Moving on from the election


OPINION: I was going to write about the election, but then I went to the supermarket and a worker asked me a question.

A vote of confidence in rebuild


OPINION: The election may be over, but the next three years will still be a challenge with the next stage of the rebuild.

'Full-spectrum dominance'

John Key

OPINION: In achieving the seemingly impossible majority, John Key proclaims his complete mastery of the NZ political landscape.

Focus on our recovery

Gerry Brownlee and a digger

OPINION: John Key should use his reshuffle to take transport off Gerry Brownlee, leaving him with more time for the recovery.

Death throes, low blows

Hone Harawira

OPINION: Everyone could have used some pseudoephedrine on election night.

Get over the disbelief fast

tony milne

OPINION: The upside for Labour of this disastrous campaign is things really can't get any worse.

Labour was not ready to lead

David Cunliffe

OPINION: Labour made three significant strategic failures that rendered it a party unfit to lead.

A textbook display of democracy

Union Jack

OPINION: The Scots this week have had their say literally on the future of their country, and on the unity of the nation-state it has belonged to for 307 years.

Taking turn in spotlight

michele a'court

OPINION: Corporate awards nights are nowadays a bit like the Oscars, with posh frocks, Perspex trophies, and the odd cash prize.

A dramatic turn to blue

John Key

OPINION: One of NZ's more bizarre and unsavoury election campaigns has been a personal triumph for John Key. l Labour faces huge challenge

It's me or the pillow

Generic pillow

OPINION: My boyfriend moved in by stealth. I just sort of woke up surrounded by excess furniture and bedding, which included a Tri Pillow.

Puppy love in new home

Giving dog second chance in our first house


OPINION: One of the best things about being a homeowner is the freedom to get a dog. Or cat. Or any animal you want.

Bloody-mindedness a key factor


OPINION: I am proud to count Scottish nationalism as one of the great international movements I have influenced in a small way.

Walking away from secession


OPINION: Scotland reaffirms affection for southern neighbour, proclaiming it would walk 500 miles to fall down at England's door.

Christchurch needs govt support

Christchurch rebuild, construction, city centre, glass

OPINION: It is crucial the next government continues to support our city recover and grow.

Nice day for a French wedding


OPINION: "Monsieur," said my assistant, Jen, "remind me why we are going to the wedding of two strangers?"

Editorial: Flock Hill not about land

Flock Hill

OPINION: Will the pre-election brouhaha over Flock Hill Station still be talked about next week?

Kim could get Kiwi support

Kim Dotcom

I quite like Kim Dotcom. I shouldn't, but I do.

Joe Bennett: It isn't easy being President


OPINION: The job seems to have won. I, Barack Obama, have become my office.

Rail service a smooth option


OPINION: A scenic journey from Christchurch to Kaikoura proves how easy a commuter rail service could be for Canterbury.

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The lower drink-driving limits from December are:

Great - too much carnage on our roads.

Overkill - targets moderate drinkers, not the heavies

Still too little - make it zero tolerance.

Sensible - punishment is in line with lesser breaches of limit.

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