Canterbury investigate flop of fancied players

16:00, Dec 11 2012

Canterbury Golf will undertake a full review into why the men's golf side bombed in the interprovincials in Dunedin last week.

Canterbury finished a disappointing eighth at the 15-team tournament despite being one of the favourites before the tournament and having three of the top 10 players at the event.

Chief executive Grant Lewis confirmed a full review would take place including feedback from players, management and selectors. This could include interviews.

"The bottom line is some of the players we took simply didn't perform as they were expected to."

Lewis agreed with selectors' convener Dennis Maguire that the right six players were taken.

"Even with hindsight, I'm 100 per cent sure we took the right players," Maguire said.


"We picked on form and I think we took the top six guys by some margin."

Lewis took a thinly veiled shot at No 3 Harry Bateman for his form. Bateman had been in sensational form leading into the interprovincials, but his three-win, three-loss record in Dunedin didn't match that form.

"We picked a top three that basically we couldn't separate on form and we thought they were all as good as each other, but only two of them delivered," Lewis said.

No 1 Jordan Bakermans lost just one match, to the home side's top player, but was dominant the rest of the week.

No 2 Owen Burgess had a four and two record. No 4 Nic Kay struggled too, picking up two halves and three losses from his five matches while captain Tom Turner won two, halved one and lost two.

Although Lewis and Maguire were baffled about why the side had failed to deliver despite having the best team in recent years, non-playing captain Rod Hayes was happy to explain away the performances.

He said the Canterbury team had played well at times, but not as consistently as he would have liked.

"But we halved with Bay of Plenty who went on to win the competition and we halved with Tasman [the other side to advance to the semifinals from Canterbury's section].

"So you could say we were a couple of putts away from a couple of wins and if that had happened, we would be talking about making the semifinals, not finishing eighth."

After the review, the next job is to pick a two-man team to defend the Grant Clements Memorial title that Canterbury have won two years in a row.

Bateman and Bakermans won the competition in Tauranga last year and Bakermans teamed up with Turner the year before.

Bakermans' form makes him a must pick, but Burgess is likely to be his team-mate for the February tournament.


No 1 - Jordan Bakermans - 5 wins, 0 halves and 1 loss.

No 2 - Owen Burgess - 4 wins, 0 halves, 2 losses.

No 3 - Harry Bateman - 3 wins, 0 halves, 3 losses.

No 4 - Nic Kay - 0 wins, 2 halves, 3 losses.

No 5 - Tom Turner (c) - 2 wins, 1 half, 2 losses.

Reserve - Jason Yoo - 0 wins, 1 half, 1 loss.

■ This is the last edition of On The Tee for this year. It will return in the new year. Good golfing.

SHORT PUTTS * Weedon's Jake Hallinan broke his home course club record yesterday. The teenager shot a stunning eight-under 65 off the white tees. Hallinan recently shot what would have been a course record 66 off the blue tees, but because it was in a pairs competition, it was not an official record-breaking round. * The term birdie comes from an American named Ab Smith. In 1899, he played what he described as a "bird of a shot", which became "birdie" over time. * The word golf does not mean: "Gentleman only, ladies forbidden". This is an internet myth. EVER NOTICED HOW... * You can hit a 2-acre fairway 10 per cent of the time, and a 2-centimetre branch 90 per cent of the time. * Golf's a hard game to figure. One day you'll go out and slice it and shank it, hit into all the traps and miss every green. The next day you go out and for no reason at all, you really stink.

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