16,000 crowded to Festa

Performance artist Julie Harvie (no relation) made a suspended nest using hazel sticks.

Modest ambitions and a cold wind saw a less impressive Festa than in previous years.

All Blacks not model for much

All Blacks can tell you what underwear to buy but are not so great with lessons for business or life.

OPINION: The All Blacks don't have much to teach business and ordinary folks.

Share and share a 'like'

Planet Key - in future how will we know if videos like this are satire or a cleverly hidden party political ad?

OPINION: The selfie election is so 2014. Next year's election will be all about the Facebook campaign.

Garner: Have a heart Bill English

After eight years in power and now boasting a $1.8 billion surplus, this is Bill English's chance to start thinking ...

OPINION: Revealed: The secret memo to Bill English that was never written ... and would never be actioned even if it had been.

Anyone got $2 million for a mansion?

A historic photograph of McLean's Mansion in Manchester St, Christchurch. For just another $2 million or so, its future ...

Attention philanthropists - a plan to save McLean's Mansion hinges on about $2 million in bridging finance.

Egged on with egg on his face

SATIRE: Putin taunts Trump as a "strangely-orange girly-man". Nek minnit...

New learnings going forward

Education Minister Hekia Parata makes a schools announcement in Christchurch in 2013. Few in the sector will mourn her ...

Highs and lows of the week's news.

It will be different, won't it?

Ecan councillors are a mix of elected and appointed members.

Just how much influence will the Government's "not-commissioners" have on the Environment Canterbury council?

Horror of high school reunion

Now: Beck Eleven, left, and high school friend Jane Eagle re-enact a high school photo for their high school reunion.

OPINION: One minute you're at high school and the next you're at a school reunion looking at each other saying, "Has it really been 26 years?"

Getting stuck in on High St

The intersection of Tuam Street and High Street has a total of 19 traffic light posts.

OPINION: The saga of the 19 traffic light poles is a metaphor for an over-designed, over budget, institutional rebuild.

Why should we care about history?

A general view shows the wreckage of armed trucks on the streets of Budapest at the time of the uprising against the ...

OPINION: Who cares that it's 60 years since one of the major events of the Cold War, the 1956 Hungarian Uprising?

Bax's loyalty misplaced

Kylie Bax says the women who've been groped and insulted by Donald Trump just want five minutes of fame.

OPINION: How a man treats his perceived friends and equals is not the true test of his nature; it's how he treats the people he regards as inferiors that matters.

Now is the hour for climate response

Emissions from agriculture make up half of New Zealand's greenhouse gases.

OPINION: Environment Commissioner says country needs immediate start to curbing farm greenhouse gas emissions.

A resilient city is a resourceful city

Juliet Arnott was the founder of the Whole House Reuse project, where a red zoned house was recycled into 400 different ...

OPINION: The ultimate state of efficient resource use, and the antithesis of wastefulness, is resourcefulness.

Bags of plastic not so fantastic

Why would you continue to supply free plastic bags in supermarkets when overseas experience shows the benefits for the ...

Why wouldn't you charge for plastic bags? Overseas experience shows the benefits of doing so.

Ignoble parting of ways

A young Bob Dylan

Opinion: Their friendship hit a bum note and Joe and flatmate Zim parted ways.

Clinton 'cake-walks to coronation'

Hillary Clinton, seen here with campaign workers in Seattle on Friday, is "cruising into the home straight" of her ...

OPINION: The Greatest Show on Earth has degenerated into Sleaze City, as the race for the White House turns for home.

Fight poverty, not tax rates

Finance Minister Bill English is all smiles as he prepares to deliver the Budget this year.

OPINION: The poor should be organising to fight for a share of the Government surplus, argues Chris Trotter.

Seclusion highlights education failure

Our education system continues to fail many children, despite the best intentions of teachers.

Controversy over seclusion of autistic children shows how far we still have to go.

When the ghost in the machine runs amok

 SATIRE: Finally, the real explanation of Trumpmania: The world is a giant computer simulation.

Cleaning up Christchurch's most polluted river

Some of the 20 tonnes of rubbish removed from the Heathcote River during the May 2016 Mother of All Clean Ups.

OPINION: Good progress has been made on cleaning up Christchurch's most polluted waterway but more work is needed.

No alternative to Clinton

Republican US presidential nominee Donald Trump has made the critical mistake of not reading the demographics and ...

Opinion: Land of the free to patronise minorities

Fixing child poverty is easy

Raising awareness of child poverty. Sorry we already know.

OPINION: Does bad parenting cause crime and poverty? You bet.

Councillors must be properly supported

Newly elected Hurunui District Councillor and mother-of-three Julia McLean has highlighted a major oversight in support ...

If we want diverse local body representatives, we need to get smart about supporting parent-councillors.

Masters of words

The legendary Bob Dylan, photographed in the early 1960s, was recognised by the Swedish Academy for creating "new poetic ...

Highs and lows of the week's news.

Central-city housing a priority

Central Christchurch needs more people but just how quickly should that happen? Fletcher Living's plan to create three ...

Delays with a major inner-city housing development will affect the recovery of Christchurch and Canterbury.

East Frame stall another broken promise

A computer generated image showing Fletcher Living's plan to create three new communities and bring up to 2200 people ...

OPINION: This week's news that another large Christchurch central city project has been postponed for an undefined period is no good.

In praise of local government

Lianne Dalziel, confirmed as Christchurch mayor for a second term, with Cr Jimmy Chen. Cr Raf Manji and Cr Andrew ...

OPINION: Local government – both the system and the people in it - is constantly under attack.

Cows in stilt-breeding area shocking

The kaki is said to be one step away from extinction.

Cattle wandering the critically endangered black stilts' breeding grounds should be the final straw.

How much weather do we need?

With two state-owned agencies forecasting the weather there is room for confusion in the public's mind. Here motorists ...

OPINION: MetService was meant to do the forecasts, Niwa the science. Instead they're competing, and we're paying for both.

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