Jane Bowron

John Key up against Laila Harre

Laila Harre

OPINION: Today's head-to-head showdown between the Prime Minister and Laila Harre is where the real biffo could take place.

Bring on the bump


OPINION: Researchers have estimated that touching with closed fists rather than handshaking reduces the passing on of germs by a whopping 90 per cent.

Funny global anachronism

New Zealand at Commonwealth Games

OPINION: How nice not to have the steroidal big boys of China and America involved and winning everything at the Commonwealths.

And a mailbox full of bother


OPINION: Ever since I've been back in Wellington my street has been heaving with roadworks.

Winding up sacred cow


OPINION: Why should the Kiwi consumer, who must pay through the nose for dairy, stay loyal?

A dead end for Harris' artworks?

Rolf Harris

OPINION: The artistic work Rolf Harris has donated and sold is being dumped like a hot spud.

Hair length a tedious debate

lucan battison

OPINION: To have long hair or not to have long hair in schools is the question dividing the country.

It's up to 'the village'

Arun Kumar

OPINION: The killing last week of shopkeeper Arun Kumar in Henderson and the charging of a 13-year-old boy with his murder has everyone looking for answers.

You scratch my back...

Push lawn mower

OPINION: It's time for women living on their own to organise, writes Jane Bowron.

Don't leave me out of your survey

ASB phone paywave

OPINION: Whenever a poll comes out it reminds me to feel miffed that I've never once received the call.

A crushing experience


OPINION: I was mortified to be mistaken for Judith Collins, a woman I cannot stand.

Get the Zimmer, I'm off to work

Generic zimmer frame

OPINION: The workplace will be like Dad's Army without the humour if Kiwis are forced to work until they're 70.

Killed by driver, then sued


OPINION: A Canadian woman is suing a teenager she killed when her car collided with his bicycle.

Maybe the back seat's best, Kate


OPINION: Behind every great man is a great woman who knows when to act the shrub, rather than dare to be Catherine the Great.

Onesie beats an itchy groupie selfie any time


OPINION: I was getting foiled again and my let-go Charlie Manson locks chopped at the hairdressers when I overheard a conversation about nits, aka cooties, being on the increase.

Don't count on sun

Jane Bowron

The weekend was an outstanding performance in a long line of golden weather.

Old wireless gets new groove

Jane Bowron

Inevitably the conversation came around to "If I was in charge of the world" scenarios.

The luxury of a dairy

Jane Bowron

OPINION: One of the nicer things about being back in the capital is having a dairy on the street.

'Welcome to the new normal'

Wellington cbd

OPINION: The capital is so brown. It made me remember how white Christchurch seemed.

Time to leave Christchurch

Jane Bowron

I'm leaving Shaky Town, Cone County, Christchurch, to move back to Wellington.

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