Andertonian antics

20:00, Oct 05 2010

Some brief thoughts after a long day on the campaign trail with Jim Anderton (for more, keep an eye out in Saturday's newspaper):


- For a man who had a near-inevitable victory ripped out from under his feet by an act of God, Jim is in remarkably good spirits.

- He is also an insanely energetic 72-year-old: by the second street-corner meeting, I was cold, hungry and ready to catch up on the last few weeks of Outrageous Fortune (so much drama!), but Jim would have kept chatting with residents into the wee hours of the morning had it not been for the gradual thinning of the crowd and other 2021 candidates.

- A vast majority of Christchurch residents approve of Bob Parker's handling of the earthquake. A vast majority of Chch-ites also escaped major damage in the aforementioned earthquake. Are the minorities in each case comprised of the same people? It's hard to say definitively, but based on my experiences today, it could well be the case.

- Jim is incredibly determined when it comes to chasing up issues for people. He can also be incredibly stubborn - on several occasions, he re-affirmed his (mistaken, in my opinion) belief that he could have been mayor and MP, had it not been for the earthquake.

- Jim and Bob could not be more different if they tried. It's a shame, really: they could be a perfect team, if their political ideologies were not diametrically opposed.


On that note, I'm off. Keep an eye out tomorrow for some goss on the wards.


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