Mum's fury at Flockton rubberneckers

23:04, Apr 24 2014
Flooded Carrick St
SLOW GOING: A council vehicle causes waves as it drives through a flooded Carrick St in the Flockton basin.

My mum is mad. Not like crazy mad (we leave that to my father's side of the family). More like very angry mad. This is unusual as she tends to be the reasonable member of the family, always sighing and talking sense when the rest of us are bathed in red mist and raging against the latest perceived injustice.

I'm sure that my parents' position as a result of the earthquakes would be enough to make anybody grumpy, but she has remained calm and been the rock of the family over the past years.

She just gets on with it and tries to manage the unruly clan that is my family.

Mairehau home flooded, Kylie Frisby
DELUGE: Flockton St residents such as Kylie Frisby have suffered repeated floods.

Since the earthquakes, we've discovered my parents' house is in the Flockton Basin. When I was growing up it was just called Shirley or the land around Dudley Creek.

The area has always been pretty boggy; you'd think anywhere built beside an area known as "Marshland" would be, wouldn't you?

They did some drainage upgrades when I was a lad and in the past few decades flooding has been less frequent. Then there was an earthquake and over 100 tonnes of liquefaction silt was taken off my parents' property.


Now the whole neighbourhood floods with a decent rain, and don't tell me these are once-a-century events, as we've already had two in the past year.

That would make me mad. It makes me grumpy just to see my parents living through this at a time in their lives when they should be slowing down and spending more time with their grandchildren.

I understand that nobody's to blame, but that doesn't stop a hot-head like me flying off half-cocked at a moment's notice.

No, none of this has made Mum mad. The flooding over the weekend was just about the final straw and then a heap of idiots in four-wheel-drives showed up for a look. Guess what? She got mad.

When they drove too fast, the wake washed up into people's houses and caused flooding. It wasn't what happened to her own house that made Mum mad; it was seeing it happen to someone who had just moved back into a freshly repaired house, which had barely held off the floodwaters until some moron hurtled past and ruined their lovely new carpet.

"The floods didn't cause the damage," she said. "Some p.... in a truck did. All because he thought he was a hero for driving fast along a flooded street."

So next time you're heading out to view someone's misery, be a bit compassionate and think about the fact that these are people's homes that have become a tourist attraction.

Go along for a look, by all means, just think about the consequences of driving too fast and let these people get on with repairing their lives

Nature has thrown a lot at some people - the last thing they need is some bozo in a truck heaping more misery on the situation.

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