Chch needs dust suppression rules

20:47, Nov 15 2012

The wind is throwing dust around central Christchurch today and it's clear that somebody - the city council, the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority, Environment Canterbury and/or the Government - should act.

Even if this dust isn't a health hazard for people with ''regular'' fitness, it is a significant discomfort and and thumps quality of life.

The problem is demolition sites. Once the buildings are gone, owners are leaving their land as shingle and gravel. It doesn't take much wind to make the CBD a dustbowl, as seen in Richard Cosgrove's photo, above.

There's an easy and cheap solution - plant grass. That's been done at Orion's former Manchester St facility and it looks great and dust is suppressed.

Much of central Christchurch is going to be blank for years and landowners shouldn't be allowed to annoy residents and tourists with inaction.

All that's needed is soil, seed and an occasional mow.

C'mon landowners, be responsible.

Pass a regulation CCC, Cera, ECan and/or Govt. 


The Press