Turning inconvenience into an art

21:57, Mar 03 2014

Gap Filler's latest initiative, the Inconvenience Store, opens today at Cathedral Junction.

It is a hybrid between a store and an art project or residency which aims to explore the theme of (in)convenience as it relates to our city.

The space was sourced by Life in Vacant Spaces and each operator has a week-long residency in The Inconvenience Store.

It is based around the idea of turning inconvenience into an asset and point of attraction for the central city.

Long before the earthquakes, Gap Filler believed Christchurch's central city was struggling because of all the massive - and incredibly convenient - suburban shopping malls.

Many people want to push the inner city down that path towards more convenience, with free parking everywhere and a central air-conditioned mall. But many people believe that the central city needs a point of difference, that we should embrace ''inconvenience''.


The thinking echoes the ideas behind the slow food movement, the resurgence in popularity of crafting and the prevalence of home brewing which all indicate a fairly widespread sense that ''inconvenience'' is becoming more appealing in our fast-paced consumer society.

The Inconvenience Store might fulfil a genuine central city need; raise a critical voice; be absurd, silly, enjoyable; lead to new ideas for the central city; be a ''real'' store, or an art project.

The ''inconvenience'' might be in the physical layout of the store; in the products it carries; in the mode of payment; in the checkout procedures or interactions with the customers; or anything else.

The key criteria for The Inconvenience Store is that it will create surprise and a memorable experience for its customers.

Until March 9 you'll find Masha's Impossible Products on offer and next week, March 11-16 is Bridget's Two-Hour Shop.

The Inconvenience Store is at Shop 4, Cathedral Junction, 113 Worcester St. It is open Tuesdays to Sundays, 9.30am-5.30pm. Closed Mondays.

Will you visit The Inconvenience Store?

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