Editorial: Curb Putin's ambition


OPINION: Before the shooting down of MH17 the outside world was vaguely aware of the chaos brought about by the Russian-backed rebellion in eastern Ukraine.

Cunliffe must bring discipline

David Cunliffe

OPINION: There is no reason to doubt David Cunliffe's statement that he has been working extremely hard. All politicians have.

Editorial: Te reo Maori (in English)

maori language

OPINION: Language is more than about money. It is about identity, and as New Zealanders we need to embrace Te reo Maori.

Editorial: Te reo Maori

maori language week

OPINION: Language is more than about money. It is about identity, and as New Zealanders we need to embrace Te reo Maori.

Brave stand exposes flaw

Jay Claydon

OPINION: Jay Claydon made a bold and courageous decision this week that will surpass any of his on-field feats.

Dairy prices fall to normal


OPINION: The size of the fall in dairy prices is not any kind of disaster and certainly no reason for a fit of doom and gloom.

Deeper into Dotcom farce

OPINION: As if the saga of Kim Dotcom were not already absurd enough, this week it descended into a swirl of conspiracy theories that made it look like downright farce.

Middle East's cycle of violence

Gaza air strike

OPINION: If it succeeds, Israel will have emerged, threatened again but relatively unscathed, largely by virtue of superior technology.

Proposals for EQC reform

Earthquake generic

OPINION: If Labour lifts the present $100k cap for EQC's liability, that must mean a higher levy - and that may not be popular.

Weighty issue needs attention


OPINION: It took six firefighters almost two hours to lift a 320kg Canterbury woman into a waiting ambulance.

Editorial: World Cup unites the world

Fifa Football World Cup Trophy

All good things must come to an end and, regrettably, the best football World Cup tournament of all time reaches its apogee with Monday's final.

No bleaker image of the east

Christchurch east

OPINION: There could be no bleaker depiction of the state of parts of the residential red zone than this photograph by Iain McGregor.

Editorial: Council must be courageous

Christchurch Town Hall

OPINION: The Christchurch City Council's decision to pause its project to restore the Christchurch Town Hall until its financial position is clearer is plainly a wise one.

Editorial: Govt move a fillip for CBD

Christchurch CBD

OPINION: The move of Government department offices and their employees back into the central business district is a further boost for the rebuilding of the city.

Editorial: No place here for chancers

coins money new zealand kiwi

OPINION: The rebuilding of Christchurch is providing an unequalled opportunity for a wide range of businesses to flourish and prosper.

Editorial: Battle moves to the playground

David Cunliffe

OPINION: Labour leader David Cunliffe has been left batting off what must be irritating distractions when he needs to be making fast progress.

Engineer escapes discipline risk

David Harding

OPINION: David Harding will now escape the risk of further admonition from his peers.

Officials fall down badly


OPINION: The news that Malaysia will send a diplomat back to face trial here has substantially defused a brewing row.

Exploiting the vulnerable


OPINION: The duplicity and deceit of Rolf Harris that came to light during his trial is about as complete as it is possible to be.

Immunity has useful purpose


OPINION: Abolishing diplomatic immunity, as has been suggested in the wake of the rape-accused Malaysian diplomat, would not benefit NZ.

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