Crowd goes wild over high-octane entertainment

19:29, Jan 27 2013
Nitro Circus
Matt Whyatt during a performance by the Nitro Circus.
Nitro Circus
Beau Bamburg flies high in front of the crowd.
Nitro Circus
Gabriel Villegas, left, and Brad Burch perform at AMI Stadium.

Nitro Circus Live, Sunday, January 27, AMI Stadium. Reviewed by Gerard Campbell.

I doubt my ability to do a track stand - that's when you balance your bike at a set of traffic lights without putting a foot on the ground - would impress the Nitro Circus crew much.

It's not really an adrenaline-fuelled move that puts your life at risk. These guys do triple backflips, front flips and other crazy stuff on BMX bikes, scooters, skateboards and FMX bikes.

IN FLIGHT: Gabriel Villegas, left, and Brad Burch, flying high during a performance by the Nitro Circus Live.

In Christchurch last night on the second of Nitro Circus' New Zealand tour, the daredevil crew included New Zealanders Luke Smith (FMX) and BMX rider Jed Milden, the first rider in the world to pull off a triple backflip on a BMX bike.

Yes, Nitro's most recognised star Travis Pastrana might not have been there but the Nitro Circus team put on a hell of a show that had the crowd stomping, cheering and clapping as rider after rider launched themselves off the 50-metre high Gigantaramp, and various smaller ramps.

Highlights included the daredevil postie whose letters went flying after he jumped, inline skater Chris Haffey's double backflip followed by a 180 rotation after travelling down the Gigantaramp backwards, Australian Josh Sheehan performing a double back flip and wheelchair athlete Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham's forward flip, which garnered perhaps one of the biggest cheers of the night.

One of the most entertaining tricks was Hole in One, where riders had to try to land in the opening of a Zorb ball. Two performers managed it. Another performer jumped off the Gigantaramp in a pink toy car; still another in a chilly bin.

Nitro Circus Live was a highly entertaining, high-octane show. I'll need some new tricks . . .


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