Hello CBD

03:05, May 28 2012

Before I sat at my desk this morning, I bumped into an old friend, said hello to a construction worker and saw two Canada geese.

It was a pretty unusual start to the day, but so is being herded towards the office doors via a wall of fences and unpacking inside a new Gloucester St building.

I can see straight down New Regent St from my fourth-floor vantage point in Press House, and am keeping an eye on a man in flouro tending to the Rendezvous Hotel's car park. If it wasn't for this tall building (previously The Marque), our view to Latimer Square would be uninterrupted, and if it wasn't for a shield of scaffolding, we'd get a full frontal view of the Isaac Theatre Royal. However, it's the Pricewaterhouse Coopers building we will be watching, as it will be interesting to see it get closer and closer to Armagh St's ground level.

There'll be a fair bit of demolition going on, but it's the new places and old faces that we're looking forward to seeing the most. We know The Bicycle Thief will be open again this year, and have heard rumours The Brewery is planning to be join those within the four aves. With Madras St completely open, the NG Gallery building is on the must-visit list, while further down, Jungle Cup (341 Madras St) could be one of our closest cafés. If someone dug us a tunnel to Re:Start, you would know where to find me at lunch time. As it is now, we have to go circumnavigate the red zone first.

A clever mobile coffee vendor (Kiwi Coffee) has already promised to brew our favourites on the footpath, starting tomorrow. I wonder what will be next?