Editorial: Council must be courageous

Christchurch Town Hall

OPINION: The Christchurch City Council's decision to pause its project to restore the Christchurch Town Hall until its financial position is clearer is plainly a wise one.

Editorial: Govt move a fillip for CBD

Christchurch CBD

OPINION: The move of Government department offices and their employees back into the central business district is a further boost for the rebuilding of the city.

Editorial: No place here for chancers

coins money new zealand kiwi

OPINION: The rebuilding of Christchurch is providing an unequalled opportunity for a wide range of businesses to flourish and prosper.

Editorial: Battle moves to the playground

David Cunliffe

OPINION: Labour leader David Cunliffe has been left batting off what must be irritating distractions when he needs to be making fast progress.

Engineer escapes discipline risk

David Harding

OPINION: David Harding will now escape the risk of further admonition from his peers.

Officials fall down badly


OPINION: The news that Malaysia will send a diplomat back to face trial here has substantially defused a brewing row.

Exploiting the vulnerable


OPINION: The duplicity and deceit of Rolf Harris that came to light during his trial is about as complete as it is possible to be.

Immunity has useful purpose


OPINION: Abolishing diplomatic immunity, as has been suggested in the wake of the rape-accused Malaysian diplomat, would not benefit NZ.

Modest pledge for provinces

Road generic

OPINION: The annoyance of opposition parties at Govt news of $212m towards 14 major roading projects is understandable.

Quake story should be told


OPINION: The few hundred people who got a sneak peek of Hope & Wire, a TV series about the quakes, gave it a standing ovation.

Map of new Christchurch taking form

Christchurch CBD

OPINION: Finally, things seem to be happening in the Christchurch CBD.

Editorial: Cycle u-turn took courage

Cycleway, cycling, lane

OPINION: The council's decision to reverse it's previous decision on the slow creation of the city's new cycleway shows it's listening to the people of Christchurch.

Good news for Coast

oil rig

OPINION: It has long been known that traces of oil exist in the region, but there has never been anything to justify a commercial operation.

Editorial: Failed hope of Arab spring

Peter Greste

OPINION: The three al-Jazeera journalists in the dock in a Cairo criminal courtroom yesterday appeared genuinely shocked by the guilty verdicts and the stiff prison sentences they received yesterday.

Editorial: Party-political balancing acts

Labour Party

OPINION: The impression is that even in what should be straightforward, well-signalled, matters Labour is having trouble getting itself organised.

Keeping eye on NZ interests

Jphn Key and Barack Obama

OPINION: It's hard to see the relationship between New Zealand and the US getting much better than it is now.

Few million to spare?

Wallet, cash

OPINION: The idea of raising money by public subscription for public facilities and enhancements is not new, and certainly not in Christchurch.

Cunliffe facing significant test

David Cunliffe

OPINION: Labour leader David Cunliffe put a brave face on yesterday as he tried to weather the storm over this involvement with Chinese businessman Donghua Liu.

KiwiSaver move not the way


OPINION: Compulsorily enrolment in KiwiSaver is almost certainly going to make people worse off than if they were left to decide for themselves.

Schools must act on bullying


OPINION: Schools should not seek to hide behind claims of confidentiality and privacy to try to keep bullying hidden.

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