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Pet bonds on the rise

lynda butterfeld

Appeal for law change to allow "pet bonds" on Christchurch rental properties ignored.

Chch's new $29 rebuild tour

Red bus tour

OPINION: With so little rebuilt, and free public access to the city centre, what is a rebuild tour for?

Council booze plan 'ill-informed'

Draft local alcohol policy hearing

Forcing bars to close early ignores the fact that three-quarters of alcohol is bought at off-licences.

Early closing 'flawed, costly'

Aged wine

An official council report says early closing will only cut drinking by 1% and cost more to implement than it will save in health bills.

Hope for McLean's Mansion salvage

McLean's Mansion

The Cera boss says there is still time to save the historic McLean's Mansion.

Alcohol 'might not be the culprit'

Beer, pub, alcohol, drinking

A Canterbury University professor says drinking alcohol needs to be compared with other life risks, like driving.

Increase highway speed limit

Electronic speed sign

OPINION: If your old dunger can't keep up with traffic then don't drive on the motorway.

Increasing speed limit too expensive

Speed limit sign

The costs of increasing the open road speed limit would outweigh any potential benefits, an transport expert says.

Petrol price rise 'entirely unjustified'

Filling the petrol tank.

The diesel commodity price hike does not justify increased prices at the pump, say AA.

Let's shrink Cathedral Square

Cathedral Square

OPINION: If you carved off some land, you could build low-rise buildings and create pedestrian laneways.

Christchurch needs better roads

Christchurch roads

OPINION: Thwack, thump, kerplunk: That's what it is like driving over Christchurch's rollercoaster roads.

15 roadwork sites in central city

Victoria St traffic congestion

Bumper to bumper - it's a frustration many Cantabrians now face on central-city streets.

Booze debate ramps up


A controversial alcohol plan for the city has attracted more than 3000 responses. + Restaurant owner's battles

Limit fast-food outlets - researchers


The city's fast-food outlets should be limited to help combat obesity, researchers say.

Do we really want to save the Town Hall?

Mike Yardley

OPINION: I don't believe stadium construction should begin until our rutted roads and broken homes have been fully rehabilitated.

Public lose say in asset sale debate

City Care

The public will not be consulted about the possibility of selling Red Bus and City Care. + Marryatt quits directorship

Uncovered stadium possible

Bob Parker and Gerry Brownlee

The city's new stadium will be built without a roof if the Government cannot find a private partner.

City gets to decide fate of town hall

Christchurch Town Hall

The fate of Christchurch's Town Hall will remain in the city's hands.

Nearly 500 submissions on early bar closing

alcohol generic

Submissions on Christchurch's controversial new draft local alcohol policy are pouring in.

Rebuild tours replace gawkers

Earthquake generic

Cantabrians are being urged to embrace quake tourism despite some becoming fed up with "rubberneckers".

Tours of quake-hit homes unwanted

Christ Church Cathedral

Quake tourism in the central city is OK, but looking at damaged homes is not, Cantabrians say.

Conflicting results in mayoral poll


Online polls have offered few clues to the early favourite in Christchurch's mayoral race.

Chch mayor says no to fluoride


Dental experts say tooth decay among city residents is "overwhelming".

Time to have say on drinking

Johnny Moore

OPINION: Lots of people have a perfectly good time while out drinking and don't end up in the clink.

Hospital fears traffic impact of oval

Hagley Oval

Patients in critical condition are stuck in traffic jams as ambulances struggle to reach ED.

Banning bar entry at 1am 'nonsense'

Mike Yardley

OPINION: Does the recreated Christchurch really want to have a neutered nightlife? + Put public safety first

No time for cosying on the couch

Jennifer Wilson

More couples are now spending time in separate rooms watching their favourite TV shows.

A&P Show on financial 'knife edge'

Canterbury A&P Show strap

The Canterbury A&P Show organisers have asked the city council for free rent.

Chch roads 'driving me mental'


Drive almost anywhere in Christchurch lately and you'll see varying degrees of road rage.

The way of the new world


How many of us still have landline phones and how long before they'll disappear from our homes?

Nisbet's cartoons attack underdogs

Al Nisbet cartoon

OPINION: Al Nisbet's cartoons are a reminder that you can be racist without having sinister intent.

Bus services to be disrupted


People are being advised to avoid using the city's buses today because of a union meeting.

'A ground for all generations'

Hagley Oval

Canterbury Cricket want the Hagley Oval development with or without 2015 World Cup matches.

Employers more tolerant of tattoos


Getting inked may no longer be a barrier to getting hired.

Cafe rejects music complaint

Sam Crofskey

We complain if we are served burnt coffee, but what if a cafe plays music we find offensive?

Move over, granny driver

30 km speed limit

Slow drivers who refuse to let others pass this long weekend will be ticketed, police warn.

Price helping smokers quit


Stinging smokers' pockets is helping kick the habit, say University of Canterbury researchers.

Cartoon row misses the point

Al Nisbet cartoon

OPINION: If there is cultural stereotyping involved, maybe Al Nisbet is not the only culprit.

X Factor - convulsive TV?

X Factor judges

Are shows like the X Factor killing our music culture and harming young vocalists?

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