Focus on our recovery

Brownlee needs to lose the transport portfolio

Gerry Brownlee and a digger

OPINION: John Key should use his reshuffle to take transport off Gerry Brownlee, leaving him with more time for the recovery.

Labour was not ready to lead

David Cunliffe

OPINION: Labour made three significant strategic failures that rendered it a party unfit to lead.

A textbook display of democracy

Union Jack

OPINION: The Scots this week have had their say literally on the future of their country, and on the unity of the nation-state it has belonged to for 307 years.

Christchurch needs govt support

Christchurch rebuild, construction, city centre, glass

OPINION: It is crucial the next government continues to support our city recover and grow.

Editorial: Flock Hill not about land

Flock Hill

OPINION: Will the pre-election brouhaha over Flock Hill Station still be talked about next week?

Editorial: Sensible council change

Lianne Dalziel

OPINION: Since the last election, mayors have, by virtue of changes to the Local Government Act, been given more power and responsibilities.

Editorial: Final week distraction

Kim Dotcom

OPINION: The much-promised announcement being staged by Kim Dotcom today must be one of the most ballyhooed in NZ political history.

Health risk too great for change


According to drug experts, New Zealand is said to be one of the highest users of cannabis in the world.

Useful addition to political mix

David Cunliffe and John Key

OPINION: Some people complain the lack of substance in broadcast debates makes them worthless, but that's not correct.

Editorial: Will Peters be redundant?

winston peters

At a time when most people of his age are shuffling off towards the retirement home, Winston Peters is hauling himself around the campaign trail.

Two views on the way ahead

John Key

OPINION: "Tax cuts" announced by Key this week were so vague that many voters will be wondering why he bothered to announce them at all.

Scots' future now uncertain

OPINION: If a recent survey is to be believed, Scotland and the rest of the UK will separate after more than 300 years of union.

Editorial: A little healthy competition

A teacher writes on a blackboard

OPINION: Full primary schools cannot assume parents know what they have to offer - advertising merely gets publicity back to a level playing field.

An optimistic view of 'booming' Christchurch


OPINION: The Christchurch city centre is "nearly full", John Key said during The Press leaders' debate on Tuesday night. So why does the city still feel so empty?

Learning from the quakes

Christchurch aerial post-earthquake, generic, housing, suburbs, suburbia, houses

OPINION: It took the experience of the calamitous shakes that began to strike Canterbury four years ago to bring home the reality of just how great the perils could be.

Editorial: Policies lack detail


OPINION: The Government this week announced its plans for the transition of power that must begin to take place when the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act expires in two years time.

Train days not here yet


OPINION: The idea of rail transport to help ease traffic congestion of Christchurch has been around since before the quakes.

Dark day for public service


OPINION: The impact of the shooting yesterday of three Ashburton Work and Income office employees iwill be felt far throughout NZ.

Editorial: Collins right to resign

Judith Collins

OPINION: John Key already had Judith Collins on a final, final warning, so when evidence emerged of another alleged indiscretion, there was little wriggle room left.

More deaths despite 'zero-harm' policy

Lyttelton Port

OPINION: Lyttelton Port Company committed itself to a "zero-harm" policy last year - its objective being that there should be no accidents or incidents to endanger anyone on its sites.

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