The thing about weight

Yuck, the seven-day cabbage soup diet. As awful as it sounds.

OPINION: Here I am again, exactly the same weight as I started last year, feeling like I'm standing at the bottom of Mount Everest looking doubtfully at the peak.

Editorial: Changes ahead for beneficiaries

Bill English

On its surface, the Budget delivered by Finance Minister Bill English yesterday was unflashy and low-key.

A Budget for the battler family

Finance minister Bill English is congratulated by National MP's after delivering his 7th Budget.

OPINION: Struggle Street has emerged as the biggest winner in Bill English's chop-and-change fiscal affair.

Don't blame MediaWorks over Campbell

John Campbell might be the voice of the people but he is also a highly paid television presenter who lost a ratings war.

OPINION: John Campbell might seem indispensable, but we'll forget him within days. Everyone, especially in the media, is expendable.

The dog ate the surplus

This isn't Hogwarts, English. Things don't just magically "disappear".

OPINION: Alright class, settle down and sit still. Key, you know what I mean.

Sikh no hero, and my bookshelf isn't sexist

Sikh man Harman Singh became a reluctant international hero because he removed his sacred turban to help a cradle the head of a child.

OPINION: Martin van Beynen says man who took off his turban doesn't deserve such rich praise, and defends his mostly male reading list.

Central city or suburbs?

A new house, a new life

OPINION: Central city living is too lonely – we are moving to the suburbs.

Project to look at possible injustice a useful initiative

Chris Gallavin

A Missouri man, George Allen Jr, spent more than 30 years in jail for a crime he did not commit. He was set free in 2013 after being exonerated of the rape and murder of a 31-year-old court reporter, Mary Bell, in 1982. He had been serving a 95-year sentence.

Freedom of speech goes hand in hand with fairness and decency

Tim Pankhurst

Freedom of speech is a fundamental value that has to be defended. It goes hand in hand with tolerance and fairness and decency, writes Tim Pankhurst.

Editorial: John Banks vindicated

The Court of Appeal has ruled John Banks was the vicitm of a miscarriage of justice.

OPINION: It has been a long road, but John Banks has been entirely exonerated of the electoral offences he was accused of.

Time to ditch the blueprint

Johnny Moore says it is time to abandon the central city rebuild plan.

OPINION: Johnny Moore says it is time to abandon the central city rebuild plan.

Development doesn't have to be ugly

Building in harmony with the landscape: Bellagio on the shores of Lake Como in Italy attracts scores of visitors.

Most tourists visit New Zealand to admire the landscape, not its architecture.

Getting the books in order

Top entertainment: Comedienne Michele A'Court will be a drawcard of the Waiheke Art in the Garden gala auction evening at Rorohara, Pie Melon Bay, on November 8. All proceeds will go to the Jassy Dean Trust. Photo: Kate Little.

OPINION: Michele A'Court wonders why the successful visit of a UK children's author was spoiled by negativity.

Council must focus on powers

Christchurch City Council building

The city council needs to concentrate on getting its powers over the city back rather than bickering over representation.

We have freedoms, but media executives are risk-averse

Dave Armstrong

OPINION: How free are we in New Zealand to speak our mind? Dave Armstrong writes that, as a playwright, he is lucky to work in one of the freest countries in the world.

Balancing freedom of expression

Chief Human Rights commissioner David Rutherford.

OPINION: David Rutherford asks will our mountains “ever be” freedom of expression’s ramparts on the sea?

Dairy industry critics need to tell both sides

Federated Farmers dairy chairman Andrew Hoggard.

OPINION: Recent report on the cost of NZ's dairy industry needs to look further than evidence that suits its needs.

Free speech cannot be over-rated

Joanna Norris

OPINION: Freedom of expression includes the right to say things other people don’t want to hear, writes Joanna Norris.

Competitive kids' parties un-Kiwi

Children's parties are getting more competitive.

OPINION: Were birthdays a simple affair when we were younger? Tahu Potiki is sure that they were.

Changes won't help Auckland

Auckland's inner suburbs.

In the absence of basic reforms, tinkering with tax collection is unlikely to do much to change the Auckland property market.

Should community boards have more power?

Broadcaster, radio host and columnist Mike Yardley. Supplied

OPINION: Mike Yardley questions whether Christchurch community boards have the "calibre and nous" to take on greater decision-making powers.

Housing needs a revolution, not tax tinkering

Is owning a house becoming the impossible dream?

The Government's change to the tax rules around property was the least they could do. Indeed, had they done anything less it might have been mistaken for doing nothing at all, writes Chris Trotter.

Why is the rebuild taking so long?

What we have gained since the quakes, and are about to gain, is not just in large part what A City for People was going to achieve, but much, much more, through the combined work of both public and private sectors, writes Scott Menzies.

OPINION: A better city centre is arriving in a shorter timeframe than anyone dreamed was possible.

Rebuild worth waiting for

Christchurch will be practically unique in having a central city more modern, dynamic and attractive than its suburbs.

OPINION: A rebuild timeline which shows 14 out of 19 projects behind is sobering. However an enormous amount of work is underway.

Going blue, seeing red

12052015. News. Photo supplied.
Contracting firm, Human Synergistics, uses a circumplex system to measure and change the thinking and behavior styles of staff at the Ministry of Social Development.   Blue illustrates good behaviour, while red and green are unfavourable.

OPINION: Turning people blue is a lucrative business, it seems.

TVNZ to sex-up political broadcasts

Paul Henry should  provide commentary for party political broadcasts.

OPINION: TVNZ – the Jetstar of public broadcasting.

Last thoughts from departing writer

With Mike Godber at the races in Addington. Beck's horse was leading at the time.

OPINION: There comes a time in every girl's life when she has to fly free.

Time to steady the ship or rock the boat

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND - MAY 15:  Prime Minister John Key speaks while Finance Minister Bill English looks on during the 2014 budget presentation at Parliament on May 15, 2014 in Wellington, New Zealand. Bill English delivered his sixth budget which included a $493 million families package, which includes extending paid parental leave and will introduce free doctors' visits and prescriptions for under 13s. It was also announced that the Government Budget would run at a surplus of $372 million for the 12 months to June 30, 2015.  (Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images)

OPINION: Is this the Budget when National finally starts testing the boundaries of its huge election year mandate?

'Tis the season for trivialities

Do we need a new flag? I just want the exercise over and done with.

OPINION: It is the season for debates about trivialities.

Disasters linger in the memory

The main stand at Vallery Parade, Bradford, ablaze on May 11, 1985.

Ric Stevens remembers the Bradford Disaster of 1995 and how, even 30 years on, such events remain fresh in the mind.

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