Hagley Oval deadline looms

23:56, Jan 07 2013
Hagley Oval design proposal
NEW LOOK: Hagley Oval drawings provided by Canterbury Cricket.

Residents have less than five weeks to air their views on Canterbury Cricket's plans for developing Hagley Oval.

The Christchurch City Council gave notice of Canterbury Cricket's resource consent application to develop the oval on December 15 and has given the public until 5pm on February 4 to lodge submissions.

It was legally bound to consult over the Christmas-New Year period as by law it must publicly notify a resource consent application within 10 working days of receiving it.

From then it is obliged to give the public 20 working days to make submissions.

Once submissions have closed, a date can be set for an Environment Court hearing to consider the application.

It is unusual for a consent application to go directly to the Environment Court, but the council has decided to bypass the normal decision-making process in this case because of the controversy over the proposed development and the likelihood that any decision it made would be appealed to the Environment Court.


The resource application lodged by Canterbury Cricket seeks planning permission to:

● Construct an embankment with an average height of 2.2 metres around Hagley Oval to accommodate 12,000 spectators.

● Construct a two-storey pavilion and grandstand within the embankment beneath a tent-like canopy.

● Install four lighting towers of 30.9m in height when retracted and 48.9m when in operation.

● Install temporary stands and scaffolding for televised events, a picket fence along the inside of the oval during matches, and sightscreens.

The application states the redeveloped oval would be used for all levels of cricket, with 120 match days typically expected over the course of the seven-month season.

Canterbury Cricket anticipates that more than 80 per cent of match days during that period would be fixtures that would involve 100 people or fewer.

Depending on international and domestic cricket schedules, major fixtures - those matches likely to attract more than 2000 spectators - would occur on no more than 20 days in the season.

It is only during those major fixtures that Hagley Oval would be fenced, with entry requiring payment.

It is also only during those major fixtures that there would be a requirement for lighting, for the installation of temporary structures, including a temporary stand and scaffolding for televising events, and for the provision of temporary parking in the area to the west of the oval, accessed off Deans Ave.

Submissions from the public on the consent application will go initially to the council, where they will be summarised. A consultant planner and other experts will then prepare planning reports for the Environment Court to consider.

Submitters will be contacted by the Environment Court once a hearing date has been set and asked if they wish to be a party to the proceedings.

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