We have become a nation of fatties

People need to get off the couch and move around.

The obesity problem has been worse since people started using computers. They are so addictive that people can sit for hours and hours and hardly move a muscle. Many people I know spend most of their leisure time in front of a screen.

Our bodies were designed to move. That's why we have muscles, joints and a respiratory system and a heart.

Perhaps the health system needs to start rejecting people who are seriously obese. And giving overweight people an incentive to lose the extra kilos. There is really no excuse for being obese.

This problem did not exist back in the 60s and 70s when people moved around, walked to the shops, did not use TV remotes, did gardening, mowed their own lawns etc.

A walk around any public area these days is a shocking reminder of how New Zealand is becoming a nation of fatties. Seriously, where are the thin people? Some teenage girls are h-u-g-e. And most women over 40 are carrying about 1/3 too much weight and have to wear big baggy clothes to hide it.

And while I'm on the subject, where are all the young healthy guys who are looking for work?

I needed some help on my land and would have paid good money to a keen young guy who would come and help me to chop some wood, do a bit of spraying etc, but I couldn't find one.

All the young people these days seem to be lazy and only want money for doing easy jobs like babysitting and standing behind a shop counter.

No wonder everyone's a porker.


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