Michele A'Court

The royals are not leaders

michele a'court

OPINION: We're not interested in the royals' policies - mostly, we're interested in what they wear.

Old-school approach for flu: Bed rest


OPINION: We have forgotten how to be sick. No, scratch that. We have forgotten how to get better.

Have you mastered the selfie?


OPINION: I have just spent 10 minutes discovering the best selfie comes from holding the camera high and saying "prune".

Greenest to 'not exist'

eco christmas

OPINION: My eco-stay meant no fresh sheets or towels, no vacuuming, no new loo roll or soap.

Christchurch: more kind and embracing


OPINION: Sister city Adelaide is lovely, but Christchurch is where people genuinely enjoy social interaction.

Time with kids is priceless

money coins

OPINION: Apparently there's nothing more valuable than good parenting - unless you're asked to value it in monetary terms.

A'Court on Charlotte Dawson

Charlotte Dawson

OPINION: People who didn't know Charlotte Dawson shouldn't speculate on the choice she made.

Half-dressed girls get attention

air nz supermodels

OPINION: Sex sells, right? Stick a lady on it and you'll shift more than a feminist can shake an angry stick at.

Michele A'Court: 'I quite like the F-word'

Swearing, cursing, swear words

OPINION: I use the F-word even when no-one is listening. My thought process has expletives in it.

The Logical Conclusion Party

Metiria Turei

OPINION: Paula Bennett can speak for solo mums, John Key can talk about wealth and Gerry Brownlee is a superb Transport Minister because he looks like a truck.

Life after the Buskers Festival

michele a'court

OPINION: It's always bad after any gathering of fringe dwellers, but it is worse after Christchurch.

Michele A'Court: Logical Conclusion Party

michele a'court

OPINION: Inspired by the trend in boutique political parties, I am thinking about starting one of my own.

Mayday mayday, I'm not wearing any lipstick

air new zealand

OPINION: The most traumatic thing about being on a plane that has made an emergency landing is being interviewed about it afterwards.

Happy Humpiest Hump Day

Social media

OPINION: Chin up. This is the worst day of the working year - the first Hump Day of your first week back.

High expectations of a good 2014

baby feet

I am optimistic that 2014 and I are going to get on just fine, but it's predecessor 2013 is another story.

What kind of Christmas do you like?

christmas presents

OPINION: A dear friend of mine cheerfully avoids Christmas, preferring a solitary celebration.

Cheery Canadians good for festive practice

timaru christmas lights

OPINION: Somewhere in the Canadian snow last week, my Christmas humbuggery melted.

Springbok tour memories still vivid

Springbok tour

OPINION: We were there when the batons rained down. My friend, Rona, was beaten till she bled. She was 70.

Putting Christ into Christmas

Jesus Christ

OPINION: Easter's meaning hijacked by bunnies so let's not have Christmas suffer the same.

Xmas means time to refine your selfie skills

michele a'court

OPINION: Best guess is that this week is the last time you will get to think clearly and sensibly about Christmas.

Basking in the majesty of grandparenthood

michele a'court

OPINION: My daughter's waters broke at the exact moment I was checking in for my flight across the Tasman to be with her.

Time men reconsidered their dress

Park scene s

OPINION: "We are tired of the constant criticism about the way we dress, as though what we wear says more about us than our behaviour."

Stroke aid a red-tape Catch-22

michele a'court

OPINION: From time to time - and I know you will understand this - the world gets much smaller.

We all have something we'd like to hide

Angela Merkel

OPINION: We may not be ashamed or embarrassed about what happens in our living room or how our body looks, but we'd like to choose who gets to see it.

Girls, learn from Monica Lewinsky

Bill Clinton

OPINION: With all the twerking and celeb sex tapes, young women are getting the idea they can use their sexuality to get a job.

Tips on how to make a 111 call


OPINION: Last Thursday I had a public whinge - not here, it was on the wireless - about waiting for an ambulance that didn't come. This week I'd like to offer St John a written bouquet.

Saudi dude's warning: driving harms women

saudi arabia

OPINION: There is a dude in Saudi Arabia who says driving a car hurts women in the ovaries.

Public transport v a pair of heels

High Heels

OPINION: Faced with trying to get work in a downpour, I decided that public transport is sexist.

Middle-age another mortality milestone

Middle age, middle-aged woman, worry, relief, stress, worried, relieved, stressed

OPINION: There are myriad signs that let you know you have reached middle-age.

Do we need US-style balls and baby showers?

Ball dresses

OPINION: NZ kids have embraced US traditions of the sweet sixteen, high school ball, and baby shower - all foreign to the parents who have to arrange and pay for them.

Men change sheets 4 times a year


OPINION: Ugh! A survey claims single men only change their sheets every three months.

Gay weddings show anything is possible

Warren Dempsey-Coy and Tony Coy-Dempsey

OPINION: I shed a happy tear when I read about Warren and Tony, who finally had their relationship legally celebrated.

'Buzz' urge hardwired

Bourbon Street, New Orleans

OPINION: It would appear I set a small, drunk cat among sober pigeons last week, when I fizzed with enthusiasm for the drinking culture in New Orleans.

Christchurch needs more bars

Baretta Bar

OPINION: A 'prohibition-lite' clamping down on Kiwi binge drinking won't work - we should try 'unclamping'.

Watching whales puts things into perspective

Hungry humpback whales nearly eat divers

OPINION: To see living things bigger than our houses reminds us we're not in charge of everything.

Sexist putdowns 'far too common'

Michele A'Court

OPINION: What if your mum was Hilary Clinton? Do we dismiss her because of her 'mum-ness'?

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