Satire loses its best subject

Sometimes satirists have had to work hard to find the humour in John Key's reign. Other times the jokes just write ...

OPINION: Ben Uffindell, the writer behind satire site The Civilian, mourns the loss of his best source of fake news stories.

The high cost to political families video

The families of prime ministers have become part of political life.

OPINION: Spare a thought for John Key's family: Was his eight years in power worth the sacrifice?

Time to ban commercial whitebaiting

Whitebait are the juvenile fish of a number of species that migrate upstream to live out their lives before spawning.

OPINION: Allowing a few commercial operators to take unlimited numbers of whitebait is threatening the fishery for ordinary Kiwis, write two freshwater ecologists.

Where's support for water-only schools?

Targeted funding should be provided by the Ministry of Education to upgrade school drinking fountains. Milly Mussett, ...

Who could argue against the logic of schools going water-only? Where's the Government support?

When Uncle Johnny taught his 9-year-old niece to drive

An Austin Seven on a gravel road. Just the thing to learn to drive in, right?

OPINION: Uncle Johnny gets all the fun (and none of the hard stuff). Driving lessons for a kid - why not?

Does the Govt care about our mental health?

Earthquake-damaged Princess Margaret Hospital is better than nothing but new facilities are desperately needed for vital ...

Hands up those in the Government who care about the mental health of Cantabrians?

Lyttelton Port supports construction of cruise ship terminal

Back in the boom times: The Seabourn Sojourn at Lyttelton in 2011.

OPINION: Lyttelton Port of Christchurch chief executive Peter Davie responds to speculation about the return of cruise ships to the port.

Time for Govt to steady itself

Bill English is the highest polling candidate in the contest  to become prime minister. But will he bring the stability ...

Who is most likely to steady the National Government ship rocked by Key's sudden resignation?

Good poems don't date

William Shakespeare: aware of the passage of time, as are many poets.

OPINION:  The poetry of the ancients and the comparatively moderns muses on many of the same feelings and themes.

John Key inspired confidence

John Key appears equally at home in a factory, a meeting of the faithful or in parliament itself.

OPINION: Many National Party people have a born-to-rule attitude. John Key never had it. He appeared equally at home in a factory as in parliament.

John Key: The boy from Bryndwr video

John Key on the campaign trail in Christchurch in 2014. Even when politics got weird, the public liked him.

OPINION: 10 years ago, John Key promised to improve New Zealand for all New Zealanders. But what is his legacy?

Accessible city hurting businesses

Cones and fences are the bane of business owners' lives in central Christchurch. Couldn't more have been done to allow ...

It's no wonder business owners in central Christchurch say they have been driven to despair.

The politics of the glass box rebuild

"To rebuild a broken city in glass might seem like giving the rolling ground a middle finger, but glass is a practical ...

OPINION: To rebuild a broken city in glass might seem like giving the rolling ground a middle finger, but glass is hard, durable and lets in light.

Inanities the new normal

Labour's Michael Wood defeated and National's Parmjeet Parmar in the Mt Roskill by-election.

OPINION: In pre-texting days when friends regularly popped round unannounced you didn't immediately jump to the conclusion that an unsolicited knock might herald a religious nutter.

Taking the high road

Rhod Pickavance is chief executive of Christchurch transport software company, Connexionz

Christchurch can be a "smart" city as well as the Garden City by investing more in public transport technology.

'It's OK to feel anxious'

Life in tent city in front of Mount Pleasant School, two days after Christchurch's February 22, 2011 earthquake. ...

OPINION: Following an earthquake, it's OK to feel anxious. It's OK to not remember where you've put your keys, or even your car for that matter.

Cracks in the Earth and cracks in reality

Legendary singer, entertainer and style icon Ray Columbus, photographed in 2009, died this week aged 74.

A look into the post-quake news cycle.

Final words for Fidel Castro

 SATIRE: "For goodness sake Bill, I might as well throw on a Che Guevera T-shirt and nationalise Kiri Te Kanawa."

Why aren't drug laws working in Chch?

Christchurch is bucking a nationwide trend for declining use of synthetic cannabis. What can be done?

What can be done in Christchurch to cut the use of hideous synthetic cannabis products?

Do you have the right driving attitude?

At least she is wearing a seatbelt.

 OPINION: Sit the new driver attitude test to see if you should be on the road.

New Zealand can be a voice for human rights

Anna Neistat, Senior Director for Research with Amnesty International, holds a copy of a report she co-authored titled ...

OPINION: Amnesty International's Senior Director for Research says New Zealand should stand up to Australia on its treatment of refugees.

Pigging out on the pre-Christmas ham

Mmmm, ham

OPINION: Forget the goodwill to mankind rubbish. No, Yule ham is the peak of Christmas mountain.

Was green dream just hot air?

Why did a much-touted energy scheme for central Christchurch get scrapped? It's another opportunity lost.

Why did a green energy scheme for Christchurch with so much promise fall flat on its face?

Future-proofing South Island transport

The new inland route from Christchurch to Picton is on State Highway 1, 7, 65, 6 and 63, with traffic on the route at ...

OPINION: Why the South Island needs more coastal shipping options.

The power of critical thinking

Patrick Whittle argues that teaching philosophy in schools could develop "the ability to distinguish the sensible from ...

OPINION: Former University of Canterbury philosophy lecturer Patrick Whittle endorses a call to teach critical thinking in schools.

A cell shouldn't be the only option

Six days in solitary confinement for a 15-year-old because of no other options? This should not happen again.

Keeping a 15-year-old boy in solitary confinement for days is an extraordinary failure by our justice system.

Freezer to feed the future

Have a freezer full of bones and man and dog are content.

Opinion: Make no bones about it, a chest freezer frees you from being dependent on the seasons.

LAP a 'regulatory tangle'

The Christchurch City Council is caught up in a tortuous regulatory tangle overs its draft Local Alcohol Policy, Mike ...

OPINION: The Christchurch City Council is caught up in a tortuous regulatory tangle overs its draft Local Alcohol Policy.

Time to stump up for Kaikoura

A coffee cart operating on the Esplanade in downtown Kaikoura. Where are those generous philanthropists who can help ...

Kiwis are a generous bunch. We know you can dig deep for Kaikoura.

Working class vote for their chains

Modern workers have the right to vote and form trade unions, but willingly enter their masters' cages voluntarily.

OPINION: Modern workers have the right to vote and form trade unions, but willingly enter their masters' cages voluntarily.

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