Golfers invited to join world record attempt

19:20, Feb 12 2013

Canterbury Golf will try to break a world record tonight to kickstart its Hook Into Golf month.

Chief executive Grant Lewis hopes for a big turnout at the Hagley Golf Course for the attempt on having the most golfers tee off at once.

There is no official mark to beat, but the attempt has been approved by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Registration will be at 5.30pm, with the action at 6pm. Participants are encouraged to bring a club and golf ball, although some equipment will be available to borrow.

"It's just a fun way of launching the Hook Into Golf month," Lewis said of the five-week programme that will run until March 17.

"There's going to be a number of pros there and free coaching, a sausage sizzle, coffee cart and prizes."


One participant will take home a new set of golf clubs, a bag and a trundler. The others would receive a concession card with discounted green fees, Lewis said.

Canterbury Golf received "a significant grant" from several overseas organisations, including golf's ruling authority, the R&A, and the United States Golf Association after the earthquakes.

Lewis said the plan was to use the funds to help clubs boost memberships through the Hook Into Golf promotion.

Membership numbers in Canterbury Golf's 37 clubs have dropped 4 per cent in the past six months. The programme will include free club days held at various courses to encourage people to try the sport.


Flying high: In July 2008, 15,000 Palestinian children flew kites along the beach during a United Nations-sponsored summer camp in northern Gaza to claim a world record.

Traffic jam: Nearly 300 tow trucks spelt out the words "New York" on a runway after setting a world record for the "Largest Tow Truck Parade" in New York in 2008. The Metropolitan New York Towing Association's mark of 292 tow trucks was beaten a year later by 309 trucks in Illinois.

Bubble feat: Fan Yang set a world record in 2005 by fitting the most people inside a soap bubble. Not content with his 2005 mark of 18, in 2011 Yang sneaked 118 people inside a bubble.

Square eyes: German woman Claudia Wavre and Canadian Suresh Joachim broke the record for watching movies non-stop in 2008. The pair won a competition and watched flicks for five days straight, or 120 hours. Indian Ashish Sharma beat them by 23 minutes just weeks later.

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