History sometimes repeats

Should it stay or should it go? The New Zealand flag flies in suburban Christchurch.

Yes, it was a funny old week for John Key.

We'd need a refugee referendum

Bill English: Let's not talk about refugees, let's talk about flags. And rugby.

No we're not going to help them. Because it's too hard, that's why.

Selling our farmland to foreigners

Forbes Elworthy on Craigmore Station, Timaru.  One of his addresses is  Wardington Manor, Banbury, United Kingdom.

Foreign buyers are often better stewards of the land than local farmers

Smelling Salts War of 2015

Sal Volatile or smelling salts. My boyfriend and I argued over who should give it a good sniff.

I took an almighty snort. Milliseconds later, I was coughing and quite, quite alert.

Five years, 436,053 stories video

September 4, 2010, started us on a collective journey but for every one of us the experience has been different.

Five years ago Cantabrians suffered the rudest awakening.

Months of earthquake innocence video

Railway lines in Kaiapoi tell the story of the damage caused by the September 4, 2010 earthquake .

Complacency after 2010's mag-7.1 earthquake proved fatal. Lessons were not learned. When February's quake hit, buildings not inspected rigorously enough killed and maimed.

How to stop the racist jerk in a crowd

Sake Aca, who was subjected to racial taunts while playing rugby, has forgiven his abusers.

OPINION: Carl Davidson examines the phenomenon of "groupthink" when asking the question, is Christchurch racist?

Redcliffs' future needs decision

A decision on whether to allow the return of pupils to Redcliffs School has been delayed again.

A further delay to the decision on the future of Redcliffs School is not good for parents, pupils or the school.

Midwives deserve pay boost

Midwives have taken their claim for equal pay to the High Court at Wellington.

Pay parity for midwives is must, writes Johnny Moore.

What the forklift?

18082015 art photo:no credit/supplied

The 2015 Nelson Arts Festival, Michele A'Court, Stuff I Forgot.

Terms of endearment can get lost in translation, writes Michele A'Court.

Time for voters' decision on flag

Ngaio school children at Te Papa yesterday for the launch of the four final flag designs.

The debate over the flag referendum has now reached the point where voters get to decide. Everyone should participate.

Clean energy revolution bypassing Christchurch

Monier’s integrated solar roof tile is an ingenious solution for harnessing the free energy of the sun for anyone building a new home. New Zealand is lagging behind other countries in the take-up of solar technology.

OPINION: As it rebuilds, Christchurch is missing out on opportunities to switch to cleaner, sustainable forms of energy, writes David Killick.

A farcical little folly

The final four flag options.

OPINION: The two black and white finalists scream “corporate logo”. They’re dogs.

Fight for equal pay still goes on

Midwives  take their fight for pay parity to the High Court in Wellington.

Obvious pay discrimination no longer exists but the gap between men and women suggests there are less obvious forms still to be fought.

Tourism booms as farming falls

Day one of filming on the Lord of the Rings set of Edoras at Sunday Island on the upper reaches of the Rangitata River in South Canterbury back in 2001.

Tourism is charging ahead while farming falters, writes Mike Yardley.

The effect of a Jeremy Corbyn victory

Labour Party leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn talks to waiting media at an election campaigning event at Ealing in west London.

OPINION: Christ Trotter writes that if Jeremy Corbyn is elected as leader of the British Labour Party, it will reverberate particularly loudly here in New Zealand.

Aiming for more efficient council

The reorganisation of the Christchurch City Council aims to make the council's structure appropriate for the city's future.

Christchurch ratepayers will be hoping the city council chief executive's proposals to build a more agile organisation work.

These hemorrhoids are a real pain in the neck

Author Tom Wolfe wrote,  "All at once he was alone in this noisy hive with no place to roost."

OPINION: Ken Strongman mixes metaphors.

Mayors unite to help Canterbury thrive

Dame Margaret Bazley, flanked by Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce, left, and  Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee,  explains the Canterbury Regional Economic Development Strategy at its launch on Friday.

OPINION: Dame Margaret Bazley explains the Canterbury Economic Development Strategy, launched on Friday.

Unity from Canterbury’s mayors leaves backbiting behind

Water and tourism are among seven major priorities agreed by Canterbury's mayors to drive economic development.

Far from the era of back-fighting and political snarling, Canterbury mayor's are standing shoulder to shoulder.

Christchurch: Facing the future that's stranger than fiction

Performance artists Eel Mother take the Christchurch Arts Festival to unsuspecting commuters in the new Bus Interchange on Friday.

It was a week of dystopian media news and signs of life in Christchurch.

Depiction ignores ag history

A Fonterra tanker picks up milk a Taranaki farm. Governments of different political stripes have come and gone, while Fonterra has remained a co-op.

OPINION: The "great fear of socialism" that columnist Chris Trotter ascribes to NZ farmers is less pronounced than it seems.

Swapping notebooks for nappies


I'm getting ready to swap my notebook for nappies and sleepless nights.

Sharemarket turmoil unscrambled

An investor checks stock information after Chinese shares slumped more than 7 percent on Tuesday after panic selling.

What does the volatility on world share markets this week mean for New Zealand investors? Grant Davies casts an eye over the indices.

Andrew Gunn: Life's a hazard, only the law can save us

Now, where did I leave my common sense?

SATIRE: I'm seeker a safer job. Perhaps farming with the comforting hum of heavy machinery and excitement of extreme weather is just the thing for me.

Risky business lavender farming

Katie Stone takes her life in her hands on her lavender farm in Okauia, Matamata.

It's a wonder lavender and butterfly farmers are not injured more often, writes Martin van Beynen.

Old diary sheds light on weather

Will El Nino bring another serious drought this summer?

Some very interesting weather lies ahead.

Beck Eleven: My boyfriend may not believe in sharing

Beck Eleven says caring is sharing, but will her boyfriend listen?

Sharing is caring. Or so the saying goes.

Coastal hazards can't be ignored

Christchurch City Council plans to prepare for the possibility of sea levels rising in coastal areas is meeting resistance.

The opposition growing towards council plans to identify coastal hazard zones appears to be woefully misguided.

Give the door staff a break

Jesse Wright was turned away from a bar for his facial tattoos. The 75 on his cheek refers to the year his mother was born.

OPINION: Refusing entry or service can be a difficult process. I've had punches thrown, tables thrown, been spat at and had my mother cursed to damnation.

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