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Last updated 12:00 04/05/2012

It's been a busy week, so let's dial it down a little and digest some of the news that's caught my newshound eyes this week. 

currentxbox* Technology site The Verge is reporting that next week Xbox will announce a subsidised Xbox 360 Kinect bundle in the United States where gamers will pay $99 up front, then $15 a week over a two year contract period.

Microsoft hasn't confirmed the bundle ("We never comment on rumour and speculation"), and there's no indication whether such a scheme would come to New Zealand, but The Verge is suggesting that the subsidised US package will consist of a 4Gb console, a Kinect sensor and a two year Xbox Live Gold subscription. The Verge says there will be a termination fee if people break the two-year term.

With Los Angeles' E3 just a month away, is this the first of many pre-show announcement that we're going to get? The rumours and speculation always gets a little louder the closer we get to the trade show.

It's always been Microsoft's intention to get as many Xbox 360 as they can in peoples living rooms and offering such a scheme to people who can't afford the cost of a console outright may well prove attractive.

Many "hardcore" gamers will scoff at such a scheme, preferring to pay for their console outright, but it's a model that mobile phone providers have been using for years: sign up for a two year contract and we'll throw in this $1000 smart phone for free. 

What do you think about such a scheme: would you buy an Xbox this way if the scheme came to NZ?

PlayStationblog* I've got a black PlayStation 3. I'd think those of you that own a PS3 have a black one as well. Black works for me because it goes with my TV, my other AV equipment and my entertainment unit. Well, Sony announced this week that it's turning the colour notch up a bit with a scarlet-coloured PS3 console. Yes, scarlet. Which is like red but a bit darker, I think. 

The bright coloured PS3, which will be available from May 31, has a RRP of $589 and come with two Dual Shock controllers of the same colour and one game from PlayStations Platnium collection. I think in Japan it offers a blue PS3 as well. So, how will that fit with your decor, eh? It's also going to be available in Australia for $AU460.

Gamecubeblog* Apparently 10 years ago today, the Nintendo GameCube was launched in Europe. I still have a GameCube sitting in my "gaming bits and pieces box" (actually, it looks exactly like the one in the picture) and while I don't have many games for it and it didn't do too well against the PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox, it was a fun console.

* An email landed in my inbox this morning telling me that Bethesda plans an online version of The Elder Scrolls for Mac and PC. The actual press release from Bethesda gave pretty much no details about the game so I turned to Eurgamer, which reports (via Game Informer) that the game is set 1000 years before the events of Skyrim. 

So, what gaming news has caught your eye this week?

Stuff you might also find interesting: Game Junkie is on Twitter and you can email him here. He'll even answer your emails not get some smart robot to do it. You can also hear him on Kiwi FM every Tuesday chatting about video games with Glenn Williams, and, if that isn't enough, he has another gaming blog here. It's updated as often as he remembers.

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Shenanigans   #1   12:11 pm May 04 2012

Forget about Elder Scrolls Online, who needs another High Fantasy MMO? Bring on the Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC!

UilamOsa   #2   12:56 pm May 04 2012

Nevermind the scheme. MS should worry about it's ban in Germany.

I dig the black PS3. It goes with everything. Although Sony gets points for coming out with the Pink PS2 for the ladies a long while ago.

Happy Birthday Gamecube! RE4. Eternal Darkness. Metroid Prime. Wind Waker.

Jordan   #3   01:12 pm May 04 2012

It may be old news but FarCry 3's gameplay vids look amazing and the trailer for Dishonored looks intriguing as well!!

HDubNZ   #4   01:49 pm May 04 2012

Forget all of that! I got all three Mount and Blades on Steam for $7.99 USD. Never played before had it recommended. Who knew such a simple game could be so engrossing! What other Steam specials have people picked up that they love unexpectedly?

Fingers crossed Bethesda don't lose their sandbox roots on their MMO. I'd be as disappointed about that as I am about SWTOR.

MikeyB   #5   02:12 pm May 04 2012

Happy Birthday Gamecube!! I still have mine, in fact my step-sons were super excited when I pulled it out - even though they have a PS3 and a Wii. They spent the next few weeks beating Zelda the Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time (came with Wind Waker), Metroid Prime and Viewtiful Joe. I've had PS1 to PS3 and N64, the Gamecube would still be the most fun I've had with a console.

Joe   #6   02:37 pm May 04 2012

I absolutely love the Nintendo Gamecube. Great memories playing Zelda Wind Waker, Metroid Prime, Eternal Darkness, Resident Evil 4, Super Monkey Ball, Viewtiful Joe, Super Mario Sunshine, Pikmin, F-Zero GX, Mario Kart, Paper Mario, Wave Race...excellent little console!

Courtney   #7   03:25 pm May 04 2012

Aw man, I loved my Gamecube even more than my PS2 and Xbox.

Unfortunately I got robbed on ANZAC Day years ago and never saw it again. To add salt to the wound, they left Mario Party 5 behind opened on the floor. Apparently it wasn't good enough to get stolen!

To add further salt to the wound, the insurance company said they "couldn't find" any stores that sold Gamecubes. But um... EBGames had them on sale for $144 at the time.. so what did the insurance company do? Replaced all of my games (I had more than 60 from the three systems combined) and consoles with one.

Xbox 360.

One controller.

One game. Perfect Dark Zero. WHYYYY?!

Aaron   #8   04:38 pm May 04 2012

Gaming that caught my eye recently.

Diablo 3 - Open Beta (2 weekends ago) - It was awesome .. and with only 11 days til release, I am so glad I was the 1st to pre order the collectors edition + environment / monster guide. (not cheap at $260 NZ total, but so worth it.

D3 is going to be the game I am playing for years to come, (even though I will be playing SWTOR as well) - seriously considering cancelling my Mists of Pandaria expansion order, as I've not logged into WoW since December last year.

If some of the newer games were FTP rathern PTP (Tera 4 eg) I would check them out, but I am hoping that Elder Scrolls Online will Not be a Monthly Sub game.

bOb   #9   08:51 am May 07 2012

Courtney @ #7 Id change insurance company if I were you. I had my PS2 and about 30 games stolen many years ago and they replaced every single game - with the latest version on a few of the sports titles.

Roccoco   #10   09:07 am May 07 2012

you too can have a red PS3 for $50... You will need: Sandable grey automotive primer in a can,matt/satin or gloss red car paint in a can, some new 3M green pot scrubber, some 3M painters Blue masking tape. You can either remove the guts if you are confident but void any warranty doing this, or mask it up and leave the guts in. carefully mask all areas not going red like buttons and ports and ensure the tape seals these areas properly. Then gently wipe surfaces to be painted with 3M pot scrubber, you are only keying the surface for the primer so do need to push hard. after completing the area prep dust off/vacuum any particles left over from prep. Get an decent all over coat with the grey primer and don't load it up with too much paint (look for spray tutorials if you aren't experienced)I'd say there is little point in painting the bottom of the unit. After 24 hrs (is best) you can lightly key the primer and dust off then apply the money coat. If you don't really paint much check out youtube for tips on how to get a nice finish especially if you are going gloss red! There, you have pimped your ride and all your friends will think you just paid $800 for a new playstation.

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