Shops with puns for names

01:50, Jan 02 2014
Tequila Mockingbird
A DRINK AND A PUN: Tequila Mockingbird takes its cue from Harper Lee's famous 1960 novel.

A bit of clever wordplay never goes astray when naming a business. BECK ELEVEN finds six of the best shops that include a pun in their names.

1. Tequila Mockingbird.

Taking its cue from To Kill a Mockingbird the 1960 novel by Harper Lee, Tequila Mockingbird is both a Christchurch tapas restaurant and bar, and the name of a New Zealand roller derby cup.

2. The Codfather.

When you walk into this shop in Dulwich, East London, they'll make you an offer you can't refuse. One scoop or two? It's a fish and chip shop.


3. C'est Cheese.

Who does cheese well? The French. But who knows puns best? Why, this cheese shop in California. Combine the two cultures (no pun intended) and you get this clever wordplay.

4. Piston Cranky.

Say it out loud. This business is, in fact, a South Island automotive company who would be only too pleased for your custom despite sounding as though they'd rather see the back of you.

5. All Cisterns Go.

A plumbing business in New South Wales with a website fronted by a man who looks altogether too uncomfortable with a spanner to be taken seriously. Still, it's a fantastic business name.

6. Hairdressers.

Most hair salons enjoy a good pun. Think Dunedin's HairVn and Why Not Hair. A Head of Nature Hair Studio in Auckland, Alley Barbers in Porirua, Cutty Sark Barber Shop in Kapiti and Hairitage Studio in Christchurch. Plus there's a dog grooming business called Millionhairs in England. All of them, simply a cut above.

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