Are videos the new selfies?

Most people's selfies are carefully constructed. Lipstick is on, every hair is in place, the lighting is right and, most importantly, the angle is flattering (think duckface).

Selfies are almost a daily ritual for some celebrities, including Kim Kardashian and David Hasselhoff (just check out the Hoff's Twitter page).

I've never considered myself a massive selfie taker. The majority of my Facebook photos are not selfies, and shock horror, I often ask someone to take a photograph of me if I want one.

However recently I realised I had to get off my selfie-righteous horse. I realised I have a whole collection of selfies . . . taken while running.

That's right. Just me - all sweaty, tired and makeup free.

I guess I could put them online and hashtag them #makeupfreeselfie, but everyone I know who did those still posted the most flattering photo possible.

In my collection I have ones taken at 10 kilometres, 21km, and 42.2km. There are ones where I'm ecstatic and then there are ones where I look like am undergoing severe physical trauma. 

However I've now taken the selfie one step further. During the Big Five Marathon there was a section where I decided to record myself. That's right, I now have video evidence of myself climbing one of the steepest, most challenging hills I've ever faced.

The hill in the video is 43 degrees. It is 3km of relentless climbing to a literally breathtaking view. Watching the video back I am shocked by my heavy breathing - especially as that's me walking, not running!

I took multiple video selfies during the run, except somewhere around the 30km mark. It could be because my arms no longer had the energy to lift up the camera, but the classic selfie reappeared at the 42.2km mark.

A little Google search later and I came across this great series of running selfies.

Some people use selfies to mark milestones, others to look back at for encouragement and then others use them to capture a moment.

For me, it's about capturing the moment so I can relive it later. As I sit scrolling through the ones on my phone, they bring back great memories.

Do you take selfies while running? If so, why do you do it? Have you ever taken a video selfie? Comment below, email me on or follow me on Twitter @YoungRachelS

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