How many might bowel testing have saved?

About time: Pressure for a national bowel-cancer screening programme has finally paid off.

The details may be argued about but nobody disagrees that bowel-cancer testing is shamefully overdue.

Govt trying to take over Auckland?

The Government wants local councils to free up land for new housing.

Threats of further government intervention in local body affairs may be met with ratepayer indifference, writes Chris Trotter.

Overcoming 'group-think' around the board table

Sina Cotter-Tait and Andrew Nicol, members of Christchurch City Holdings' director internship programme.

OPINION: A programme that trains new board directors aims to widen the pool of Christchurch's business decision makers.

Winter had to arrive sometime

Even seemingly endless things come to an end. Don't expect too many more mild nor'west dusks like this one, seen from ...

Winter has arrived and will take us by surprise after what seems like the longest summer ever.

Water-charging case 'undeniably compelling'

The notion of water charging in Christchurch was included in the city council's Long Term Plan last year but has not ...

Water charging could become a hot-button Christchurch local body election issue, writes Mike Yardley.

Time to spread your wings and fly

NEWENT, ENGLAND - MAY 16:  Moccas, a one year old Andean Condor stretches his 10 foot wings in the sunshine at the ICBP ...

OPINION: It's an internet soap opera. Like any soap opera it is packed with overlapping story lines and until this week it seemed a happy place.

DOC funding cuts are self-defeating

Kea have become a  "threatened" species under the National Government's watch. It's hard to pinpoint some aspects of how ...

Ongoing DOC funding cuts will have a major impact on tourism and reflect the Government's poor environmental effort.

Cigarette packaging, according to the tobacco industry

Standardised cigarette packaging in Australia, where it has been mandated since 2012. Although tobacco companies say ...

OPINION: Tobacco company internal documents show how crucial they think cigarette packaging is.

Powerless against the force of the sea

Huge waves generated by ex-tropical Cyclone Pam hammered the Hawke's Bay coast. John Bridgeman, a Haumoana resident for ...

New Zealand's edges are being nibbled away by the sea and not much can be done about it.

Week in Review: Budget smugglers and empty houses

A child joins the march for Moko in Christchurch on Sunday.

It was a week of Budget analogies and homeless realities.

Art gallery developing nicely

Getting John Akomfrah's 2015 Venice Biennale work, Vertigo Sea, is a significant coup for Christchurch's Centre of ...

OPINION: Newly re-opened CoCA giving Christchurch Art Gallery a run for its money.

The dysfunctional are exasperating

Fine words at the Auckland March for Moko but action is harder.

We have to help but don't expect us to like it.

Crisis? What housing crisis?

Our resident satirist takes a seat (or is that banana?) with Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett.

Terror cells of fur-covered fat

Periwinkle, left, and PussPuss look so cuddly (OK, rotund) at rest. But come night-time, they unleash their ...

OPINION: Surviving the night terrors of toe attacks, pillow trotting and galloping cats.

Christchurch: A 'boring' city?

Xavier Hartstonge: Living in Christchurch as a 25-year-old is boring. Let's build a beach in Hagley Park.

OPINION: A man said Christchurch was boring and he got slammed for it. I don't think this is fair.

'Wrong place, wrong time' - wrong decision?

What is the cost to the country when a large group of recreationalists need rescuing because of bad weather?

Stranded by a blizzard, the 4WD group says it was simply a case of "wrong place, wrong time".

Learned Facebook users bag Blenheim

Should Blenheim doff its name, would other beleaguered towns dare to follow suit?

OPINION: Should Blenheim decide to doff its name, would other beleaguered towns follow suit?

What's in the Budget for housing?

A mother holds a six-day-old baby while her toddler plays in a tent inside a refurbished, rented Christchurch garage.

The Government needs to come up with some answers to the country's housing woes quickly.

Christchurch arts sector 'precarious'

Christopher Moore believes National's Maggie Barry should perhaps focus on her passion for conservation and hand the ...

Three years of budget cuts to arts and culture, and not one councillor has stood up, Christopher Moore says.

President Trump? A hair-raising thought

All hail the chief? Is the world ready for a President Donald Trump?

OPINION: Six months from now the Americans will elect Trump as president.

When will the killings end?

Hundreds marched in memory of Moko in Christchurch and thousands more around New Zealand.

Thousands marched on Saturday to call for anĀ end to the violence seen in our homes, but what impact will it have?

Does Nato secretly want war with Russia?

A soldier sits in a tank as a Nato flag flies behind during the Nato  military exercises last year in Poland. The VJTF, ...

OPINION: Advocates for the military are concerned reduced Nato spending will make it irrelevant.

Time to tax tourists

The foreshore of Lake Pukaki from above shows the damage done by vehicles.

It's gone too far and all tourists need to be charged a nightly nationwide bed tax to keep NZ beautiful, writes Mike Yardley.

Water woes 'depressing reading'

Fish & Game says its new report shows ECan has failed to adequately protect our streams, rivers and lakes.

New Zealand's freshwater crisis is nowhere so pronounced as in Canterbury, writes ecologist Lan Pham.

Bowron: Marae shows up Government

A homeless person sleeps on a bench in the Auckland CBD.

When marae threw open their doors to the homeless, they showed up the Government.

Nice one, Cyril for your generosity

Two children at the opening of the rebuilt Cholmondeley Children's Home in 2015, made possible by Cyril Smith's $3 ...

Cyril Smith was a generous but very private man.

Second-class citizens, second-rate funding

The view from the 761 Malaghans Road, Arrowtown, as seen in the real estate ad for the $2.7 million property sale ...

EDITORIAL: The foreign cash for approval racket is stoking middle-class anxieties

Played for a chump

Did I ask for gold plated fittings? The bill seemed to suggest so.

OPINION: Have I just been ripped off by a plumber or is this acceptable?

Week in Review: peaks and milestones

Aranui High School students perform a spirited haka at the long-awaited opening of the Aranui Wainoni Community Centre ...

There were beginnings, endings and tears this week.

Mastermind in name only

Our resident satirist puts a "pretty relaxed" John Key in the hotseat.

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