Jane Bowron

Soaking in it

Kim Dotcom

OPINION: Voting early, surrounded by ads, is a dodgy exercise, writes Jane Bowron.

Patience voters

OPINION: Surely it would be "unwise" to use a catchword of this election campaign, to cast your vote early.

From Thatcher playbook

Judith Collins

OPINION: Judith Collins concluded her resignation and exited stage right, not answering questions.

Told what's important

beehive parliament

OPINION: MPs patronise voters by believing they know what we want.

John Key up against Laila Harre

Laila Harre

OPINION: Today's head-to-head showdown between the Prime Minister and Laila Harre is where the real biffo could take place.

Bring on the bump


OPINION: Researchers have estimated that touching with closed fists rather than handshaking reduces the passing on of germs by a whopping 90 per cent.

Funny global anachronism

New Zealand at Commonwealth Games

OPINION: How nice not to have the steroidal big boys of China and America involved and winning everything at the Commonwealths.

And a mailbox full of bother


OPINION: Ever since I've been back in Wellington my street has been heaving with roadworks.

Winding up sacred cow


OPINION: Why should the Kiwi consumer, who must pay through the nose for dairy, stay loyal?

A dead end for Harris' artworks?

Rolf Harris

OPINION: The artistic work Rolf Harris has donated and sold is being dumped like a hot spud.

Hair length a tedious debate

lucan battison

OPINION: To have long hair or not to have long hair in schools is the question dividing the country.

It's up to 'the village'

Arun Kumar

OPINION: The killing last week of shopkeeper Arun Kumar in Henderson and the charging of a 13-year-old boy with his murder has everyone looking for answers.

You scratch my back...

Push lawn mower

OPINION: It's time for women living on their own to organise, writes Jane Bowron.

Don't leave me out of your survey

ASB phone paywave

OPINION: Whenever a poll comes out it reminds me to feel miffed that I've never once received the call.

A crushing experience


OPINION: I was mortified to be mistaken for Judith Collins, a woman I cannot stand.

Get the Zimmer, I'm off to work

Generic zimmer frame

OPINION: The workplace will be like Dad's Army without the humour if Kiwis are forced to work until they're 70.

Killed by driver, then sued


OPINION: A Canadian woman is suing a teenager she killed when her car collided with his bicycle.

Maybe the back seat's best, Kate


OPINION: Behind every great man is a great woman who knows when to act the shrub, rather than dare to be Catherine the Great.

Onesie beats an itchy groupie selfie any time


OPINION: I was getting foiled again and my let-go Charlie Manson locks chopped at the hairdressers when I overheard a conversation about nits, aka cooties, being on the increase.

Don't count on sun

Jane Bowron

The weekend was an outstanding performance in a long line of golden weather.

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