Bloody-mindedness a key factor


OPINION: I am proud to count Scottish nationalism as one of the great international movements I have influenced in a small way.

Kim could get Kiwi support

Kim Dotcom

I quite like Kim Dotcom. I shouldn't, but I do.

Joe Bennett: It isn't easy being President


OPINION: The job seems to have won. I, Barack Obama, have become my office.

One egg in Labour basket

David Cunliffe

OPINION: Labour has run a campaign focused on a single leadership personality - and it simply hasn't worked.

Rebirth still on paper


OPINION: Artist renderings are still doing most of the talking for Christchurch's central city.

Soaking in it

Kim Dotcom

OPINION: Voting early, surrounded by ads, is a dodgy exercise, writes Jane Bowron.

New etiquette for the elite

Miley Cyrus

OPINION: They used to have debutante balls, and now they have strip-a-thons.

Top Gear car causes near miss

Traffic lights

OPINION: Nothing like rubber-necking at a fancy car in a prang to almost create a second crash.

Potluck politics preferred

michele a'court

OPINION: Next time we have an election let's replace the shouty debates with a series of potluck dinners.

Leaders cooking up a storm

Winston Peters

OPINION: At 5.30pm the MKR 2014 contestants arrived at the the Internet Mana house. The judges, John Campbell and Paul Henry, arrived a few minutes later.

Catastrophe for Cunliffe

David Cunliffe

OPINION: David Cunliffe was not only flummoxed, but woefully outfoxed at the leaders' debate.

Patience voters

OPINION: Surely it would be "unwise" to use a catchword of this election campaign, to cast your vote early.

Pet problems make for gross search

Beck Eleven

OPINION: My mum texted me at work this week. The text read simply: "Please Google me dog's anal glands".

Fanatics much the same


OPINION: Islamic State fighters call to mind many totalitarian movements but none so much as the Communist Khmer Rouge.

Dog crazy, or maybe not

Johnny Moore

OPINION: My mum has never liked dogs so why is there dog roll in her fridge?

Hacking awful, plastic bananas worse

rosemary mcleod

OPINION: So they opened Pandora's box, and creepy-crawly things gushed out.

Books are better


OPINION: When on a plane coming in to land, I hold my book a little higher so I can be seen by those who've had to switch off their electric books.

Candidates take note

michele a'court

OPINION: What gets some politicans out of bed is not the drive to make the world a better place, but to score points, bully, smear, divert, and inflict pain.

Let's party, but responsibly


OPINION: Until we get serious about binge-drinking, the kiddie crowd breeds trouble.

From Thatcher playbook

Judith Collins

OPINION: Judith Collins concluded her resignation and exited stage right, not answering questions.

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