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03:57, Oct 01 2010

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You can view The Press online with our digital edition - every page, every section and every advertisement is presented. It provides you with a view of a newspaper page just like the print version, with the same layout and realistic page turning technology.

When you travel your newspaper can come with you. Friends and family can also catch up on what's happening at home. Print subscribers get FREE access to the digital edition, while non print subscribers get 7 days for free.

Navigate around the page using the simple toolbox on the screen, choose a single page view, or a traditional 2-page view just like you've got the real paper open before you. There is also a table of contents and search function to instantly find the news and information you want.

You can 'bookmark' any page electronically so you can always find that story you're interested in. We also offer translation into 12 major foreign languages including Spanish, German, Chinese and French. If have problems with your eyesight you can magnify any story you want and the paper can even read itself out loud to you.

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