Death throes, low blows

Hone Harawira

OPINION: Everyone could have used some pseudoephedrine on election night.

Get over the disbelief fast

tony milne

OPINION: The upside for Labour of this disastrous campaign is things really can't get any worse.

Labour was not ready to lead

David Cunliffe

OPINION: Labour made three significant strategic failures that rendered it a party unfit to lead.

A textbook display of democracy

Union Jack

OPINION: The Scots this week have had their say literally on the future of their country, and on the unity of the nation-state it has belonged to for 307 years.

It's me or the pillow

Generic pillow

OPINION: My boyfriend moved in by stealth. I just sort of woke up surrounded by excess furniture and bedding, which included a Tri Pillow.

Puppy love in new home

Giving dog second chance in our first house


OPINION: One of the best things about being a homeowner is the freedom to get a dog. Or cat. Or any animal you want.

Bloody-mindedness a key factor


OPINION: I am proud to count Scottish nationalism as one of the great international movements I have influenced in a small way.

Walking away from secession


OPINION: Scotland reaffirms affection for southern neighbour, proclaiming it would walk 500 miles to fall down at England's door.

Christchurch needs govt support

Christchurch rebuild, construction, city centre, glass

OPINION: It is crucial the next government continues to support our city recover and grow.

Nice day for a French wedding


OPINION: "Monsieur," said my assistant, Jen, "remind me why we are going to the wedding of two strangers?"

Editorial: Flock Hill not about land

Flock Hill

OPINION: Will the pre-election brouhaha over Flock Hill Station still be talked about next week?

Kim could get Kiwi support

Kim Dotcom

I quite like Kim Dotcom. I shouldn't, but I do.

Joe Bennett: It isn't easy being President


OPINION: The job seems to have won. I, Barack Obama, have become my office.

Rail service a smooth option


OPINION: A scenic journey from Christchurch to Kaikoura proves how easy a commuter rail service could be for Canterbury.

Editorial: Serious issues need answers


The much-ballyhooed Moment of Truth organised by Kim Dotcom was supposed to be the occasion on which he would reveal conclusive evidence that Prime Minister John Key had lied.

Will spy scandal impact election?

GCSB's Waihopai Spy Base

OPINION: Revelations that the government may be spying on its citizens are momentous. | Public deserves answers | NZ spied on allies

We deserve answers on surveillance

martin van beynen

OPINION: Have we been misled by our leaders, namely Prime Minister John Key, about the scale of surveillance and, if we have, why?

Big tick for democracy

michele a'court

OPINION: I have crawled under the covers and literally wept actual tears about our democracy.

One egg in Labour basket

David Cunliffe

OPINION: Labour has run a campaign focused on a single leadership personality - and it simply hasn't worked.

Government set-up could get hairy


OPINION: Putting a government together after Saturday may prove to be a more than usually difficult task.

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The lower drink-driving limits from December are:

Great - too much carnage on our roads.

Overkill - targets moderate drinkers, not the heavies

Still too little - make it zero tolerance.

Sensible - punishment is in line with lesser breaches of limit.

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