Halswell take Devils to wire

18:12, Nov 13 2012

Black Sox star Daniel Milne produced the telling blow in the PCU Devils' narrow win over Halswell in the Canterbury men's softball premiership.

The Canterbury Red Sox stalwart batted 1.000 in the 5-4 victory at the Mainland Foundation ballpark on Saturday.

Milne stepped up to power a home run over the outfield fence in the top of the seventh inning with Steve McFarlane on base to push the Devils out to a 5-1 lead.

But Halswell showed some fighting spirit to score three runs in the bottom of the seventh to push PCU hard. Former Otago and Canterbury representative Phil Bayne hit a triple for Halswell and PCU's Canadian pitcher Kyle Crawford snared seven strikeouts.

Veteran Paul Stead spearheaded Albion to a 9-6 win over the Papanui Tigers in the top Canterbury men's softball premiership clash.

The former Canterbury Red Sox infielder collected four hits from four trips to the pitching plate to win his duel with Papanui pitcher Scott Sutherland.


Stead slammed two doubles and two singles, amassing almost half of Albion's nine safe hits.

Papanui's best shot was a two-run automatic home run by the in-form Marty Warren while Callum Muir had two hits from three at-bats, including a triple.

Albion embellished their 13-0 win over over the Halswell Hornets with an eight-run rally in the seventh inning. Josh Harbrow's three-run homer highlighted the batting blitz. Pitcher Josh Dickson gave up only one safe hit to lower-order batter Jason Hampton.

Canterbury Red Hawks representatives Cassie Siataga and Oriana Hesp hammered home runs in Richmond Keas' 6-3 win over Sydenham Kereru in the women's premiership feature game at Papanui Domain.

Sisters Carly and Krystal Werahiko and White Sox outfielder Robyn Hall all had two hits for Sydenham Kereru.

Shortstop Mikayla Werahiko smashed a home run in Sydenham Kereru's 6-3 win over Halswell. Bev Lethlean and Emma Frost also clouted homers for Halswell.

Lethlean was lethal with two hard-hit triples in Halswell's 9-1 win over Albion. Teenage pitcher Amy Begg struck out nine Albion batters in a commanding performance. Nic Milne was Albion's most consistent batter with two hits from three at-bats.

Papanui's Ashleigh Toothill proved a super-sub, coming off the bench to thump a three-bagger and drive in the game-winning run in a 7-6 victory over Albion. Toothill showed composure under pressure, entering the game with two batters out and the game seemingly headed to a tiebreaker.

T J Daly continued her hot hitting streak at the top of the Papanui order, slugging a triple and swatting a single. Youngster Ariana Reihana was Papanui's winning pitcher while Rana Grey batted 1.000 for Albion with two hits.