Comparing MH17 to Erebus

MH17 wreckage in Ukraine

OPINION: NZ mountaineers controlled the Erebus crash site; Armed militia run the MH17 site.

Rail decision a failure

Railway tracks

OPINION: The decision to nix the prospect of commuter rail for Canterbury is short-sighted and disappointing.

Is a larger world conflict looming?

Russia's President Vladimir Putin

OPINION: Some have dismissed comparisons of Vladimir Putin to Hitler as too provocative, and they may be right, but there are some common factors.

Community key for water plan

Rakaia River

OPINION: Zone committees are a valuable way for ECan commissioners to build relationships with local communities.

Greens' policy on waterways worthy

Russel Norman

OPINION: Stop degrading our rivers and sucking more milk from the herd, and aim instead for a sustainable NZ.

Chch: Doughnut or fruitcake?

Canterbury Agricultural Park

OPINION: Don't just concentrate on the CBD, we also need bolder plans for surrounding areas.

'War on superbugs' an overreaction

Kelvin Duncan


Microbiologist argues British prime minister's call for a fight against "antibiotic-resistant superbugs" is over the top.

Communication is key

PR manager leaves Southern Response

Southern Response protest

OPINION: People need more info to understand time frames and complexity of rebuild, says Sam Fisher.

Insurers must honour repair pledges

Construction, contractors, rebuild

OPINION: Once the insurer decided whether to repair or pay out, it cannot change its mind because of difficulties with the repair.

Christchurch: a design capital?

Talos Calantzis

OPINION: With a clearer strategy and more support, Christchurch could lead the way in design and innovation.

Substance to the symbolism?

Roger Sutton and Karleen Edwards

OPINION: Were Roger Sutton and the council CEO really pedalling in the same direction yesterday, or was it just a PR stunt?

Preston on quakes past

Gaylene Preston

OPINION: Gaylene Preston, maker of quake series Hope and Wire, looks back at her own earthquake experiences.

Rates should go to city talent

Lois Cairns

OPINION: If the council doesn't invest in its people, like helping young people reach their potential, the city will be the poorer for it.

'We're a nation of fatties'

Should health system reject the seriously obese?

Generic obesity

OPINION: A walk around any public area these days is a shocking reminder of how New Zealand is becoming a nation of fatties.

Fixated with quarter-acre dream?

Liz Harris

OPINION: Apartment living triggers questions such as: 'What about ethnic cooking? Loud music? Seeing the neighbours?

We can fix bullying together

Peter Hughes

OPINION: Bullying is not something the ministry and schools can eliminate by themselves says the Secretary for Education.

Harvesting windblown timber wrong

West Coast Cyclone Ita forest damage

OPINION: Recovering native timber blown over in Cyclone Ita on West Coast public conservation land is extraordinarily dangerous.

Holidays time for making memories


OPINION: A family trip to Fiji offered plenty of bonding time, despite whinging Aussies and sunbed hoggers.

How to keep city moving?

Reducing bus routes will 'make things worse'

Generic Chch bus

OPINION: Getting more people to use buses is the aim of ECan's new bus plan for Christchurch, submissions on which closed on Monday.

Community at heart of development

Waterloo Business Park

OPINION: Developers need to be mindful that new spaces must replicate and grow on the already positive elements in a city.

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