The world deserves more Paul Henry

OPINION: I'm Paul Henry and you're not, and thank God for that, frankly.

Media not to blame for extremism

OPINION: Extremism in the Islamic world has thrived and been allowed to thrive for many reasons.

A limpet says au revoir, dear rock

OPINION: The newsroom won't be the same with the departure of a respected colleague.

Clarkson had to be sacked

OPINION: There is not the slightest doubt Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson had to be sacked.

To build or buy our first home?

OPINION: Nick is on team build; I am on team buy

Editorial: IAG must not exploit power

OPINION: Insurer IAG has promised it will not leave customers in the lurch after announcing that it wants to make cash settlements for its outstanding 2000 or so rebuild claims.

Preparing for the puppy audition

Application forms, interviews, rejection - becoming a puppy parent can be a rigorous process.

Cricket fan or lounge terrorist?

They are called cricket tragics and they walk among us. No, they do not walk. They pace. They stand and sit and pace again.

Building it right the first time

OPINION: Expecting the government to fix everything in the wake of a disaster and put it back the way it was is unrealistic.

Editorial: St Bede's decision straightforward

OPINION: The decision this week to stop St Bede's College from imposing a punishment on members of its rowing team for their misconduct was decided on orthodox grounds.

The price women pay

Autumn can be a melancholy season, until I remember it's just Mother Nature doing her thing.

Art gallery must bear its share

Proposed cuts are undeniably a problem for arts bodies, but it is silly to suggest the city will become a "cultural wasteland".

Time to heal our iconic heart

OPINION: The emblematic Christ Church Cathedral continues to defy the doom merchants.

Council's insurance position 'frail'

OPINION: Underground pipes will soon join public playgrounds and $495m worth of buildings on the list of uninsured council assets.

Where is self-respect, decency?

OPINION: Tromping off to the High Court to seek an urgent injunction, to get their boys back in the row boats stinks of elitist self-entitlement.

A modicum of ECan democracy

At last. It has taken the Government long enough but, finally, it has deigned to make changes.

An off-course Osborne

OPINION: Who needs reality television train wreck X Factor, when you've got Winston Peters and Mark Osborne.

Free to be dictated to

OPINION: Andrew Gunn reveals cabinet minister Nick Smith's journey to parliament.

A reminder of outsider status

OPINION: It doesn't take a dark-skinned person in a wheelchair to make the Live Central campaign all right, it takes understanding

Can reptiles derail a new house?

OPINION: Officials needed to know whether lizards or native geckos exist at the property ... and whether their lives are in danger.

Pork barrels and cathedral paralysis

OPINION: The fight over Christ Church Cathedral should have been over long ago but it continues to smoulder.

Vanuatu needs our help now

OPINION: New Zealanders are a generous people, and it is time to dig deeply to help out our neighbour.

Not all students are the same


OPINION: Don't damn all Otago students because of the actions of an obnoxious minority.

Keep MP pay transparent

OPINION: It's a blood sport anyone can play. Shooting at MPs in their fishy barrel.

Warren cathedral design has merit

OPINION: The news that Anglican leaders are asking for public feedback on Sir Miles Warren's plan for rebuilding Christ Church Cathedral provides a glimmer of hope that a solution can be found to the impasse over the ruin in the Square.

Save 'Gary' from extinction

OPINION: I'm worried about the Garys in my life. They're all getting older and no new Garys are being born.

Is Cera past its use-by date?

OPINION: It's time to ask some tough questions about the city's anchor projects.

The problem with reality TV

OPINION: We should stop putting real people on TV to entertain us, writes Michele A’Court.

How beige was my CBD?

christchurch diversity

There are many non-white people in Christchurch. Some of them are quite photogenic.

Diversity is our society's strength

The white, middle-class imagery used by Cera's Live Central Campaign should serve as a reminder that the future of Christchurch will not, and should not, reflect its past.

Freedom-camping bylaw needs teeth

OPINION: After 3 1/2 years of denial, delusion and dereliction, the Christchurch City Council has finally agreed to craft a freedom-camping bylaw.

What will be city's must-see feature?

OPINION: Imagine a project for the cathedral site which could put Christchurch among the world's top visitor destinations.

China trip is in city's best interest

OPINION: A flak jacket is essential for mayors travelling overseas as they always come under fire.

Balancing the quakes' effects

OPINION: One plus one mostly equals two. That's a generally accepted fact.

The move to amorality

OPINION: Have you noticed how hardly anyone bothers with bookshelves any more?

Advice from the wise one

OPINION: Welcome to Ask The Philosopher King, where readers seek advice from the PM on matters of meaning, logic and all things existential.

The case of the missing golfish

OPINION: If you happen to see Neon floating along a drain, do let me know.

We're snooping on the Pacific...so what?

OPINION: I wasn't too excited when we had another breathless exclusive last week, with Hager alleging documents showed the government spied on its Pacific partners

Criminal cases review panel needed

OPINION: A criminal cases review panel will not only save money, it will restore public faith in the criminal justice system, says a law expert.

Can 1080 kill a child?

Toxicologist explores how 1080 is and the risk of a child dying from contaminated formula.

Sumner skate park is controversial

OPINION: The future of a skateboard park in Sumner will be decided by a community board, who must consider public opinion.

"Toughen-up" pills not needed

OPINION: A South Island summer is like whisky: Initially bitter but warm and rich in flavour.

Insane cost of pet care

Abbie discovers dog food is 'seriously expensive'

Kevin the doberman

Instead of discussing human food, I'd like to address the issues surrounding dog food.

Editorial: 'Eco-terrorism' but no panic

OPINION: The threat to contaminate infant milk formula with 1080 should remind us that terrorism takes different forms.

Johnny Moore: I'm a feminist

OPINION: Sunday was International Women's Day. I didn't even know it was happening.

Political management a mixed bag

OPINION: The Government's political management, good, bad and ugly, has been brutally laid bare.

Will Gloriavale survive?

OPINION: Gloriavale's leader Hopeful Christian is getting old. Is the end-time for this commune approaching?

Editorial: Another blow to New Brighton

OPINION: The city council needs to make hard choices as it struggles to fill a huge funding shortfall, but that also means it must be completely sure that its reasoning on any particular decision is sound.

A house to call our own?

OPINION: Is there such a thing as New Zealand architecture, something that makes our buildings quintessentially Kiwi?

Nans can do anything - even enjoy romance

OPINION: If we learn anything from the "Picton park strangers", it is that you cannot watch romance occur in real time.

Corporations admired and flattered

OPINION: I lay awake at three in the morning thinking about labels and listening to the rain bringing my 58th summer to a clattering end.

No need for booze at Te Matatini

OPINION: The fact that it was a drug-free, smoke-free and alcohol-free event didn't appear to have any impact on attendance or people's enjoyment.

Vic Square consultation 'infantile'

OPINION: Summer's biggest 'hot potato' gets served up on a cooling plate for public engagement.

Boxing Day test real winner

OPINION: Hadlee sports awards for event of the year should have gone to the Boxing Day test between NZ and Sri Lanka.

The age of the loathsome corporation

OPINION: Corporations are vile beasts. It is one's duty to loathe the bloody things.

Firefighter: Drivers, wake up

Firefighter describes the impact car crashes have on those who deal with them.

Bike-city dream goes up a gear

OPINION: Quite when Christchurch dropped the ball on being cycling friendly is difficult to say.

Who needs the media? Winnie

OPINION: Andrew Gunn examines New Zealand First's Northland by-election.

If we must spy, it should be in NZ interests

OPINION: It would be naive to think New Zealand should not gather information about what is going on in our sphere of strategic interest.

Changing China

OPINION: Snatching keys from a car's ignition used to be something you heard about in connection with stopping a dangerous drunk driver from careering out of the pub carpark.

Finding our feet in Christchurch

Cecile and Nick

Our move to New Zealand was only meant to be two to three years - now we're reconsidering.

What about Kiwis drivers?

OPINION: Let's look hard at ourselves before we start pointing our nasty little fingers at a group who are a much smaller part of the problem.

Tactix 'short skirts' ad was wrong

OPINION: Girls and young women have enough to put up with over the sexualisation of female bodies in the media.

Do we need an $11m memorial?

OPINION: The city needs a proper quake memorial. But does it need to cost a colossal sum?

Michele A'Court: Men are awesome

OPINION: Men are awesome. OK, not all men, obviously, but sometimes a bunch of them get together and do something bloody delightful.

Editorial: It's not about the money

Cabinet's decision reinforces the idea that being an MP is about public service, and not the money.

Vicarious glory in Ko's success

The vicarious glory that we like to feel when our top sportspeople or teams are at the top of their game is a fickle thing.

'Gutsy' report slates EQC

OPINION: Nothing whispers vindication to hurting EQC customers like report using the word "substandard".

More students look elsewhere

Imagine a hypothetical group of friends, ready to leave school and considering their options for further study or training.

Our subservience to 'the club'

OPINION: I guess one can conclude that John Key didn't major in history when he attended Canterbury University.

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