The ugliest voices are always the loudest and the last heard

Christchurch's Fijian winger Sake Aca was the target of racial taunts during the weekend's  club rugby final  between Lincoln University and Christchurch.

OPINION: We need to stop being bystanders and call out the racists, because hatred starts small and if it's ignored it quickly embeds itself in communities, writes Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy.

Intentional or unintentional, racism is still wrong

Jale Moala says no one can explain the feeling of helplessness and loss racism can cause until they themselves have become a victim of racial abuse.

Jale Moala, op-ed piece. FES sub editor

OPINION: In the wake of incidents of abuse at Canterbury rugby grounds, Jale Moala relates his experience of racism in Christchurch.

Rugby must act against racism

Peni Manumanuniliwa, who has played 100 games rugby for Southbridge rugby club, says he prays before each game that he will not be racially abused.

Racial abuse from rugby spectators appears to be growing. Rugby authorities need to do more to stop it.

Offshore and off the grid

A tropical island holiday doesn't have to be promoted to the world on social media.

OPINION: OPINION: There is no video evidence of it to go viral, so you are just going to have to trust me when I tell you I had a great tropical holiday.

Dressing your home for winter

Design for a passive house in Arrowtown. A passive house meets an exact standard measuring how much energy is expended to keep it at a comfortable temperature while also maintaining an exchange of fresh air. Because of its design, only minimal extra heating or cooling is required, ensuring power bills are kept low.

OPINION: This winter has been a little bit nippy, hasn't it? Real brass monkey weather.

Parental leave should be lifted

Parents and babies at a campaign launch three years ago to extend paid parental leave.

OPINION: Increasing paid parental leave from 18 weeks to 26 would not break the Government's books.

Human rights cost lots of money

Spring Hill prison in North Waikato.

OPINION: As citizens of a civilised nation, we have a duty to care about what is being done behind prison walls.

Some pranks are good-natured, and some are really hurtful

A car covered in Post-It notes in the heart of Dunedin's student quarter, Dundas St.

OPINION: I think we see ourselves as a nation of pranksters always up for a good natured laugh, writes Tahu Potiki.

Stamp duty will 'stop the rot'

New Zealand's Government needs to look at introducing a stamp duty, Mike Yardley says.

OPINION: John Key should introduce a punitive stamp duty to stop offshore buyers gaming the country's housing market, Mike Yardley says.

Veering off the virtuous path, and crashing spectacularly

The valley surrounding Blenheim is dotted with vineyards.

OPINION: I'm at a literary festival and I am feeling a little less chirpy than the blackbird that is currently mocking me.

Financial review 'unbelievable'

An aerial view of Christchurch Hospital, taken in 2012.

The Canterbury health board has suffered a cut of $45 per person in its region while health funding nationally is up $24 per NZer.

Bowron: A week of skits

Mt Eden Corrections Facility before it opened.

OPINION: It's all laughable - Sky City's ad and the for-profit running of our prisons.

Govt should act on court ruling

A law depriving sentenced prisoners of the right to vote is inconsistent with the Bill of Rights Act the High Court has ruled.

A High Court ruling on prisoners' voting rights is a notable step under the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act.

Rebuild workers should be respected

A number of Filipino reconstruction workers were photographed in a rental house in April, paying huge rents and being squashed several to a room.

OPINION: OPINION: History will remember the foreign tradies who came to Canterbury to help with the rebuild after the earthquakes of 2010-2011.

John, tell Max to pull his head in

Amelia Finlayson and Max Key star in a video shot by Max while on holiday with his family in Hawaii.

OPINION: We all like to dream about being very wealthy. But wealth has its own problems.

Dom Harvey wracked with guilt?

Jay-Jay Harvey and Dom Harvey

Dom, have you seen my – Dom? Dom are you crying?

Holidays in the sun

Trina Nesbitt and her two children finally got a state house after five months of paying $300 a week to live in a caravan. "It was a horrible time," she told the Press this week.

Prison fights, lavish holidays, celebrity feuds. This week the news imitated reality television.

Light pollution a problem in Christchurch

The Church of the Good Shepherd at Tekapo is seen with the Milky Way as a backdrop. Tekapo's curbs on light pollution has made it a magnet for tourists and stargazers wanting a spectacular view of the night sky.

OPINION: OPINION: Bright lights, big city - as Christchurch rebuilds, there is an urgent need for politicians and planners to manage light pollution.

Serco must be held to account

Dining area at Mt Eden prison, one of the most modern in the country.

Editorial: The allegations about misconduct at Mt Eden are murky and the private operator must be kept to the standards expected of a prison service.

Did Grandma keep a tapeworm in a jar?

Legend has it Grandma kept a tapeworm harvested from her son's bottom in a jar.

Grandma hasn't been well at all this week. Dicky heart and the suchlike.

Brownlee menus a step too far

Earthquake recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee features in C1 Espresso's menu as a dress-up figurine.

OPINION: Depicting a woman in her underwear is sexist and demeaning. Why is it "a bit of fun" when it's Gerry Brownlee?

Editorial: Speed bylaw error legitimate

Because of oversights by up to 25 local councils  many speeding tickets issued in the last decade were invalid.

Retrospective law should generally be avoided but in the case of the faulty speed laws it was right to use it.

Flu brings on week of misery

Johnny Moore

OPINION: OPINION: Johnny Moore experiences an 'impending sense it'll never get better' when he contracts the flu.

Christchurch's quiet revolution

Tait Communications' new building in Harewood was designed by Opus International.

OPINION: Some of our city's most innovative buildings are ones you don't see every day, unless you happen to work there.

Look who's talking, guys

Top entertainment: Comedienne Michele A'Court will be a drawcard of the Waiheke Art in the Garden gala auction evening at Rorohara, Pie Melon Bay, on November 8. All proceeds will go to the Jassy Dean Trust. Photo: Kate Little.

OPINION: Women may not the talkers they are made out to be, writes Michele A'Court.

Wider curb on smoking logical

Local Government New Zealand thinks smoking should be banned in smoking areas next to bars.

EDITORIAL: A curb on smoking outside cafes and bars may be discriminatory, but it would be a natural step to take towards a smoke-free nation.

Camping bylaw proposals 'highly dubious'

German visitors Danilson Dala, left, and Andrew Triendade, pictured here in January, pack up their gear after no camping signs were erected in the public car park in New Brighton.

OPINION: A council crackdown on freedom campers does not go far enough.

Private prisons a controversial experiment

The inside of the Mt Eden Corrections Facility in Auckland, managed by private sector contractor, Serco.

OPINION: OPINION: I have tended to be pretty blase about the privatisation of correctional facilities.  Clearly I should not be. 

'McKenzie' unlikely to be of Tainui descent

Detail of Nukutewhatewha, one of seven named pataka built in support of Kingitanga in the 1850s.

OPINION: It is the early 1860s in the Waikato. A Maori newspaper editor, and fervent supporter of the Kingitanga movement, has a great idea for a story.

Gender question worth asking

Nelson Q Youth members Connor McLeod, James Benseman, Spencer Sharpe and Clare Fairbrother have welcomed the new Statistics Department classification.

Questions about gender designed to elicit more information about the diversity of society should be useful in framing better policy.

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