Chaos and squeaking shoes: the gaming weekend

Last updated 13:23 15/10/2012

Well, I finished Dishonored over the weekend - thanks to the incredibly bad weather on Saturday - and what a single player campaign it was, but it wasn't the ending I was expecting.

No, it seems that the ending you get depends on how much chaos (read: death and destruction) you cause during your travels through the whale-oil-powered city of Dunwall. I now wish I'd played the game a little smarter (and a little less confrontational at times) and a little stealthier as my high chaos playthrough made for a less than desirable final scenario. Luckily, Dishonored is the type of game that is just perfect for a second playthrough, thanks to the multiple options to complete an objective. Note to self: play more stealthily next time.

Next on the gaming agenda is Xcom: Enemy Unknown, which I hear is getting rave reviews, but I like games like Dishonored that provide different endings depending on how you've played, or have events change based on decisions made earlier in the game. It makes a game that is much more open to repeat plays than one which has a strict one-ending-for-all policy, no matter how you play it.

I've also been mucking about with Kinect-required Fable: The Journey and though it's not perfect (especially when trying to aim spells), it could be the best use of Microsoft's motion-sensing device so far as it doesn't involve party games. In it you use your hands to control the reins of your horse Seren, flicking them as if you were holding real reins, and your right hand to cast spells at foes. Your left hand is used to push objects and foes out of the way and block incoming attacks. Is Fable The Journey the saviour of Kinect or just another game that gamers will ignore because of a less than ideal control scheme? I'll pass judgment when I've played a little more. 

Elsewhere in the Game Junkie household, Master Game Junkie has been hitting the virtual basketball courts in NBA2k13 (I did an interview with producer Erick Boenisch which you can find here) and he's hooked, working his way through the game's My Career mode and the NBA's ranks. He was initially drafted to the Boston Celtics - a team he can't stand - but after discussions with the team manager (through the game's general manager sit-down feature) he has now been traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, a team he considers worthy of his basketball talents.

But enough about me, how was your gaming weekend? Did you travel stealthily through the streets and sewers of Dunwall? Did you take on the enemy invaders in Xcom: Enemy Unknown? Did you squeak your shoes in 2K's NBA2K13 or pound the turf in EA's Fifa 13? Or did you replay an old favourite? 

Other stuff you might be interested in: Game Junkie is on Twitter and you can email him here. He'll even answer your emails, not get some smart robot to do it. He also has another gaming blog here, which was actually updated recently. You should check it out.


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