Daddy has two Tri Pillows

PussPuss in the pantry.

OPINION: My boyfriend has moved out and someone must explain it to the cat.

Airport search does not justify victimhood

Nada Tawfeek believes she was selected for a random detention at Brisbane Airport because she was wearing a Muslim scarf.

OPINION: Shrieking about the unfairness of being stopped at the airport looks a bit shallow when you consider the world we live in.

Inside Mediaworks' boss' job interview

Andrew Gunn is a fly on the wall during Mark Weldon's interview for CEO of Mediaworks.

OPINION: Andrew Gunn is a fly on the wall during Mark Weldon's interview for CEO of Mediaworks.

Council, insurer headed for mediation

AMI Stadium (Lancaster Park) has a sum insured of $143 million.  Three independent international loss adjustment firms have each determined that the stadium can be restored for less than $50 million.

OPINION: Ratepayers who believe that the council will receive upwards of $900 million in earthquake insurance payments will be disappointed.

The changing face of news

140214. Photo:KEVIN STENT/FAIRFAX NZ. News. 
Paul Thompson,Editor in Chief and Chief Executive of Radio New Zealand.

OPINION: One of the things I have noticed in my 18 months working at Radio New Zealand is that broadcasting policy receives little attention.

No tears shed over lost youth

Birthday time!

OPINION: Getting older is no panic if your life goals are on track, Cecile Meier says.

Housing's threat to bank stability

News photo/Fairfax NZ General shot of houses in the Howick Ward, Auckland

No single move by the Reserve Bank is likely to be a silver bullet and most possible moves are likely to take time to work.

Housing's threat to bank stability

News photo/Fairfax NZ General shot of houses in the Howick Ward, Auckland

The Reserve Bank this week stepped up its warnings about the  Auckland property market. A speech by deputy governor Grant Spencer gave another clear indication that the bank is deeply concerned about what appear to be a worrying signs of that the market is departing too far from what can be justified by fundamental factors in the market. Like the bank's governor, Graeme Wheeler, earlier this year, he hinted at possible moves soon by the bank to try to curb the frothiness.

Deep waters ahead

Water flows out of a lagoon at Kaiteriteri.

OPINION: John Key is telling the nation there is nothing to fear over the long-running debate over iwi rights to freshwater.

Rabbit plague in city centre

Bunny rabbits bunnies rabbit

OPINION: How did so many rabbits come to live in High St, central Christchurch?

Christchurch in 2050: Depressed? Vibrant?

A vision of a future Christchurch, as imagined by architecture students attending the University of Auckland and Studio Christchurch Summer School, 2012-2014.

OPINION: In 2050, will Christchurch be a vibrant modern city or a dusty depressed backwater? Will our roads be safe? Our homes fixed?

Start to better doctor scrutiny

A surgeon at work

OPINION: The release of info about doctors' performance will be a move that should increase patient confidence.

Selfie-sticks a public scourge

The selfie stick: A helpful tool or a sign of the coming apocalypse?

OPINION: Selfie-sticks are a "shameless physical intrusion", Mike Yardley says.

Network television kills

Modern Marvel: TV3 tells us not enough people have been watching Campbell Live.

OPINION: Television is on the verge of killing off one of few things that works - Campbell Live.

Editorial: New transport body needed

060513 News Photo:Dean Kozanic The Press. Bus services were disrupted from 9am to 2pm because of a stop work meeting by local drivers. Passengers  at the central city exchange which had a relatively normal appearance with buses regularly arriving.

OPINION: Most people concerned with transport think its governance needs to be improved.

Clinton victory far from assured

Hillary Clinton

OPINION: There are few who believe Hillary Clinton is a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination.

Depression's devious tricks

REACHING OUT: Trying to comfort someone with depression can be difficult, but don't give up.

It happened again without me knowing. A pernicious game of Creep Up, where I forgot to turn around and have a decent look.

We don’t need no education

Hekia Parata

OPINION: Hit singing sensation Hekia Parata to make a surprise visit to a lucky school as part of her nationwide "Rationalise This!" tour.

If two or more are gathered together

Businesspeople discussing the company???s development at the meeting Image ID : 31277738 business generic for the press meeting
adult, brainstorming, business, businessman, businesspeople, businesswoman, busy, caucasian, cheerful, collaboration, collar, communication, computer, cooperation, discussion, documents, emotional, formalwear, friendly, gesture, gesturing, group, ideas, interaction, laptop, lifestyle, man, meeting, partners, partnership, people, person, planning, pointing, posing, positive, sharing, smiling, strategy, tablet, team, teamwork, well dressed, white, woman, workers, working, young

Recently, seemingly reliving a week out of working life, I was involved in a meeting a day, from Sunday to Thursday.

MP perks can't be justified

06112014 News photo. Jarred Williamson/Fairfax NZ. An All-black Air New Zealand Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner on final approach at Auckland International Airport

OPINION: How is paying for a bunch of relative unknowns to be wined and dined across Europe somehow for the greater good?

Southern regional economy in focus

030214 News Photo:Dean Kozanic FairfaxNZ. Christchurch International Airport. Air New Zealand and Jet Star taxi for take-off. Air NZ Boeing 767 after take-off. File

If you thought the recent row over Air New Zealand cutting its direct summer service between Japan and Christchurch was about an airline and an airport, you missed the point, writes Tim Hunter.

Why I love the Kiwi bach

Family bach in Arthur's Pass

OPINION: There's one aspect of Kiwi culture I have no trouble embracing: baches.

Editorial: MP trip should be business

14/05/2013.Photo:Craig Simcox /copyright DominionPost/ Fairfax NZ
Speaker David Carter

The fuss over who paid for wives or girlfriends to accompany a group of MPs on a Europe trip may seem petty.

The Bachelor demeans us all

All those involved in The Bachelor are demeaning themselves and us.

OPINION: You know how it's going to go. The women will buy into the fantasy, and we're meant to as well.

What role should a library play?

The new central library will reflect the latest international design trends as well as the Canterbury environment.

OPINION: The challenge for the new central library is how to balance diverse demands. Can you do it all?

Why we need more religious holidays

Pope Francis leads the Easter mass in St. Peter's square at the Vatican April 5, 2015. REUTERS/Max Rossi

OPINION: Kiwis now subscribe to a whole heap of different religions. Let's give them all national holidays.

Nudges in the right direction

21122014 Photo: Ross Giblin/Fairfax NZ
Police stopping early morning drivers, on Bowen St, to do breath testing for alcohol.

OPINION: News that the new drink-driving limit has already resulted in several hundred thousand dollars in fines is not surprising.  

Evidence NZ is doing better

New Zealand dollar

OPINION: It is well known that exchange rate movements are practically impossible to predict with any consistency.

Coming to terms with the loss of a beloved pet

Photo: Ella Brockelsby. Linda Burges and Jane Bowron at We Love TV - Tuesday 19th March 2013. Ponsonby Central, Auckland, New Zealand. Photo: Ella Brockelsby

OPINION: It’s been more than two months since Benecio drew his last breath.

Extremists not easily defeated

Protesters at an anti-extremism march, in Tunis on Sunday. Tens of thousands of Tunisians from across the political spectrum marched through the capital to denounce extremist violence after a deadly museum attack on foreign tourists.

Extremist attacks, each exceeding the other in savagery, seem to come so frequently these days.

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