Grants provide permanent base for basketball

Canterbury Basketball will have a new administrative base soon and, unlike their previous abodes, are able to take it with them.

Grants from FIBA Oceania ($15,000), the FIBA basketball foundation in Geneva ($20,000) and New Zealand Basketball Foundation ($5000) will enable them to buy a new relocatable office in Christchurch.

This after the sport's administrators are in their fourth quarters since the February 2011 earthquake.

They were first tossed unceremoniously out of their headquarters at QEII Leisure Centre, then worked temporarily from World in Motion offices in Papanui before being turfed out of their digs at Cowles Stadium in the June shakes, and are working now from the Canterbury Softball base in Cuthberts Green.

"A portable office is being built and we are negotiating at present to have it placed on a piece of land," said Canterbury Basketball's chief executive, Megan Harlick.

"By doing that we only have to pay for lease of the land, not any office space, or be tied into any long-term leases if the situation changes," she said.

"This unit will give us some flexibility and accessibility, not to mention a permanent base for our staff," Harlick said.

The CBA is still operating out of playing venues spread across the city, with Cowles Stadium unlikely to be repaired by the end of the club season in September.

"Our members understand our predicament and are relatively happy with the situation," said Harlick.

Longer term the CBA is lobbying the Christchurch City Council to be part of a multi-use indoor court facility that could also accommodate netball and volleyball.

They are waiting to see what the council and Central Christchurch Development Unit propose in the coming weeks.

Harlick said co-locating with other indoor codes was the way to get best value for money and it also helped with the sports mixing and learning from each other as occurred at QEII.

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