Get science right then put it on LIMs

Christchurch's coastline is at high risk of erosion, as shown in this 2001 picture of New Brighton beach.

Land reports need to be comprehensive but they also need to be accurate and not overstate risks.

Alpine-water scheme the key to Nth Canty future

A view across the dry Hurunui district from Masons Flat towards Mt Tekoa.

Are alpine water schemes the way to "futureproof" farming in the increasingly dry Hurunui district?

Rio is over, time to think about Tokyo

Pole vault bronze medal-winner Eliza McCartney's joy at coming third was infectious. Should more money be invested in ...

As the glow from Rio fades, decisions need to be made about funding priorities for the Tokyo Olympics.

The generation game

The factual label of baby-boomer evolved gradually into the implication that all people born between 1946 and 1964, from ...

OPINION: Heartfelt thanks to all of you who took the trouble to put me right about the number of laps in 10,000 metres. I'm not sure however you'll find it so easy to spot today's deliberate error.

Legalising cannabis not good

Golden Bay woman Rebecca Reider made history over the weekend by bringing the first legal raw cannabis flower into New ...

OPINION: If a referendum was held on legalising cannabis for personal use, would you support it? You'd have to be off your scone.

There's something strange about Pegasus

Pegasus housing is not all endless rows of "boxes", Shelley Frost says.

This town has attracted an odd level of disgust from outsiders. It really isn't fair, writes a resident.

Let sleeping ghosts lie

A national holiday will be created to remember the New Zealand land wars of the 1800s.

Do we really need a day recognising those who died in the New Zealand Wars, asks Chris Trotter.

Quirkiest stories from Rio deserve medals

Anna Hahner, left, and her sister Lisa Hahner approach the finish line during the women's marathon in Rio. Some ...

Rio a pearler for non-sporting sporting stories

Questions Trump would ask at the border

Do you agree it was a terrible mistake for Obama to have invaded Vietnam in 1965?

This week I, Donald J Trump, announced my detailed plan to make America safe again by stopping all undesirables at the border. I called it "Extreme Vetting". And people loved it, believe me, they loved it.

There's something in the water

The water crisis has closed businesses in Havelock North and the streets are deserted.

It was a week of sickness, sport, death and luggage.

A welcome change for children

Anne Tolley has talked about healing the trauma of vulnerable children.

Look past the name Ministry for Vulnerable Children to the intention behind it.

Proposed alcohol zone changes sensible

Proposed liquor-zone changes bringing parts of Victoria St into line with the rest of the central city seem sensible.

South Victoria St needs to be covered by the same late-night drinking rules as the rest of the central city.

Outsiders desperately want what we've got

Producers of the likes of  Dancing with the Stars could make use of the talents of new immigrant/Trump refugee A-listers.

OPINION: Reports that nearly half of all Kiwi GPs are planning to retire in the next 10 years will be music to the ears of UK medical health practitioners looking to emigrate to New Zealand post Brexit.

CYF replacement is beyond disappointing

18082016 News: Chris Skelton / FAIRFAX NZ
Soon to be Minister for Vulnerable Children Anne Tolley  discusses the new ...

OPINION: Anne Tolley set the tone: this isn't about children, it's about politics.

Olympic events to excel in at home

Competitive avocado ripening. A champion will be able to produce fresh guacamole for guests without prior warning of arrival.

Mainly I'm not a high performance athlete because I don't have the time, what with all the wine and that.

Public has to know bracelets are secure

Nigel Robert Gately's journey across the upper South Island after removing his electronic monitoring bracelet is the ...

It's good to free up pressure on prisons but the public is losing faith in electronic bracelets.

Organ donors give legacy of life

Amy McCarthy says her late partner Riley Baker lives on in seven other people after his organs were donated following a ...

Organ donors need to tell family of their choice if they want to ensure their wishes are carried out.

Not all in hospo making a killing

Why is theft from bars treated differently to theft from anywhere else, Johnny Moore asks.

Why is theft from bars treated differently to theft from anywhere else, Johnny Moore asks.

Too much take and not enough give from tourism

Tourists discover the Church of the Good Shepherd at Lake Tekapo. Should overseas visitors pay an entry fee to New Zealand?

Should we slap an "entry fee" on the air tickets of visitors to New Zealand?

Uniforms want clones

A Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) fighter helps civilians leave an Islamic State-controlled neighbourhood of Manbij, in ...

OPINION: It is the purpose of uniforms to make the wearer look mildly, or hopefully horrendously, unattractive, and to negate individuality. Uniforms want clones.

City Missioner's pragmatic legacy

Retiring Christchurch City Missioner Michael Gorman recognised charities need strong business acumen to thrive.

Michael Gorman, one of Christchurch's most influential people, wielded power on behalf of others.

Fat-free freaks on show

Mo Farah of Britain poses with the gold medal for the Rio 10,000m.

OPINION: I have just had my quadrennial encounter with ectomorphic athletics, aka the Olympic 10,000 metres. It was an extraordinary thing.

City's new buildings should 'communicate' with residents

Christchurch's Bus Interchange  appeals because it draws inspiration from the Gothic Revival, although the formal ...

Christchurch buildings need to acknowledge the "memories" of their predecessors lost in the earthquakes.

It's time for changes to cannabis laws

There are compelling arguments for legalising medicinal cannabis, as advocated at this Nelson rally in April.

Public opinion is moving in favour of cannabis law reform. Time for a sensible discussion.

Tourist tax needed in NZ

A tourist tax is entirely reasonable - as long as New Zealanders don't have to pay too, writes Mike Yardley.

OPINION: A tourist tax is entirely reasonable - as long as New Zealanders don't have to pay too.

Chch drab without exotic trees

Christchurch would be season-less and drab without its exotic trees, writes Chris Trotter.

The fate of Christchurch's trees is currently a low-level debate. It shouldn't be, writes Chris Trotter.

Could tourist charges be the answer?

The Tasman Glacier is changing rapidly in response to warming seasons and less snow on the highest peaks of the Southern ...

It's good to see people are thinking laterally about new ways of protecting our precious environment.

Our obsession with winning

At Rio, gold was there for the taking but Mark Todd and his horse performed so poorly they missed out on any medal.

OPINION: When your country fails to win an Olympic event and the reaction is national doom and gloom it doesn't say much about our flimsy egos and identities.

My 25 years of newspaper grief

This week included a momentous day for The Press.

News: We may be changing but there's still lots of fun ahead

Australia remains unlucky for some

A crowd gathers to watch as police arrest a man who tried to climb Trump Tower in New York. It seemed like another ...

We looked for good news in a week of shocking allegations, threats and ugly politics.

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