Rock and Roll Mother

Vicki Anderson, Press music editor and mother-of-four, writes about post-quake life in Christchurch.

Rachel Smalley 'intelligent, erudite'

05:00am 03 Apr 2014


Rachel Smalley once changed my life.

She probably doesn't remember it.

We went to high school together in Christchurch.

It was a country school where studying agriculture and horticulture were compulsory. The kind of place where the notion of becoming a journalist was somewhat fanciful.

''Smalley'' as she was known, ran with the cool crowd. Girls who did fantastical things with their fringes that I tried to emulate with copious amounts of hair gel but which never really worked.

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Live music delights in Christchurch

05:00am 21 Mar 2014

It's a great time to be a lover of live music in this city.

A mate recently commented: ''Nothing happening in Christchurch eh?''

There are always international musical visitors flying under the radar into the city and there are some interesting sonic adventures to be had this month, no matter what you're into.

I am amped for the Brody Dalle, Queens of the Stone Age ( and Nine Inch Nails ( gig at CBS Canterbury Arena on Saturday night.

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Floods nearly as bad as Mr Shakey

05:00am 06 Mar 2014

My heart goes out to Cantabrians cleaning up flood damaged homes today.

I know a little about how they must be feeling.

A few weeks ago my family moved into our new home.

By the time we had finished moving it was late, the children were tired and hungry, and it was too late in the day to start putting up bunks.

We camped in the lounge on mattresses, excited to finally be moved in.

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Turning inconvenience into an art

05:00am 04 Mar 2014


Gap Filler's latest initiative, the Inconvenience Store, opens today at Cathedral Junction.

It is a hybrid between a store and an art project or residency which aims to explore the theme of (in)convenience as it relates to our city.

The space was sourced by Life in Vacant Spaces and each operator has a week-long residency in The Inconvenience Store.

It is based around the idea of turning inconvenience into an asset and point of attraction for the central city.

Long before the earthquakes, Gap Filler believed Christchurch's central city was struggling because of all the massive - and incredibly convenient - suburban shopping malls.

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Quake taught me to care for strangers

05:00am 24 Feb 2014






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