Jane Bowron

Onesie beats an itchy groupie selfie any time


OPINION: I was getting foiled again and my let-go Charlie Manson locks chopped at the hairdressers when I overheard a conversation about nits, aka cooties, being on the increase.

Don't count on sun

Jane Bowron

The weekend was an outstanding performance in a long line of golden weather.

Old wireless gets new groove

Jane Bowron

Inevitably the conversation came around to "If I was in charge of the world" scenarios.

The luxury of a dairy

Jane Bowron

OPINION: One of the nicer things about being back in the capital is having a dairy on the street.

'Welcome to the new normal'

Wellington cbd

OPINION: The capital is so brown. It made me remember how white Christchurch seemed.

Time to leave Christchurch

Jane Bowron

I'm leaving Shaky Town, Cone County, Christchurch, to move back to Wellington.

Teen non-drivers lazy 'narcissists'

learner driver

OPINION: Young people relying on friends or mum and dad to ferry them round in my mind is pretty lame.

Machine creates excitement

Washing machine

The washing machine was emitting a noise that sounded like a tribe of warring Zulus.

Jane Bowron: Gorgeous white Winter Olympics


OPINION: Call me old-fashioned but I can just hear my mother tsk-tsking and saying: "Turn that blasted thing off.

It's all rather OTT in the girl armour dept

Metiria Turei

OPINION: Parliament's Jacketgate scandal is all rather over the top, writes Jane Bowron.

A trip to my past life

Jane Bowron

OPINION: Last week I went back to this house that I had first been brought to from the maternity hospital in a washing basket.

Oh for a Jetsons flying-saucer car

Southland Times photo

OPINION: If somebody had told me that, in 2013, 40 per cent of vehicles on Christchurch roads would be lumbering petrol or diesel-guzzling SUVs, I would have thought that scenario to be ridiculously antediluvian.

Flight departs at Fantasy Gate 1

eagle airport

OPINION: As if air travel isn't claustrophobic enough, Wellington Airport has been hijacked by Middle-earth.

The long Christmas drive south

Christmas tree, generic

OPINION: Jane Bowron offers her congratulations as we endure the silly season.

Mystery garage urinal near CBD


OPINION: Jane Bowron wonders why so many men are visiting a garage on an otherwise empty paddock.

One more memorial can't hurt

Earthquake Memorial chairs

OPINION: I agree that there are enough temporary memorial sites around the city.

Is 5 too young for sex ed?

Air New Zealand generic

OPINION: Sex educators seem to be trying to prevent worst-case scenarios at the cost of childhood.

Let's look at earnings of prostitutes


OPINION: Who wouldn't champion a woman accused of assaulting a prostitute found 'doing business' on her property?

Movember boost for great man disguises

mo bro tattoo

OPINION: Ah, the unmistakable facial fungus on the top lips of the men white-carded to dispense with the razor for one month.

Car taggers have crude minds

graffiti generic

OPINION: To my horror I found my car had been tagged as I pierced the street's silence with selected hits from The Language of Sailors handbook.

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