Revamp of Chch school zones needed

Christchurch's changing geography post-quake is having major impacts on school zones. Burnside High School has already ...

It's time to revise our school zones, clearly out of sync with the reality of post-quake Christchurch.

Mayor stands as others fall

Happier times on New Regent St, before the safety barriers put up following the Valentines Day earthquake stopped the ...

OPINION: From fallen soldiers to fallen leaders, it was a week of reversals and loss.

EQC agreement has major implications video

Alistair Cree is among those who have won an ongoing battle with EQC regarding earthquake repairs.

OPINION: The biggest issue facing EQC is the general feeling of mistrust over anything it says.

Land of cows and tourists

Tourists enjoying the view from Mount John, Lake Tekapo.

OPINION: Are we sure we want herds of tourists trampling all over our clean, green attractions?

Mixed media: The politics of water

Bottled and sold

Water fights:

Why ban popcorn?

Popcorn: An essential part of a trip to the movies, or a smelly abomination that lodges between your teeth for days?

OPINION: If Bruce Willis is drilling into an asteroid, get it into you, but if Hugh Grant is teaching a Royal to fish, maybe not.

When "when new" means just that

EQC has again been found wanting, this time after legal action initiated by 98 homeowners. The outcome may affect ...

EQC's reputation has taken another knock with news it may have misinterpreted its own Act of Parliament.

Making progress on water quality

Lake Forsyth on the Banks Peninsula has had toxic algae blooms since January and is in worse health than it has been in ...

OPINION: To improve Canterbury's water quality we must reduce the contaminants lost to our water, by changing farm practices.

When signing a deal is not enough

Power lines near Nightcaps which run from Lake Manapouri to the Tiwai Point aluminium smelter. New Zealand has the ...

Our signature may be on the climate change deal but that means little unless we start taking action.

Constancy if Dalziel is re-elected

Both Raf Manji, left, and Andrew Turner say they will support Lianne Dalziel's re-election bid for the mayoralty.

If Lianne Dalziel returns as mayor she must ensure decisive action and a clear vision for the rebuilding of our city.

Gay wedding a sign of progress

Same-sex weddings, such as the one shown in this file photo, have become a commonplace sign of incremental progress.

OPINION: Surely love and family are two of the most special things in this world worth fighting for.

How to break Canterbury's water stalemate

A canal of the Central Plains Water scheme passes a dairy shed near Rakaia.

OPINION: What exactly should we do, now that the great Canterbury water experiment seems to be failing?

The art of righting the world's many wrongs

Joe Bennett.

OPINION: Today's subject is envy. It arose when I read a potted biography of Samuel Beckett, the Irish miserablist.

Can we create a people-friendly city?

Lou Van Tongeren, founder of the Under 5s Collective, says Christchurch is an amazing place to raise children.

Can Christchurch truly be a people-friendly city, or are cities inevitably hostile environments?

Dogs big business in today's world

The purposes for which dogs were bred - hunting and fighting - sit uncomfortably with surburban family fun, writes Chris ...

OPINION: The purposes for which dogs were bred - hunting and fighting - sit uncomfortably with family fun.

City coming back to life

Christchurch's central city is surprisingly starting to exude a leisurely and embracing buzz, Mike Yardley writes.

OPINION: Christchurch's central city is surprisingly starting to exude a buzz.

Bowron: Bring back the incredible hulks

HMNZS Pukaki hasn't registered a sea day since 2012.

We need jail space and accommodation - so here is the solution.

Bridge reopening marks Anzac Day

Crowds filled the streets of Christchurch in January 1940  to cheer on a march by the New Zealand Expeditionary Force ...

The February earthquake badly damaged the Bridge of Remembrance but it reopens appropriately today.

Can we cope with more tourists?

We welcome the tourists with open arms but do we look after them well enough? A group of visitors gaze at Aoraki-Mt Cook ...

Never mind the infrastructure, check out the scenery - but visitors will only put up with bad facilities for so long.

Have we forgotten what is possible?

Shirley Boys' High School pupil Tayler Reed stands a top a trailer-load of rubbish volunteers cleaned up at Waimairi ...

OPINION: A former leader of the Student Volunteer Army asks if Christchurch is losing its audacious, daring, post-earthquake spirit.

East is east, west is west

The reopened Christchurch Art Gallery is one of the features of the city's newly branded "West End".

The week's news from Christchurch.

Taking family conflict on the nose

Beck Eleven, in blue, takes family conflict on the nose.

OPINION: Family. "Can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em," so the old saying goes.

Relationships need to be built now

Precarious Balance is the first exhibition at the recently reopened Centre of Contemporary Art.

OPINION: Greater collaboration is needed between Christchurch's arts organisations

Timeless cartoons never lose Punch

Punch - delivered social commentary and satire from 1841 to 2002.

Christopher Moore is as pleased as Punch with his latest magpie discovery

The crisis of trust

The Volkswagen emissions scandal destroyed any vestige of trust I had in the human race.

If I had any hope for the human species Volkswagen killed it for me with a cunning little computer programme.

Panana Papers scandal has overlooked the real victims

By focusing on a few fallen figureheads, we are overlooking that the biggest victims of tax avoidance are the world's ...

OPINION: What pays for vital public services like hospitals, schools, water, and sewerage? Taxes.

IRD cashie crackdown misses the real target

Cash is king, but not for the IRD.

OPINION: Why not go after a few of the big multinational corporations whose tax payments are beyond a joke.

Back to the future for West End?

The West End inner-city suburb would include part of the Botanic Gardens along Rolleston Ave.

Previous attempts to re-brand parts of Christchurch have failed. The latest has merit but will it catch on?

Local election race heating up

This year's local body elections are shaping up to be more exciting than in 2013.

Rejigged city wards and a modicum of democracy at Environment Canterbury will ginger up this year's local body elections.

A global quake trigger

The most recent devastating earthquakes in Equador, pictured, and Japan took place in regions where such seismic events ...

COMMENT: Can an earthquake on one side of the globe trigger one on the other?

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