Milne hits winner for Devils

Daniel Milne returned from the Black Sox internal tour to drive in the PCU Devils' winning run in their Canterbury softball premiership victory over arch rivals Albion.

PCU profited from two walk-in runs to tie the score at 2-2 before Milne batted in Curtis Dove for the clincher at Mainland Foundation Ballpark on Saturday.

Albion had a perfect start. Matt Holmes scored on Phil Mountford's leftfield drive in the top of the first inning.

Mountford doubled their lead in the fifth but PCU equalised after Albion put themselves under pressure and walked PCU power hitter Gareth Cook to load the bases with two-down.

The pressure went on Albion's left-handed hurler Aiden Cocker, so often PCU's nemesis. He did not look like he was missing the corners by much but John deLatour and Josh Thompson were issued two consecutive base on balls allowing Brad Annandale and Milne to score soft runs.

Dove and Steve McFarlane managed singles for PCU in the bottom of the sixth and Milne singled to leftfield to augment his fourth-inning double.

PCU then went on to squander a 4-1 lead to lose 5-4 to the Papanui Tigers in their second match of the day.

Canterbury Red Hawks outfielder Paul Barker blasted a walk-off home run with two team-mates on base to end the game. Barker slugged another home run and a double in Papanui's 8-1 win over Halswell.

Under-16 grade pitcher Sarah Carter tied down most of the Richmond Keas batters and took four strikeout victims in Albion's 8-3 victory in the women's championship.

Former Red Hawks representatives Nic Milne, Velonita Iosefo and Te Awhina O'Hara led Albion's 15-hit parade with three hits each. Red Hawks outfielder Christina Bartorillo was RK's best batter with a triple and a single.

She carried her form into the 10-6 win over Papanui where she and T J Gutsell both clouted in-the-park home runs while Charryl Moody had a triple and a double.

Amy Begg grabbed nine strikeouts in Halswell's 4-0 whitewash of Papanui.

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