A letter to: A longed-for child

01:53, Jan 02 2014

This is one of a series of letters from the public to someone special in their lives.

My darling one,

In my heart there is an empty space only you can fill. Every day I catch glimpses of your face, hear echoes of your voice and reflections of what might have been. Each year my yearning for you increases as what we almost had and have lost in each other becomes more poignant.

How wonderful we would have been together, what love we would have shared. By now you would have had children of your own and I would have been a grandmother. Christmas would be a time of family and laughter, not the empty day it has become.

Instead we share a resonating loss only we can feel. It goes on and on. How invisible all that grief and loss is, how unseen by others, but we see, we know. Don't we, darling one?


For 10 years, your mummy battled her body enduring arduous medical procedures and operations to bring you home. You were to be my one and only glorious child. How beautiful you would have been, filling the empty space in my heart as I held you in my arms.

You would have been such joy to me darling one, and although I battled long and hard to have you stand beside me, in the end fate was against us.

I wanted to write to say I love and miss you every day and await the time when we can embrace at last and fill the empty space in our hearts.

With all my love my one and only child, my darling one.


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