Hockey player at centre of fight faces ban

17:00, May 28 2013

Avon premier men's hockey player Peter Walker will learn his fate on Friday after an ugly incident in Avon's 4-1 loss to Carlton Redcliffs on Saturday.

A clearly frustrated Walker, the Avon goalkeeper, threw a series of punches at both his own team-mates and opposition in a club hockey game on Saturday after the final whistle. He was eventually tackled by his own brother.

A judicial hearing will take place tomorrow night and Walker faces a maximum penalty of a lifetime ban, though The Press has been told there are mitigating factors surrounding the incident. A lifetime ban has never been given before.

Canterbury Hockey chief executive Rod Templeton said he was confident Walker would receive an adequate sentence.

"There is no doubt as to the seriousness of the incident and the need to make sure that there is an appropriate punishment."

Walker has been given an automatic one-game suspension while the matter is dealt with, and will not play this weekend.


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