Always rains in Acapulco after a quake

Last updated 09:59 22/03/2012

mexico mapAcapulco, Mexico was hit with a magnitude 7.4 earthquake yesterday. My first earthquake was in Acapulco, about 15 years ago when I travelled there with my then-girlfriend now-wife for an el cheapo holiday.

We were napping in an old-town Acapulco backpackers when the little shaker (maybe 4.0) rattled the resort town. We initially thought the noise was a truck back-firing but soon figured out it was almost certainly an earthquake. But never having felt a quake before, we rushed to reception seeking confirmation from the proprietress.

She was fat, 60-ish woman who wore gaudy outfits, about a kilo of fake jewels and earned extra money loudly giving French lessons to Spanish-speaking locals in the common room.

"Was that an earthquake?" we asked breathlessly.
"Yes," she said in accented English, "and now it's going to rain."
What? Rain? 

I asked: "Because it always rains after an earthquake?"
"No," she said, "because it's been a very dry summer."
And with that declaration, she spun on her heel and waddled off somewhere.

Still makes me laugh.

Mind you, after the last 18 months, a Cantabrian could fairly say these after a major earthquake:

"And now helicopters will buzz the city".

"And now the rest of New Zealand will roll their eyes."

"And now there'll be an almighty quarrel involving (pick several): EQC, CERA, CCC, ACC, AMI, MMP, ANZBC, TAANZ, MMORPG and for all we know RNZN." Add kerosene, find shelter.

Share your non-New Zealand quake stories in the comments below.


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Mr Redneck   #1   07:17 pm Mar 26 2012

Enjoyed the read thanks. THIS Cantabrian is saying: we had two quakes at exactly the same time today, one on the Greendale Fault (@ Prebbleton) and one on the Pegasus (wee way from shore) but fortunately both were small (but are on Geo Net). We will be 'raining' tears here for sure if that ever happens again with magnitude 5 or 6 or 7 instead of 3.

Acapulco has had quakes before. That whole Pacific Rim, part of which is ours, is dangerous. If we mine, frack or drill for oil we are going to pay for it. Nature will strike back. When my wife was teaching in Peru (this was before she met me) there was a quake that scared the beegesus out of her. At least we have a Cera etc., arguing with the incompetents at the CCC or not. They should be more experienced given the number of quakes they too have, but parts of Peru are not geared for disaster at all apparently. So, we are both lucky and unlucky to live in New Zealand, but in the end nature will win, not we to-clever-for-our-own-good apes that are trying to ruin her. We will loose in the end.

Next trip to Acapulco, we'll carry your bags if you like???!!!! (too poor these days to get there again). Still recovering from that nine years Labour were in power causing the future ruin of the country.

Beth   #2   01:54 am Mar 27 2012

Oh Will - thanks for the laugh - I can see that lady in my mind, and her waddling off. It's good to laugh. Thanks!

Annemarie   #3   01:56 pm May 11 2012

Please don't ever think that the rest of NZ roll their eyes when you have more shakes. Everytime we see a report of another quake my heart breaks for you a little more. I can't imagine what living with that kind of stress must be like, but I know it's bloody awful and you have my sympathy.

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