Running in the wrong direction

16:00, Jan 01 2014

My limits were pushed last Sunday.

Sarah, Claire, Fi and I headed off in the drizzle from Sumner. Straightaway I should've known it was not going to be an easy run.

Fi (the leader of this adventure) pointed out a track at the top of hill. 

"That's where the track is," she said. "We just need to climb up to it."

Any thought of keeping my shoes dry was abandoned as I pushed my way through long wet grass, stood in what I hoped was mud, and scrambled over some rocks.

When we finally reached where we needed to be, we broke into a run. However, it wasn't long before we had turned onto a path and realised we were lost.


It was a white out. Visibility was terrible and somehow we'd run in a circle.

Fortunately for Claire she had turned back after half an hour, but unfortunately for us that meant running all the way to Cashmere where our cars were parked. 

Thankfully modern technology meant we could figure out where we were.

However, modern technology didn't take into account earthquake-closed roads and paths, so when we came across a "closed" sign it was backtrack time.

There were points that I'm pretty sure we were not even on a path, but we knew we were heading in the right direction. I was really glad that I was carrying water, food and extra layers with me.

After several turnarounds and multiple times checking the GPS, we eventually made it to Cashmere. 

When I say eventually, I mean four hours and 25 kilometres later. 

The coffee and scone at the end made it all worthwhile, but I think Fi may no longer be in charge of planning routes! 

Have you ever got completely lost on a training run? What did you do? Have you ever run from Sumner to Cashmere?

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