CEO salaries: Measure performance rigorously

Fonterra boss Theo Spierings at Fonterra's results briefing in August in Auckland.

EDITORIAL: News that Fonterra chief executive Theo Spierings requested his salary be frozen has given rise to a fairly predictable discussion. On one side there is outrage at what objectors see as disgraceful levels of greed; on the other, patient explanations that, to attract the most talented bosses, salaries have to be offered that are competitive with those in other countries.

When a home becomes a museum

An artist's impression of the new Ravenscar House planned for Rolleston Ave in Christchurch. The architect is Andrew Patterson.

Jim and Susan Wakefield are working with Canterbury Museum to turn their home into a musuem. She explains why.

Science needs funding certainty to excel

AgResearch at Ruakura in Hamilton - about 80 jobs are expected to go in a country-wide restructure.

OPINION: It's easy to get your nose out of joint when the flavour of the day (pandas, flags) gets more funding than essential and important science, as SARAH-JANE O-CONNOR explains.

A charitable legacy for us all

Businessman Neil Graham, who died this week, leaves a philanthropic legacy all of us can follow.

Neil Graham was a bit embarrassed last Saturday night when a crowd at the Christchurch City Council offices rose to give him a standing ovation.

'Heroism' comes in many forms

Beck Eleven

Beck Eleven is adding "part-time hero" to her CV after helping a friend trapped in a cupboard.

Figures show rebuild racing away

Work continues as the light fades on Antony Gough's Terrace development in central Christchurch.

Statistics New Zealand's latest non-residential consent figures show the Christchurch rebuild is racing ahead.

How to stay in a bad mood


OPINION: If there’s one thing I’ve become an expert at over the years, it’s bad moods.

A man and his lawn mower

Lawn mowing in spring is life affirming.

Something resembling spring has arrived and with it the need to bring the lawn mower out of hibernation and get the lawns back into shape.

Michele A'Court on Ewen Gilmour

New Zealand comedian Ewen Gilmour's death was "so unexpected", friend Michele A'Court writes.

OPINION: The death of Kiwi comedy legend Ewen "the Westie" Gilmour one year ago was so sudden, so unexpected, his friend writes.

Someone is listening, at last

Beach suburb dweller Warren Hawke is pleased with the decision removing coastal hazards from the district plan process.

Recent central and local government announcements show there may be a new spirit of cooperation in the air.

Moore: Shame on all of us

Why does Joe Public care more about celebrities and viral internet videos than struggling Kiwis, asks Johnny Moore.

Why does Joe Public care more about celebrities and viral internet videos than struggling Kiwis, asks Johnny Moore.

Shades of grey in the future

Developments in health care and lifestyles that are driving the increases in longevity are also keeping New Zealanders active and healthy for longer. Nancy Meherne, 85, body surfs at Sumner Beach in Christchurch.

The chances are that you've heard that New Zealand has an 'ageing population'. This means that the proportion of older people in the population is increasing, while the proportion of younger people is declining. 

Could microbes live on Mars?

Portions of the Martian surface shot by Nasa's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter show many channels on a scarp in the Hellas impact basin. Scientists have found the first evidence that briny water may flow on the surface of Mars during the planet's summer months.

Will the discovery of running water on Mars make it more likely astronauts will visit the planet in future?

Whatever Pope 'Tubby' Francis has, we need to bottle it

Pope Francis addresses a meeting at the United Nations in New York.

OPINION: Dear Vatican, You may recall I wrote to you a dozen or so years ago, just after your first publicity-conscious Pope died.

A'Court: Five days at sea with Aussies

Michele A'Court.

I like being on a ship. Every now and then you think, "I'm a bit pissed". Then you think, "No, it's the boat rocking.” So you have another drink.

Develop Tekapo, but carefully

The Mt John University Observatory near Tekapo from the air, looking north-east over Lake Tekapo to the Two Thumb Range.

Development of Tekapo is to be welcomed but it needs to be careful and in sympathy with its outstanding environment.

A Green offer National couldn't refuse

Greens Party co-leaders Metiria Turei and James Shaw

OPINION: There are people in the Labour Party who take an almost forensic interest in the Greens. They can discourse at length on the "fundi/realo split"; "Deep Green" versus "Red Green"; and whether the electorally perilous potential of "Blue Green" will ever be realised.

Blame on foreign drivers 'misdirected'

"Pointing the finger of blame at right-hand driving nationalities appears to be waywardly misdirected," Mike Yardley says.

OPINION: We don't need more hysterics, histrionics and hyperbole trashing overseas drivers this summer, Mike Yardley writes.

Regenerate, sure, but give us more details please

Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee and Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel announcing plans for Regenerate Christchurch on Friday.

EDITORIAL: Many questions still need answering about Regenerate Christchurch, despite Friday's announcement.

Is it time to put our science sector under the microscope?

AgResearch has been one of the Crown research institutes hit hard by changing science priorities in recent years.

Commercial pressures are skewing our science system towards the customer. What's happened to science for science's sake?

Signs of ageing sneak up and then attack

Beck Eleven fears she is devolving.

The spray tanner asks you to lift your boobs or bend over slightly because certain body parts have worked their way south.

Flag betrays your politics

If it's OK to judge a person by their flag choice, can we judge them by their appearance?

I'm a red peaker and proud of it. Does that make me a Greenie?

A week of animals and art

Artist Sir Antony Gormley in London last year with his sculpture Room. Could he become an art hero to Christchurch?

Pigs, pandas, modern sculpture and more of that wretched flag debate.

When the Pope met Congress

When the Pope talks, the world listens. Unless it is the US Congress.

SATIRE: This week in an historical first one of the Catholic Church's most liberal Popes addressed the United States Congress. Stuff  has been leaked a first-draft copy of the pontiff's speech including some potentially controversial statements that were later omitted from his actual address. These included:

Garden art and home raises ire

Fendalton resident Kay Fisher is unhappy about the artwork installed on the neighbouring property.

How would you feel if your neighbours installed a large sculpture just over the fence? Kay Fisher's annoyance is understandable.

No bucks yet in Chinese investment

Thanks for coming: Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel with Guoxin executives on Wednesday.

ANALYSIS: Should we be feeling excited, grateful for the supposed $3b Chinese investment in the rebuild?

Five years down the drain

More cows equals more environmental damage, argues Murray Rodgers.

The outlook is grim for the life-supporting quality of many of our rivers, streams, lakes and aquifers.

It's hard to avoid rugby

The haka should replace God Defend New Zealand, Johnny Moore says.

OPINION: I already have Rugby World Cup fatigue and we're only a week into the event.

Sculptures no waste of money

A computer generated image showing how Antony Gormley's STAY sculpture will look on the surface of the Avon River in central Christchurch.

OPINION: Buying art for a city severely deprived of beauty is not a waste of public money.

Closing borders to refugees a "delusional fantasy"

Croatian riot police officers control the access to a refugee camp as migrants arrive from the Serbian border.

Western governments need to study the root causes of the refugee crisis, writes a Christchurch woman working with the UN Refugee Agency.

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