Rail service a smooth option


OPINION: A scenic journey from Christchurch to Kaikoura proves how easy a commuter rail service could be for Canterbury.

Editorial: Serious issues need answers


The much-ballyhooed Moment of Truth organised by Kim Dotcom was supposed to be the occasion on which he would reveal conclusive evidence that Prime Minister John Key had lied.

Government set-up could get hairy


OPINION: Putting a government together after Saturday may prove to be a more than usually difficult task.

How rebuilt cathedral could look

Christ Church Cathedral

OPINION: Sir Miles Warren says it is time to rebuild Christ Church Cathedral according to its original design.

Poor quality unrelated to concrete

Lyttelton road tunnel administration building

OPINION: Criticisms about concrete buildings blighting our city forget some of our most iconic structures, like the Town Hall.

Why can't they work together?

Scirt on Armagh St

OPINION: Serious issues - like the rebuild - transcend politics. It doesn't matter what party tackles them so long as we get results.

Canterbury's water still declining

Lake Ellesmere

OPINION: ECan has been planning for 20 years but has made little impact on protecting our pure water reserves.

We all are looking to live sustainably

Federated Farmers Mid-Canterbury provincial president Chris Allen

OPINION: Federated Farmers is working hard to provide solutions on Canterbury water that serve the wellbeing of the whole region.

A tale of two long lunches

cunliffe and key

OPINION: After a few weeks of hearing from opening acts, minor celebrities and obvious dreamers, Christchurch was finally treated to the main event.

Grey space awaits art

Chch council building

OPINION: Look for any tangible sign that the council building is one of Christchurch's pivotal cultural hubs, and you won't find much.

Share your views on the east

eden project

OPINION: EVO:SPACE is seeking more suggestions on what people would like to see happen in eastern flatlands of Christchurch.

Value-driven vs dirty politics

Doug Sellman

OPINION: Student Volunteer Army co-founder Sam Johnson recently made a call for "values-driven politics". Professor DOUG SELLMAN considers what that might mean.

Concrete a blight on city?

Could the view from your place be better?


OPINION: Too many buildings are plonked down with no thought to their surroundings. We can change that.

Jolly doctors help reduce stress

Thomas Petschner

OPINION: There is a real need for Clown Doctors in Christchurch, with many still trying to find reasons to laugh.

Flabbergasted by land sale arguments


OPINION: The one thing that will transform our economy is significant investment and we cannot afford to do that alone.

Cities rise above tragedy, in time


OPINION: If European cities can prosper after catastrophes, so can Christchurch.

Land key to housing crisis


OPINION: The high price of Christchurch land is 'crazy' given it is not a densely populated city, says World Bank planner.

Performance matters in teaching

Air New Zealand generic

OPINION: Getting teachers to help kids of all backgrounds succeed is compromised unless we can reward those who really deliver.

Art Gallery's ambitious plans

Chapman's Homer

OPINION: Maintaining the cultural heartbeat of Christchurch is a key a part of our rebuild.

Rebuilding stronger, safer, smarter

Base isolator

OPINION: Christchurch has a first-class opportunity to lead the world in quake-resistant design.

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