Do we need an $11m memorial?

OPINION: The city needs a proper quake memorial. But does it need to cost a colossal sum?

Michele A'Court: Men are awesome

OPINION: Men are awesome. OK, not all men, obviously, but sometimes a bunch of them get together and do something bloody delightful.

Editorial: It's not about the money

Cabinet's decision reinforces the idea that being an MP is about public service, and not the money.

Vicarious glory in Ko's success

The vicarious glory that we like to feel when our top sportspeople or teams are at the top of their game is a fickle thing.

'Gutsy' report slates EQC

OPINION: Nothing whispers vindication to hurting EQC customers like report using the word "substandard".

More students look elsewhere

Imagine a hypothetical group of friends, ready to leave school and considering their options for further study or training.

Our subservience to 'the club'

OPINION: I guess one can conclude that John Key didn't major in history when he attended Canterbury University.

Provocative choice needs debate

OPINION: I'm quite clear about a person's freedom to design T-shirts and wear them. But who made the choice to exhibit this one?

Kiwi drivers need re-testing too

OPINION: The perceived need to train drivers from overseas to be more responsible when they're on our roads has been much in the news in recent weeks, after some prominent and sometimes fatal crashes involving tourists.

Keep our media incorruptible

OPINION: We like to think that as members of the club of Western democracies, we are a cut above the rest of the world.

Editorial | Accurately predicting earthquake damage in 1988

OPINION: A fading, 27-year-old newspaper clipping found its way back to The Press this week, containing a remarkably prescient prediction of what was going to happen to Christchurch in a major earthquake.

NZ can learn from Japan

What can New Zealand learn from Japan about earthquakes?

More thinking needed on rates

OPINION: Christchurch has learned it is almost impossible to accurately predict the cost of rebuilding after natural disaster.

Chez Cecile: Cats versus flats


In Europe, having a cat in an apartment is quite common. In New Zealand, not so much.

'Bound by our experiences'

Quake doco respectful, shocking, personal

OPINION: It was with a heavy heart that I began to watch last night's quake documentary The Day That Changed My Life.

Foreigners on difficult roads

OPINION: Requiring foreigners to sit a driving test is unlikely to help them cope better with NZ roads.

The future of housing is here

Housing NZ wants to make the new houses "tenure blind". It's the future look for many parts of Christchurch, and it may be coming to a street near you.

Bennett: Cricket, oh, what a pleasurable war

OPINION: I made a promise to the dog. "I'll just watch the first five overs," I said. "Then I'll get back to work."

Schools should remain secular

OPINION: Only parents can decide on matters of religious faith for their children.

Want influence? Make a submission

Athfield. Chistchurch City Council.

INSIDE CITY HALL: Start talking about the District Plan review and most people's eyes glaze over.

Secrecy over trade deal 'incomprehensible'

OPINION: Public has right to know details of a Pacific trade agreement which poses one of the greatest ever threats to New Zealand sovereignty.

How life has changed


It may have been four years since the quakes, but it's not over for any of us.

Celia Lashlie leaves large legacy

OPINION: Fearless. Selfless. Relentless. Few people have touched the lives of so many, quite like Lashlie.

Editorial: No consensus on Iraq

OPINION: All we can do is wish our soldiers well, and hope for their safe return.

Did you watch the quake doco?

REVIEW: Last night's TVNZ earthquake documentary The Day that Changed My Life was unsettling but enlightening.

NZ lured into fool's errand?

OPINION: Our presence in Iraq cannot be justified and it could end very, very badly.

The longest 40 seconds of my life

ALL HOPE GONE: Rescuers called off the search of  the ruined CTV building yesterday after all hope of anyone being found alive was lost. Many more people are thought to lie buried in the rubble.

I could hear kids screaming. The terror of that noise I will never forget. They were so alone and so scared.

Don't be late at the gate

OPINION: Buy the ticket and take the ride, but make sure you read the information supplied.

Editorial: Ukraine war cannot be won

OPINION: The ceasefire so vigorously pursued by the globe-trotting German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, did not last a week.

Deserving charity?

OPINION: Auckland Council 's plan to remove the homeless from their streets will never succeed.

The House always wins

OPINION: Andrew Gunn casts an eye over the contractual agreement relating to SkyCity's new convention centre.

Mons Dieu, it's a vagina

OPINION: Vagina. There. I've said it. There's no going back.

Editorial | The 100-day blueprint was 935 days ago

OPINION: Now that the fourth anniversary of the tragedy of February 22, 2011 is upon us, many will no doubt pause this weekend to take stock of how far we have all come.

The filth and the fury

OPINION: One black t-shirt has caused an almightly kerfuffle at Canterbury Museum.

Judging fatties still fair game

OPINION: Being fatist is still OK, although the increasing scope of the problem means that luxury may not last long.

Review must not repeat mistakes

OPINION: The last review of David Bain's case made key mistakes including discarding blood stain and fingerprint evidence.

Good for democracy

OPINION: When I lived in Switzerland, I had to vote almost every month on local and national issues.

A fitting quake memorial

OPINION: The Christchurch earthquake memorial will need to be many things to many people - that makes sense.

Terrorist bred in the backyard

OPINION: Liberal societies need to confront the extremists born, bred and radicalised from within.

City wins with Hagley Oval

OPINION: Perhaps I've been wrong about this rebuild, as our shiny new cricket ground is world class.

Review of EQC cap welcome

OPINION: We need to streamline the process before another major NZ city faces what Christchurch as faced.

How would you rate EQC?

OPINION: I don't care whether EQC communicates via paper, email, or courier pigeons so long as it gives me useful information.

Behaving nicely doesn't guarantee reward

OPINION: This is a long shot, said the woman's voice on the phone.

Our 'relaxed' prime minister

OPINION: John Key seemed to go off script for a moment - and I admired him for it.

Streaker an infantile bore

OPINION: Public nudity has started to look tired rather than daring, but it persists.

Mega-liner facilities must be built

OPINION: Lyttelton must build cruise ship facilities or the South Island will be by-passed.

Getting shirty at the museum

OPINION: One of the inevitable consequences of freedom of speech is it sometimes offends people.

The end of the daily postie run

OPINION: The end of the daily delivery is something to be lamented, and not just because of the job losses.

Friendship changes with the years

OPINION: 'You know the sort of thing you fantasise about when you are standing having a . . .?"

Blame it on television

OPINION: Frankly, we'd all be better off if each and every TV were to self-destruct in a very large explosion.

A sad day in court

OPINION: Somewhere in the middle of a very sad court story this week lay details outside the main offence that were equally as sad.

Cera needs plan for transition

OPINION: After nearly four years running the response to the earthquakes, the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority is undergoing change.

Charity punch-up degrading, risky

OPINION: So errant cricketer Jesse Ryder wants to fight rogue blogger Cameron Slater in a charity punchup in Christchurch next month.

Chez Cecile: Lonely in the city


OPINION: In most cities, you're close to people when you live in the centre. Not in Christchurch.

Ready for world tournament

OPINION: The Cricket World Cup is far and away the biggest event to be held in Christchurch since the earthquakes.

A city of two million people

OPINION: Would you want to live in a Christchurch of two million people?

A provincial backwater?

OPINION: If Christchurch city sticks with a boring "business as usual" approach, it will lose its finest young people, and they won't be back.

Underneath it changes little

OPINION: It is important to keep abreast of the modern world and the young who inhabit it.

Steal the hackers' thunder

OPINION: Front-footing it – there's our next step in the evolution of social media. Don't wait to be hacked or snapped and uploaded. Go DIY and get it done before they do it to you.

Super-size city needs planning

OPINION: Cracks appear to be emerging in Christchurch City Council's cohesive facade.

Mike Yardley: Let users pay for water

The Christchurch water charging debate was floated, exploded and has been unceremoniously dumped.

New rules must not be misused

OPINION: According to CCDU, the new city development rules it has enacted put forward a vision.

Haka now integral part of New Zealand culture

OPINION: Some of you may have seen the article over the weekend that discussed women performing at the recent marae opening on the West Coast.

Shedding light on after-hours activity

OPINION: The infamous Christchurch office sex romp brings the issue of out-of-work activities into the limelight again.

Doing our bit for peace

OPINION: We shouldn't be surprised that the club of nations should ask us to help eliminate Islamic State (Isis) fighters in Syria and Iraq.

Sliding over the Square

OPINION: In an attempt to stave off public criticism, the CCDU revealed its plans for Victoria Square - a 350-metre Monster Water Slide.

Sex in the city

Christchurch: A city of furrowed brows

OPINION: Sex sells but it has also, in an extremely sad and public manner, destroyed relationships and demolished hearts.

Sex in high places

OPINION: Once upon a time you could get caught with your pants down and be the only one humiliated.

Waitangi Day korero needed

OPINION: We have not reached a point in the national journey where we can make an unqualified show of unity around what this day means to us.

The things we now appreciate

OPINION: Last week I wrote about what I appreciated in post-quake Chch. Turns out there are many things.

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