The next big cycle trail?

One thing that has not changed since the November earthquake is the spectacular scenery along the east coast of the ...

The mountains on one side; the sea on the other. Imagine a cycle trail along the stunning Kaikoura coast.

Steering us toward a future without drivers

Are you ready for driverless cars, like this Volvo XC90?

OPINION: We've been warned that autonomous vehicles are coming - ready or not - and we'd better embrace the future.

Weather damage exposes vulnerability

A slip closed State Highway 73 north of Arthur's Pass village.

OPINION: The recent storm exposed our dependence on fragile infrastructure.

Is 4WD-ing the new swimming?

A dry Selwyn River bed offers 4WD users a new route.

The new recreational past-time is not fishing, nor swimming, but driving your 4WD vehicle up dry riverbeds.

'Where's the big, red button?'

"Gee, this office really is oval!"

OPINION: "One push and it's boom! Goodbye fat boy Kim! Two pushes and it's boom! Goodbye Jina, goodbye debt!"

Getting Grandma to bed

Beck's Grandma: 97 years old and poor at going to bed.

I resent bedtime. Always have.

Bright future for Little River

The Little River plan envisages new restaurants and cafes, a supermarket and a medical centre.

Plans by the Little River community will benefit many from outside the valley and are worthy of support.

Was Obama's promise realised?

US President Barack Obama holds his final news conference at the White House on January 18.

OPINION: It may seem the promise embodied in the iconic 2008 poster, showing Obama's face above the word "hope", has not been realised.

Why is ACC so mean to motorcyclists?

Accident-prone children and their parents are the real threat to the pockets of taxpayers, Johnny Moore says.

Ease off motorcyclists ACC and focus on the real accident threat - parents. Johnny Moore writes.

The obscenity of super wealth

The super wealthy love to own superyachts.

NZ's super rich are not an inspiration to the bottom 30%, who just want a job and a home, writes Rosemary McLeod.

Doctors' standoff needs solutions, not strikes

Junior doctors strike outside Christchurch Hospital on Tuesday. All DHBs except Taranaki and West Coast were affected by ...

It's time junior doctors and their employers stopped finger-pointing and found a solution to their labour dispute.

Super-rich pay miserly tax

Just two men, Graeme Hart and Richard Chandler, are worth the same as the poorest 30 per cent of the adult Kiwi ...

OPINION: The super-rich are not paying their fair share of tax as wealthiest NZers declare incomes less than $70,000.

Trumped by his past

A company owned by Paul Manafort, Donald Trump's campaign manager till mid-2016, lobbied for dictators throughout the world.

Paul Manafort's fate suggests all's not lost for freedom-loving people in America and the rest of the world, writes Joe Bennett.

Why axe the cherry trees?

The Canterbury Earthquake National Memorial was singled out as "such a significant project, it should begin early, not ...

OPINION: Cherry blossom trees were a fitting earthquake memorial. So why plant maples?

Booze ads already tightly controlled

Does alcohol brand advertising, like the Heineken sign during the 2011 Rugby World Cup semifinal, fuel under-age drinking?

Alcohol should be allowed to be advertised in support of professional sport's viability, writes Mike Yardley.

Bill English's 'Think Big'?

Taranaki's Waitara Valley methanol plant was a Think Big project built under the Muldoon era  'fast-track' National ...

OPINION: Will the new PM's plan to help the vulnerable be undermined by ideological hostility, asks Chris Trotter.

Shining central city beacon worth it

The Christchurch Central Library has been designed as an extension of Cathedal Square.

OPINION: We need our city's heart to beat again, to draw us out of our suburban silos and to come together as common citizens who share a city commons.

Trump: echoes of Muldoon

US President-elect Donald Trump at  a news conference in the lobby of Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York City.

The media may have to develop an obsequious relationship with Trump and wait for the right time to pounce, writes Jane Bowron.

Election starts in Mt Albert

Labour MP Jacinda Ardern, pictured in Blenheim in 2015, will almost certainly win the Mt Albert by-election, but it ...

The Mt Albert by-election is a platform for new political ideas.

What free education?

Demands on parents aside, an unwanted consequence of relying on donations is that it introduces more inequality into a ...

The free education that New Zealanders are entitled to is slowly being eroded.

Speak now, or forever hold your peace

SATIRE: The new Prime Minister struggles to be heard.

How to have healthy disagreement about politics

In political arguments, like one half of a fighting couple, we need to look in the mirror, own our part of the problem, ...

OPINION: We tend to attribute bad motives to those we disagree with but blaming your partner doesn't end a fight.

Trump is a Streep fighting man

It was a golden week in the news. Actress Meryl Streep collects the Cecil B DeMille Award at the Golden Globes Awards in ...

Some real news in a world of fakes.

Lurking dangers of the mundane

Warning: This is more dangerous than it looks. World record attempt at pillow fighting, filmed live during the What Now ...

OPINION: As it turns out, if you haven't injured yourself doing something mundane, you haven't lived.

The most dangerous idea

Did you really need that cafe coffee?

This idea is much more dangerous to our world than Donald Trump.

Does Trump fear Russia?

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump decried the "fake news" and "phoney stuff" about him in a compromising leaked ...

In addition to "post-truth" and "fake news", we have a new term – "kompromat" for financially or sexually compromising material to use against a rival or adversary.

Australian immigration policies inhumane

An Australian man protests against his country's immigration policy in Sydney in June 2016. New reports show that many ...

OPINION: New Zealanders are being mistreated by Australian policies.

The case against car cleaning

Cleaning is a mindless job. It leaves most of your central processor idling.

OPINION: Cleaning is a mindless job, says Joe Bennett. It leaves most of your central processor idling.

Kiwis amongst world's worst drivers

"If there's one thing that really gets my goat, it's the tail-gaters. Those feckless, bull-at-a-gate lunatics who hoof ...

OPINION: Kiwis are amongst the friendliest people on the planet. So why do they behave like natural born killers behind the wheel?

Can we put a price on water?

Water, water everywhere. But at what price?

OPINION: Why the outrage over a proposal to export millions of litres a month of pristine Southern Alps water?

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