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Last updated 10:01 29/10/2012

Knock knock!
Who's there?
Fly who?

This is what counts as a quality joke to my seven-year-old. He's just got the hang of the "knock knock" format, and abuses it to the utmost.

Knock knock!
Who's there?
Black who?

If nothing else, it demonstrates that he has a firm grasp of the concept of compound words. For a while, the first answer would have absolutely no connection to the final answer.  

Knock knock!
Who's there? 
Boo who? 

It was funny, but not in the way he expected.

(My favourite knock knock joke doesn't work so well in text, but here goes:  

Knock knock!;
Who's there?
Interrupting dog!
Woof woof woof!)

I love that he is old enough to engage in wordplay with me. Last week, we were looking at plants. In an attempt to get out of writing, he complained that he was bored. I teased him that he was "exSEEDingly" bored. He giggled, and said "No, I'm TREEmendously bored."

That's just the sort of punny fun that I adore.

He's always been a champion of physical comedy. When the twins were younger, he could reduce them to hysterics by repeatedly whacking himself in the head, exclaiming "Arrrrgh!" and falling dramatically backwards on to the couch.  

So it's probably no surprise that his favourite cartoon is Roadrunner. He has a tendency to describe everything that's happening on the screen. "Uh-oh. Is the train REALLY coming? Ooh. OOH! Haha! The roadrunner was driving the train! That was hilarious."

While his stream-of-consciousness narration can be entertaining, it can also be irritating. He tends to describe what's about to happen in movies that he's seen before, even if other people haven't. We've explained about spoilers, and asked how he would feel if someone told him that Darth Vader is <...redacted because of spoilers...> before he'd got to watch it.

What's the worst joke your kids have told you?  Do they talk at the TV?

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JenB   #1   10:10 am Oct 29 2012

I was impressed with my daughter when she told this joke in kindergarten - "What do you call a fly with no wings.... A walk!"

DS   #2   10:17 am Oct 29 2012

My husband talks to the TV if that helps?

julie king   #3   11:07 am Oct 29 2012

HI, We are on the same wavelength today - here is my early morning post :)

Ms S   #4   11:34 am Oct 29 2012

Good luck with stopping the stream-of-conciousness narration - my FIL still does it, and he's in his 60s.

With my kids, I try to give them a limit of things they can say, or a time limit before they can say anything again - otherwise every ten seconds or so I get a question beginning, "Why...." Can't really say that this strategy is super successful, but I'm playing a long game - I don't want them to be like their Granpa when they're adults. I know it's bad to stifle a child's curiosity, but it's also bad to drive mummy crazy when she just needs to zone out for a bit while providing movie cuddles.

Roseaponi   #5   11:39 am Oct 29 2012

Jimmy is just like this! :) Except half the time he forgets the end of the knock knock joke.

And yes, he talks at the tv. All the time :)

Lori M   #6   02:11 pm Oct 29 2012

I love kiddy humour... I only ever managed to teach my much younger sister 1 joke... which was brilliant coming out of a 4 - 5 year old... Whats the difference between snot & cabbage? Kids won't eat cabbage. One of her best friends had an amazingly developed sense of humour, and ability with puns from a very young age, no surprises then that he now works in television!

Metoo   #7   03:37 pm Oct 29 2012

The current favourite "knock knock" joke for my six year old is: Knock, knock Who's there? Boo Boo who? There, there, don't cry... Lame, but for a while we were getting the cauliflower-style answer, followed by "that's really funny, isn't it????" Um, no.

Pickles   #8   09:08 am Oct 30 2012

Haaaaaaahahahaha interrupting dog! love it!

Sam   #9   10:39 am Oct 30 2012

'I just said undies' is apparently hilarious to him.

Yes, he answers Dora's questions!

AngelinBA   #10   07:13 am Oct 31 2012

My 5 year old thinks she's very funny, but all jokes she tells end with "and then he farted" cue guffaws of laughter from her and her 2 year old sister who is also quite keen on a good fart joke. My 9 yr old boy constantly surprises me by his quick wit and his play on words. None of the kids speak fluent English, but they're getting better and we play long games of "what's the English word for.....". Last night I asked what the English word for knickers was (little girl learning to dress herself) and everyone was stumped. 5 yr old was doing her normal trick of knocking of the vowel at the end of the Spanish word to make it SOUND more English, when my 9 yr old son suddenly came out with "Lady Pants". I cried with laughter. What a great way of working around a word you don't know to come up with an understandable solution.

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