Tahu Potiki

Maori swing misguided

Kelvin Davis

OPINION: In terms of redistribution of wealth and high-level political engagement, National have shown themselves to be committed.

One egg in Labour basket

David Cunliffe

OPINION: Labour has run a campaign focused on a single leadership personality - and it simply hasn't worked.

Leaders cooking up a storm

Winston Peters

OPINION: At 5.30pm the MKR 2014 contestants arrived at the the Internet Mana house. The judges, John Campbell and Paul Henry, arrived a few minutes later.

Performance matters in teaching

Air New Zealand generic

OPINION: Getting teachers to help kids of all backgrounds succeed is compromised unless we can reward those who really deliver.

Do we care about dirty politics?

tahu potiki

OPINION: Nicky Hager up against Cameron Slater as front line news is not exactly the clash of the Titans.

Supporting those in need

Cliff Curtis in Dark Horse.

OPINION: My daughter wants us to support a have-not family - are we being indulgent or will it teach her a good lesson?

Is a larger world conflict looming?

Russia's President Vladimir Putin

OPINION: Some have dismissed comparisons of Vladimir Putin to Hitler as too provocative, and they may be right, but there are some common factors.

Bite the bullet for Chch

City still needs the country's help to recover

Rangiora flooding

OPINION: Christchurch is doing all it can but it still needs the country's help.

Haphazard in face of death

Tahu Potiki

OPINION: When I once saw someone fall face-first into a fire, I thought it was a party trick.

SA crime rates unimaginable

Oscar Pistorius


OPINION: The fear of South Africa's violence is palpable so it is not surprising to find people shooting at shadows.

Get a grip Phillipstown School

Phillipstown School principal Tony Simpson

OPINION: Trotting your kids out to cry in front of the cameras makes me wince, writes Tahu Potiki.

Presence of Maori growing in dairy

Miraka processing plant

OPINION: The business arms of large Maori incorporations and iwi corporates have grown to participate in a meaningful way in the dairy industry.

Kohanga row a beat-up?

Derek Fox

OPINION: Kohanga Reo trustees may need to reflect on whether they remain the best people for the job.

Shocked how broken city remains

Christchurch CBD

OPINION: I was shocked at what a bomb site the CBD still appears to be on my first post-quake visit.

Shane Taurima has 'stuffed up'

Shane Taurima

OPINION: Shane Taurima would have been the country's most senior Maori broadcaster, but this is all history.

Message of Waitangi Day often lost

Michael Parata-Peiffer

OPINION: I can't help wondering what Waitangi Day might mean to our kids. At the moment, it means a day off school.

Hui help iwi's future leaders

arowhenua hui

OPINION: Since the new year I have attended three whanau-oriented hui and I made sure I took at least one of my kids to each of them.

We are all culpable for fossil fuel dependence

Deep sea oil drilling protest

OPINION: It is simply not an option to turn the clock back and create some steampunk fantasy world.

Plenty of activity in year for Maori

Parekura Horomia

I thought I might just take some time to consider some of the Maori-related moments that have made their mark during 2013.

NZ's delegation to wake just about spot on

Tahu Potiki

OPINION: I have been left wondering if other countries have turned the memorial service for Nelson Mandela into a circus or is it just us?

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