Editorial: RoUndie 500 offensive?

undie 500

OPINION: If the participants in the RoUndie 500 pub crawl wanted to be offensive, they certainly succeeded.

A little bit famous

michele a'court

OPINION: It takes a fair bit of confidence to walk on stage and talk into a microphone.

Is our flag a relic or legacy?

nz flag

OPINION: John Key may be a fernophile, but why should our flag be biffed for a sports symbol?

Reform should have twin goals

John Key

OPINION: National made it clear that if it got back into office reform of the Resource Management Act would be back on the agenda.

A full-on city love affair

Re:start mall

I've been here since January 2012 and here's why I've fallen in love with Christchurch.

Editorial: Cunliffe should get fair chance

David Cunliffe

The Press

After hesitating for a week, Labour leader David Cunliffe finally announced on Saturday that he will resign from the leadership of the party.

'Nimble' council still limping

Lois Cairns

OPINION: A new council committee structure is being hampered by arguments over who should be on them.

Jokers in Labour's house of cards

Andrew Gunns

OPINION: An in-depth examination of what went wrong for Labour, along with a dish best served cold.

Polls apart over election

martin van beynen

OPINION: I think up to 20 per cent of people went into the ballot box not completely decided.

Living frugally has rewards

Beck Eleven

OPINION: I'm trying to be frugal. Not cheap, but cautious with money.

Editorial | What can NZ offer in fight against Isis?

OPINION: Should New Zealand get involved in the war against the Islamic State, or Isis? If we wanted to, how could we?

Devil in the detail of why people don't vote

Ric Stevens

OPINION: Over the past 30-odd years, it is clear that large numbers of Kiwis have steadily disengaged from the electoral process.

Maori swing misguided

Kelvin Davis

OPINION: In terms of redistribution of wealth and high-level political engagement, National have shown themselves to be committed.

Cecile Meier: Why I didn't vote

Cecile Meier

OPINION: It is not non-voters who have failed. It is the Govt, the politicians and the parties who failed to inspire.

Economy must diversify more

Dairy cows

OPINION: Like all businesspeople, farmers have to be prepared for leaner times as well as ones that are flush.

Stopgap stadium deserves help

AMI Stadium

OPINION: Giving the temporary AMI Stadium in Addington a $2m loan is a sound idea and the council should go ahead with it.

No good if you don't win

Johnny Moore

OPINION: Roast Off 2014 - the year a, er, mushroom pie won a roast competition.

A vote of confidence in rebuild


OPINION: The election may be over, but the next three years will still be a challenge with the next stage of the rebuild.

Taking turn in spotlight

michele a'court

OPINION: Corporate awards nights are nowadays a bit like the Oscars, with posh frocks, Perspex trophies, and the odd cash prize.

Moving on from the election


OPINION: I was going to write about the election, but then I went to the supermarket and a worker asked me a question.

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The lower drink-driving limits from December are:

Great - too much carnage on our roads.

Overkill - targets moderate drinkers, not the heavies

Still too little - make it zero tolerance.

Sensible - punishment is in line with lesser breaches of limit.

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