Beaches, bargains and black holes

Denis Tipene helps put down a hangi at Okains Bay on a Waitangi Day free of politics and strife in Canterbury.

It was a week of talking about a beach.

Editorial: Yes to fee for tourist trampers

The Tongariro Crossing is one of the sites where international tourist numbers are putting acute pressure on DOC resources.

OPINION: The tourist boom is straining New Zealand’s resources.

Keeping it classy with John Key

"Getting her point across! She sure did! Get it? Ha! Oh gee I'll get in trouble with the PC crowd for that one."

SATIRE: Pontificating from the lofty reaches of a shock-jock show.

Is Chch a victim to iconoclasm?

Is the neglect of the Christ Church Cathedral since the earthquakes a form of iconoclasm?

OPINION: Iconoclasm demonstrates the immense power of art and cultural objects.

Rebuilding in the red zone a reality

Courtenay Dr, one of the worst-damaged streets in Kaiapoi, could be remediated and rebuilt on, experts say.

Kaiapoi residents got a taste of the future last week when the Waimakariri District Council released its draft plan for the town's red zone.

The fine art of sledging

It didn't take a lip-reader to work out what Mitchell Marsh was yelling after being dismissed in controversial circumstances.

OPINION: Kiwis are not innocent little cherubs born with pre-soaped mouths but I just don’t get where the good sportsmanship has gone.

Let's make Waitangi Day a National Day of Shame

On a National Day of Shame everyone who is unhappy with the state of affairs and the right wing Government can descend on the Te Tii Marae to vent their spleens.

OPINION: A toilet roll, a pair of underpants, a packet of gingernuts or custard square sailing at a politician will send a message.

Roadtrip to petrolhead heaven

Laying down some rubber at the Leadfoot Festival.

OPINION: The Passing Lane Grand Prix was a downside of an epic weekend drive to the Leadfoot Festival.

Waitangi weekend's multicultural mash-up

Beyonce and Chris Martin of Coldplay perform during half-time at Super Bowl over Waitangi weekend.

OPINION: If Waitangi Weekend is about celebrating the interweaving of diverse cultures, I think my whanau might have clocked it this year.

Consumers hold the key to slashing food waste

Pretty supermarket produce. Where's the appetitte for less than perfect?

Following French footsteps by outlawing supermarkets throwing away food seems a step too far.

Gondola must improve service

Passengers were trapped on Christchurch's gondola for almost two hours.

EDITORIAL: Gondola incident has tarnished its reputation and hurt Christchurch's image as a welcoming place for tourists.

Finding Walt's wisdom amid the jakes

A daguerreotype of Walt Whitman is displayed at the New York Public Library.

OPINION: Auden last week, Whitman this. Sorry. It must be the time of year.

EQC delays 'outrageous'

EQC's ongoing delays in determining whether properties are over-cap - five years after Canterbury's quakes - are "simply outrageous", Mike Yardley says.

OPINION: EQC's ongoing delays - five years after Canterbury's quakes - are "simply outrageous", Mike Yardley says.

New Lincoln boss's deception a bad start

The latest controversy at Lincoln University has tainted the beginning of new vice-chancellor Professor Robin Pollard's term.

Shenanigans regarding Lincoln University's new vice-chancellor are yet another troubling incident on campus.

River of Flowers a reminder of quake loss

A waka huia carved by  Dallas Matoe depicting a vision of networking, collaboration, dialogue and communication.

OPINION: River of Flowers and Bloom are events to cherish, writes Peter Beck.

Red zone gift a wise investment

Imagine of the benefits if this type of experience, walking through native bush at Hinewai Reserve, Banks Peninsula, was possible in central Christchurch.

Don't be too quick to dismiss ambitious ideas for Christchurch's Red Zone.

Signs of the times

Thursday's anti-TPPA protests were not limited to Auckland but were held nationwide. A small group of protesters took to the streets of Timaru.

It was a week of protests, policy and political primaries.

Frothing over Trimgate video

The sign that got the internet over-caffeinated.

JOHNNY MOORE: I’m surprised more people don’t demand cafes serve breast milk lattes with the amount of crying I see online.

Odious con artists must be caught

What could be more despicable than stealing the life savings of the elderly?

What could be worse than ripping-off the elderly of their life savings? Con artists are contemptible.

When treaties collide

"Well, the locals would give up Certain Things, and in return they would receive Many Benefits. Stop me if I'm getting too technical."

SATIRE: Wait, which agreement were we talking about?

How bad is the TPP?

The intelligentsia of NZ has come out fighting against the TPPA.

Columnist Martin van Beynen says the opposition to the TPPA is its best recommendation.

From uncontrollable tears to good tears

Sometimes tears are a good sign.

OPINION: Some Kiwi families have holiday baches. I am convinced ours should buy a timeshare unit in a psychiatric hospital.

TPPA day a moment of significance

TPPA opponents protestors have committed to taking to the streets to protest against the ceremonial signing of the deal by 12 nations in Auckland.

Today is being signalled by some as an historic day in the nation's history.

Home needed for Ngai Tahu art

A decade ago, Te Papa held a celebration of Ngai Tahu art. Now it's time for a permanent South Island home for such a collection, argues Christopher Moore.

OPINION: Ngai Tahu creativity needs to be recognised and shared.

Why 'free education' should be free

Students in Christchurch protest over fee increases in 2006.

OPINION: Michele A'Court recalls when the idea of being 23 and $20,000 in debt was not ok.

Building community-focused workplaces

An artist's impression of Waterloo Business Park, under construction at the former Islington Freezing Works.

OPINION: A developer's vision for Christchurch includes workplaces that support work/life balance.

Back-to-school costs bite hard

The costs of heading back to school.

OPINION: Let's help and encourage parents who are struggling rather than add our judgement to their stack of challenges.

Mosquito-borne viruses a growing threat

Preventative measures against the Zika virus have been stepped us as the virus quickly spreads.

NZ must support efforts to combat Zika as global warming sees a rise in the threat from mosquito-borne diseases.

Tracy Gough, electric car convert

Tracy Gough

Christchurch is now at a crossroad in development. Some of the change will come from the earthquake situation and rebuilding, and some will come from the technology that is about to sweep the world.

Protecting our waterways

The photograph of cows in Lake Taylor that sparked fresh debate about fresh water.

OPINION: The uproar around the Lake Taylor herd of thirsty cows has highlighted the challenges of getting practical solutions to stock exclusion.

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