Could Christchurch host a Winter Olympics?

Switzerland's Virginie Faivre performs a jump during the women's freestyle skiing halfpipe finals at the 2014 Sochi ...

OPINION: Economist Dr Greg Clydesdale says we need more information to decide if hosting a Winter Olympics would be feasible.

Tune in for the biggest show on Earth

Stage hands install part of the stage for the first U.S. presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York.

OPINION: Today's US presidential debate is set to be edge of the armchair viewing.

The election of the deplorables

Never before in living memory have two US presidential candidates been saddled with so much toxic baggage as Donald ...

OPINION: Never before in living memory have two presidential candidates been saddled with so much toxic baggage, Mike Yardley writes.

Lack of action on Syria

If America refuses to end the Syrian civil war, then Russia will have to win it, Chris Trotter writes.

OPINION: If America refuses to end the Syrian civil war, then Russia will have to win it.

Lessons in responsible drinking

Is a school fair a good place to model responsible drinking in front of children?

Editorial: There is no need for moral panics over a drink at a school fair.

We need to talk about racism

The Real Housewives Of Auckland's Julie Sloane, left, and Michelle Blanchard.

The thing about so called "casual racism" is that it never feels casual when it happens to you.

Being proud of 'being me'

One thousand school children made their point on Sumner Beach. Programmes to protect against mental illness among our ...

Knowing who you are and what you believe in is a strong start to protecting against mental illness.

Bye-bye to the human touch

Planned Westpac branch closures have left some customers feeling the bank doesn't care.

Opinion: Another notch in the cancelling out of the human touch

NZ needs to take a stand

The dream is over!

Opinions: This marriage breakdown of Brad and Angelina threatens love itself, writes Martin van Beynen.

Your family and other animals

In a big week for dog and cat news, Christchurch taxidermist Claire Hobbs made international headlines when she listed a ...

The highs and lows of the week's news

The first draft of the NCEA level one maths exam

SATIRE: Do not expect the answers to be fair. Life is not fair. You might as well learn this now.

Leave our cats alone

PussPuss, left, and Periwinkle are too content to bother with birds.

OPINION: Our Senior Cat Correspondent's expertise finally pays off.

How to make a city 'edgy'

George Parker on the stage set for the Free Theatre's production of Franz Kafka's Amerika, in the Gymnasium building, ...

OPINION: Christchurch's performing arts precinct needs to include space for alternative work if the city truly wants to be 'edgy'.

Is it time to micro-chip pet cats?

A national strategy aims to eradicate all feral cats, known to be killers of native species.

A serious debate about cat control and the protection of native species is to be welcomed.

Let's swap the kea for the kiwi

A kea on Avalanche Peak, Arthur's Pass.

OPINION: Let's get rid of the kiwi and become a nation of kea.

Mayoral candidates roll up sleeves

So we do have a battle for the leadership of Christchurch after all? At Tuesday night's The Press Mayoral Debate were ...

Finally, a fight over who will lead Christchurch, even if it is centre Left versus further Left.

Survival of the fittest

When Danielle Hayes won NZ Top Model in 2010, her success brought out the worst in some people.

Opinion: Good luck with believing the milk of human kindness will flow copiously in a disaster.

Opinion: Gallery closure part of local arts regeneration

Dan Nash's Whether10we.3want1it0or5no, North Projects, November 2015,

OPINION; The North Projects gallery may be closing but the resources and infrastructure that it came from continue to flourish.

Creative thinking needed to find heritage solutions

Christchurch's Municipal Chambers, Our City O-Tautahi, seen from Clarendon Towers.

OPINION: Moving the Municipal Chambers could be a win-win solution.

NZQA deserves a testing time

What does it say when neither Wellington Girls' College head of maths Margaret Priest, at the whiteboard, nor a team of ...

Exams attract criticism but has there ever before been a reaction like this to a maths test?

Apathy rules in Christchurch elections

Christchurch mayoralty candidate John Minto has "failed to attach a price-tag to the extravagance of his big-council ...

OPINION: Never before has a major New Zealand city seen so many uncontested wards, with four incumbent councillors guaranteed re-election.

When will the Govt act on environment?

Hopefully this duck is keeping its bill closed as it crosses the polluted green waters of the Selwyn River near the ...

What are we doing to our environment? Urgent intervention is needed to stop the degradation.

Witnesses to the worst of human nature

Pay now, or pay much more later.

OPINION: Put a man in a car and something happens. He turns into homo vehicularis, a beast whose way is not to be impeded.

Some fish are best left uncaught

A humpback whale and her calf migrating through Kermadec waters.

OPINION: Will John Key fold when it comes to over-riding Maori interest in the Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary?

Brockie's World of Science

Brockie's view of super-smart children.

Why are we so happy to rank sportspeople and fund them accordingly, but not intellectuals?

City's radical past is hip again

Bass player Emma Hattaway warms up before a performance of "That Bloody Woman" at the Court Theatre.

OPINION: On the anniversary of women's suffrage in New Zealand, historian Katie Pickles ponders Christchurch's radical past.

Don't let apathy win

Are Christchurch voters comfortable, apathetic or disillusioned? Fewer than half of us bother to vote in local elections.

EDITORIAL: Local elections must be a contest of ideas.

Serial ratings war starts

TV3's Paul Henry resting his arches.

Opinion: Who wins the breakfast show wars leads the news day from the start and gains the psychological edge.

Action needed now to save our kea

Ruby Wiliiams gets a cuddle from a kea at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve. Kea are known for their extrovert behaviour. Who ...

Wanted - generous corporate sponsors to stop the decline in kea numbers before it is too late.

The bugger of being burgled

Burglars are second only to earthquakes for being hard to clean up after, as Beck Eleven learns.

OPINION: I got ever so boringly robbed on Monday night and have tried to solve the crime since.

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