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Quake repairs: Minor repairs, major issue

Jennie Kerkhofs had a carpet ruined by a paint spill during her repair works.
Jennie Kerkhofs had a carpet ruined by a paint spill during her repair works.

We've asked those who've had their quake-damaged home repaired in Christchurch to tell us about their experience. 

You might ask yourself this question: Why did EQC even bother to fix a few small cracks in my luckily undamaged home?

Ten months down the track, I now have issues resolved which should never have arisen.

I had only a minor crack in one of my bedrooms which needed plastering and painting, and a door which was a little lopsided. So EQC and its contractors came out and told me this would only take two weeks to fix at the least. So I cleared out the bedroom and piled everything into the lounge.

The next morning I went off to work and passed a girl in white overalls with no name on them. I presumed this must be my painting girl? From thereon was disaster.

She did not cover the floor so inadvertently spilt paint all over the carpet, my cupboard doors and windows. She was sacked. Her boss came along and redid the whole area again. He decided to clean the paint off the carpet but made it even worse.

Then the guy came to sand the door but left a big dent in it and took off the paint work. When he put the door back on, he put a nail through my wall.

The curtain rails needed to come off. To this day they are still not in the right place, as no one knew how to put them back properly.

The next thing was some cracked bricks outside from my Sky aerial. This took another five weeks as every time the aerial was put back, more bricks were cracked. Eventually it was put on the roof, as I had suggested.

Lots of meetings and heated arguments later, plus a payout for the carpet (which took eight months and numerous phone calls to arrange) and only one bedroom was paid for. I have to pay for the other rooms it seems.

So there you go. I wish they had never stepped foot inside my house.

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