Any advance on 10 bridges?

You've already bid ten bridges sir,  er,  John,  you can't now bid seven bridges.

Northland's bridges, both of them, weren't just hollow election bribes, you know.

Eden-type project for Canterbury

An aerial view of the Eden Project proposed for Christchurch.

OPINION: Christchurch desperately needs a major tourism attraction. People need a reason to visit.

Dustin Brown: 'An alien force' video

Germany's Dustin Brown looks like some sort of Rastafarian rap star.

OPINION: He looks like a Rastafarian rap star, but played like an alien force to defeat Rafael Nadal.

Baby gender predictions inescapable

Are you expecting a boy or a girl? The internet has the answer.

OPINION: OPINION: I’d rather wait for a scan to tell me whether I am expecting a boy or a girl, but my friends have it all figured out.

Editorial: City looking for speedier rebuild

Prime Minister John Key announces changes to management of Christchurch recovery.

OPINION: Christchurch people will be with the Prime Minister in hoping that the changes he announced yesterday will speed up the regeneration of the city.

Give Kirsty Bentley's mum the ashes

Is Kirsty Bentley reuntited with her father?

OPINION: Kirsty Bentley's mother faces a legal fight to get her daughter's ashes. anded them peacefully, without further stress. She deserves at least that.

Councillors' vote deeply damaging

Cranford St northwards from Innes Rd.

EDITORIAL: The vote by some councillors to block funds for the Cranford St project severely damages the council's reputation.

Bill will 'safeguard free speech'

Amy Adams

Justice Minister Amy Adams says there are checks and balances in the Harmful Digital Communications Bill to protect freedom of expression.

'Let's talk about poo': Moore

Johnny Moore is, quite literally, talking crap.

OPINION: We should all talk crap to fight bowel cancer.

Facades and ornament give character

Many buildings in pre-quake Christchurch were highly ornamented, including the old Press Building.

OPINION: We need more expressive architecture like the Stranges and the Deloittes buildings.

Editorial: Free GP visits worth it

Free doctor visits for 13 and under begin today.

OPINION: Extending free doctors to cover all children 13 and under will not be cheap but the pay-off is worth it.

Spare a thought for gay marriage opponents

Nick Jensen says he and his wife, Sarah, will divorce if gay marriage is allowed in Australia.

OPINION: Straight divorce may not be the answer for gay marriage opponents.

Climate Changers: Otago’s Foreign Policy School celebrates 50 years

Former career diplomat Gerald Hensley released a book of his memoirs, Final Approaches, in 2006.

OPINION: Chris Trotter looks back at 50 years of the Otago Foreign Policy School.

Statute threatens free speech

The Harmful Digital Communications Bill is meant to protect people from cyberbullying, but does it go too far and set up a system that can be used to stifle free speech?

New statute designed to curb offensive behaviour online is cumbersome, unnecessary and a potential threat to free speech.

Future remains unclear, but fog starts to lift

Joe Bennett received a call that no child wants to receive.

OPINION: The stroke ward was called Solomon. My mother was on a bed in the corner. I didn't immediately recognise her. She was slumped to one side, asleep.

Who'd pay for Town Hall repair blowout?

The city council has opted to repair the quake-damaged Christchurch Town Hall for $127.5m.

OPINION: Contractor Hawkins has $127.5m to do the job. Can it do it?

Sloppy law may curb free speech

Charlie Hebdo returns to a newstand in Nice, France under the slogan "C'est Reparti" ("Here we go again") in February. New Zealand politicians condemned the January 7, 2015 attack by gunmen on the magazine's offices which killed 12 people, but have passed law at home which could chill freedom of speech.

OPINION: Exercising your right to free speech in New Zealand might just be about to get a little bit riskier.

Editorial: Council secures viable future

Christchurch City Council.

There will be arguments ahead, but the Long Term Plan agreed last week is a plausible start.

Why people speed in passing lanes

European research shows that increasing the width of a road lane from 6m to 8m increases average speeds from 80kmh to between 90 and 100kmh.

OPINION: You're stuck behind a car. You get to the passing lane. Then they speed up. Why?

News, views and meat markets

Sausages, part of any self-respecting meat pack.

OPINION: I was having yet another tedious argument along the lines of everything being ‘the media’s fault these days’.

At war with Wilson Parking

Wrong pole, pooch.

OPINION: I now judge how successful a day has been by the number of parking tickets accumulated.

Redcliffs School puts up a good fight

Locals walked from Sumner to Redcliffs in April to protest the proposed closure of Redcliffs School. Thousands turned up.

OPINION: Why does Hekia Parata want to close Redcliffs School?

Colin Craig: Ask him anything!

Ask Colin Craig anything!

SATIRE: This week The Press introduces an irregular column, Ask The Actual Conservative Party Website.

About the Christchurch rebuild ...

Garth Falconer calls the Christchurch rebuild the "theatre of the greatest single urban design project in our nation's history".

OPINION: It's been over four years since the quakes and back in Auckland the Christchurch rebuild has been forgotten.

News from the frozen south

A view of Christchurch from the cold Summit Rd on Monday.

OPINION: A southern view of the week's news.

Social media means less communication

Scientist Tim Hunt was undone by a bad joke amplified by social media.

OPINION: Social media has turned us into obnoxious tourists of our own lives.

A useful reminder of how mediation should work

Former leader of the Conservative party Colin Craig, accompanied by his wife Helen, call a press conference on Auckland's North Shore to address some of the rumours and allegations surrounding his stepping down from the party.

OPINION: OPINION: Public figures like Colin Craig seem to be on a roll thinking that agreements they sign do not have to bind them, but do bind their opponent.

Budget shows council ready to step up

Christchurch mayor Lianne Dalziel says the council is now ready to stand on its own two feet.

OPINION: OPINION: Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee will have to look for a new punching bag now the Christchurch City Council has got its finances sorted.

Homeownership and pregnancy bring spectacular worries


OPINION: Becoming a homeowner and expecting a baby is a lot to take at once.

Editorial: Colin Craig is finished

Former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig.

After the extraordinary tumult of the past week, Colin Craig's future in politics is surely non-existent.

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