Always rains in Acapulco after a quake

20:59, Mar 21 2012

Acapulco, Mexico was hit with a magnitude 7.4 earthquake yesterday. My first earthquake was in Acapulco, about 15 years ago when I travelled there with my then-girlfriend now-wife for an el cheapo holiday.

We were napping in an old-town Acapulco backpackers when the little shaker (maybe 4.0) rattled the resort town. We initially thought the noise was a truck back-firing but soon figured out it was almost certainly an earthquake. But never having felt a quake before, we rushed to reception seeking confirmation from the proprietress.

She was fat, 60-ish woman who wore gaudy outfits, about a kilo of fake jewels and earned extra money loudly giving French lessons to Spanish-speaking locals in the common room.

"Was that an earthquake?" we asked breathlessly.
"Yes," she said in accented English, "and now it's going to rain."
What? Rain? 

I asked: "Because it always rains after an earthquake?"
"No," she said, "because it's been a very dry summer."
And with that declaration, she spun on her heel and waddled off somewhere.

Still makes me laugh.

Mind you, after the last 18 months, a Cantabrian could fairly say these after a major earthquake:

"And now helicopters will buzz the city".

"And now the rest of New Zealand will roll their eyes."

"And now there'll be an almighty quarrel involving (pick several): EQC, CERA, CCC, ACC, AMI, MMP, ANZBC, TAANZ, MMORPG and for all we know RNZN." Add kerosene, find shelter.

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