Arts crucial for the rebuild

OPINION: Warren Feeney, chairman of Arts Voice Christchurch, reviews the state of the arts in post-quake Christchurch and calls for more planning.

What do you want in a community?

OPINION: Where would you really like to live? It's a question many of us have pondered, especially after the quakes.

Educating tourists won't help

OPINION: Mike Yardley's confidence in education as the key to safer roads suffers from several serious issues.

Remember these?

Shuttle buses could curb congestion woes

OPINION: Unless local authorities make better transport a priority, traffic congestion will only get worse.

Sparkling broadband issues


OPINION: Your call is important to us. Please hold the line and your call will be answered as soon as possible.

Turning the east into Eden


OPINION: If locals get their way, the quake-devastated east side could become an ecological treasure.

Let location dictate new flag

New Zealand flag

OPINION: Remove the Union Jack and reposition the Southern Cross, writes Steve Maharey.

Heritage champions rewarded

Christ's College

OPINION: Awards for Knox Church, Christ's College and Strange's Building help ease the sting of losing many of the city's icons.

An overnight millionaire

OPINION: This week the value of my home soared by 58 per cent - up by $268,000 over just three years.

'Never let a serious crisis go to waste'

Lianne Dalziel

The earthquakes gave Christchurch a chance to do things 'you think you could not do', says mayor Lianne Dalziel.

Foreigners tripped up by flags


OPINION: Saying people would have to be stupid not to see the difference between Australian and NZ flags is simply wrong.

Is striving a middle-aged thing?

Ken Strongman

OPINION: It is almost inevitable that the middle years involve some striving to optimise life, income, and hence enjoyment and to set up a hedge for the future.

Living wage could benefit employers

Generic money

OPINION: Low pay results in a vicious circle of poor motivation, high labour turnover and low productivity.

Police officers need guns on hips


OPINION: Two-thirds of New Zealand's frontline police now believe it is time they routinely carried firearms.

Awards celebrate urban renewal

Christchurch Botanic Gardens

OPINION: Amid still grim-looking parts of Christchurch, some of new buildings are entwining the best of the past and present

RNZ hardly a hotbed of rudeness

Paul Thompson

OPINION: Claims that presenters have a "bullying" interview style show people care deeply about the station's work.

Fictional city offers real ideas


OPINION: Could the English garden city of Uxcester provide the inspiration for the future of Christchurch?

Church connections run deep


OPINION: Christ Church Cathedral links the city to an international, not just a local, community.

Let us build an eco-friendly city

Eco friendly home

OPINION: Christchurch can and should be a sustainable, eco-friendly city. Who cares? We all should. Here's why.

Cenotaph move down to church

Christchurch cenotaph

OPINION: It is absolutely not the wish of the RSA to remove the cenotaph from outside Christ Church Cathedral.

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