Chasing down my new year's resolutions

I started the year off on a high. 

Last weekend, I entered a 10km race at Lake Hood. I thought it was the perfect way to get stuck into training, run off some of the excesses of the new year period and try to push myself.

I started off way too quickly. Then I found a gear that I liked and sat in it. I spotted a woman 50-odd metres in front of me and made it my goal to beat her. 

By the 8km mark she was about 20m ahead of me. 

At 9km, I picked up the pace and passed her. We momentarily chatted and I thought about running with her, but then I remembered that I was there to push myself so I kicked it up a gear.

Apparently, that move was enough to get me third place in my category. The organisers told me not to look so shocked, but I couldn't help it. I guess there weren't many people in my category! 

Either way I claimed that third place and walked away with a new running top! Wahoo. In my head, there was a podium and I did a victory lap carrying the New Zealand flag ...

Anyway, that brings to me to my new year's resolutions. I won't bore you all with my various goals, but here's a few.

1. Enter more races and fun runs - last weekend's race was part of this. I think these are a great way to push yourself, pick up the pace and check out a new area (I had never been to Lake Hood).

2. Run a half-marathon or full marathon distance every month - this was inspired by a blog reader who wrote to tell me he was doing this (Good luck and thanks for the inspiration!). He wrote something that I really connected with: "I like to run when I'm happy, I need to run when I'm stressed, it makes me feel better to run when I'm sad, but mainly I run ... For CAKE." Check out his Facebook page here.

I'll keep you updated on how I'm going with this one! 

3. Help my mum complete her first half-marathon. She's a fit woman (whose age I will not disclose) and I have challenged her this year to walk/run her first half-marathon ... watch this space.

4. Explore more - I have my usual haunts that I stick to, but this year I want to explore others.

5. Take the dog out - Max is too old to do long runs, but he loves a good walk in the hills and often this gives me just as good a workout as doing a big run.

Do you have new year's resolutions? What are they? Comment below, email me on or follow me on Twitter @YoungRachelS

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