?

tahu potiki

OPINION: Nicky Hager up against Cameron Slater as front line news is not exactly the clash of the Titans.

What cost investment?

Crafar farm.

OPINION: No reasonable person wants to slam the door on foreign investment - Mike Yardley.

Greens are sincere... but workable?

Russel Norman

OPINION: In the middle of all the dirty politicking, it is almost a relief to have a proper party policy to focus on.

High time to helmet up

There's no excuse - all skiers should wear one

mt dobson

OPINION: Helmets can't prevent all ski field crash deaths but they give significant protection. There's no excuse. Wear one.

When to take insurer to court

Builder, new house, generic

OPINION: Putting a dispute over repairs in front of a judge is costly, but may be necessary if the insurer shows no sign of budging.

Edible Garden City concept considered

Vegetable garden, lettuce

OPINION: Sometimes good ideas are not instantly recognised as such - they need time to germinate. The public food forest concept fits perfectly into that category.

Editorial: Thanks to those behind the cones

Christchurch roadworks

OPINION: The fixing of our roads, bridges, water mains, drains and pipes has gone on without too much fuss or debate.

They're all at it . . .

Andrew Gunns

OPINION: What would John Key say about Nicky Hager if you cornered him at a barbecue?

Whingeing about the cold

Beck Eleven

OPINION: With all our new quake-related problems, we must never forget to complain heartily about our frosty mornings and icy windscreens.

Feminists must look to real issues

martin van beynen

OPINION: Feminisim is being given a bad name by those who take offence to every trivial, supposed slight against womenhood

No easy answer to prostitution in city

Street Workers


OPINION: The Council can probably think itself lucky that plans to create a red-light zone have been put to bed.

What's next for our sinking city?

Avondale liquefaction

OPINION: Large and expensive developments in areas most susceptible to liquefaction will be challenging to justify to Kiwis.

No moral high ground evident

Nicky Hager

OPINION: Voters should not rush to judgments until the various allegations in Nicky Hager's Dirty Politics can be tested in the light of hard evidence.

Prepping for the big day

Did you ever take classes for your first dance?

Cecile Meier

OPINION: Fearing ridicule, we signed up for classes - but it soon revealed all the rules were sexist.

World Cup glory within reach

Martin Crowe

OPINION: With luck on their side, the Black Caps may feel this is finally their time to claim cricket's ultimate prize.

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The lower drink-driving limits from December are:

Great - too much carnage on our roads.

Overkill - targets moderate drinkers, not the heavies

Still too little - make it zero tolerance.

Sensible - punishment is in line with lesser breaches of limit.

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