Editorial: Flock Hill not about land

Flock Hill

OPINION: Will the pre-election brouhaha over Flock Hill Station still be talked about next week?

Kim could get Kiwi support

Kim Dotcom

I quite like Kim Dotcom. I shouldn't, but I do.

Joe Bennett: It isn't easy being President


OPINION: The job seems to have won. I, Barack Obama, have become my office.

Rail service a smooth option


OPINION: A scenic journey from Christchurch to Kaikoura proves how easy a commuter rail service could be for Canterbury.

Editorial: Serious issues need answers


The much-ballyhooed Moment of Truth organised by Kim Dotcom was supposed to be the occasion on which he would reveal conclusive evidence that Prime Minister John Key had lied.

Will spy scandal impact election?

GCSB's Waihopai Spy Base

OPINION: Revelations that the government may be spying on its citizens are momentous. | Public deserves answers | NZ spied on allies

We deserve answers on surveillance

martin van beynen

OPINION: Have we been misled by our leaders, namely Prime Minister John Key, about the scale of surveillance and, if we have, why?

Big tick for democracy

michele a'court

OPINION: I have crawled under the covers and literally wept actual tears about our democracy.

One egg in Labour basket

David Cunliffe

OPINION: Labour has run a campaign focused on a single leadership personality - and it simply hasn't worked.

Government set-up could get hairy


OPINION: Putting a government together after Saturday may prove to be a more than usually difficult task.

Editorial: Sensible council change

Lianne Dalziel

OPINION: Since the last election, mayors have, by virtue of changes to the Local Government Act, been given more power and responsibilities.

Rebirth still on paper


OPINION: Artist renderings are still doing most of the talking for Christchurch's central city.

Most important quake book so far?

City-building after Disaster in Christchurch

OPINION: Co-editor of Once in a Lifetime says the book should be at the top of the incoming quake recovery minister's reading list.

Politics goes to church

church generic

OPINION: You get to see inside a lot of churches when you cover grassroots election campaigns.

Editorial: Final week distraction

Kim Dotcom

OPINION: The much-promised announcement being staged by Kim Dotcom today must be one of the most ballyhooed in NZ political history.

Mayor flexes political muscle

Lianne Dalziel

OPINION: Lianne Dalziel has defied convention in appointing herself chair of the powerful new strategy and finance committee

Soaking in it

Kim Dotcom

OPINION: Voting early, surrounded by ads, is a dodgy exercise, writes Jane Bowron.

No excuse for cold, damp homes

Georgina Stylianou

OPINION: I know first hand how living in an unhealthy home can affect your health.

Here comes a mega-download

Andrew Gunns

OPINION: In this exclusive interview, cuddly internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom finally reveals the secret he's been keeping from the nation.

Tax is not so bad

martin van beynen

OPINION: A government trying to run a surplus after huge borrowings should not offer tax cuts.

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The lower drink-driving limits from December are:

Great - too much carnage on our roads.

Overkill - targets moderate drinkers, not the heavies

Still too little - make it zero tolerance.

Sensible - punishment is in line with lesser breaches of limit.

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