Israel Dagg apologises for 'fag' tweet

All Black Israel Dagg has apologised for this tweet (above).
All Black Israel Dagg has apologised for this tweet (above).

All Black and Crusader Israel Dagg has apologised for the use of a homophobic slur on twitter.

At 10:33am Dagg used the word "fag" in a tweet to Auckland Blues player Brendon O'Connor.

After the comment caused a large online response he apologised for poor "choice of word."

"Wrong choice of word people don't let it ruin ya Sunday, keep smiling," he tweeted.

Lesbian MP Louisa Wall, was disappointed with Dagg's use of the derogatory word. 

Wall, who used to play for the New Zealand women's rugby team, said as Kiwi role models All Black players have a responsibility to not use language that marginalises groups of society.

"They fail to recognise the responsibility they have as leaders in New Zealand society, and the influence they have on a whole generation not only of young people, but they represent all New Zealanders now," she said.

Wall wants to work with the New Zealand Rugby Union to help players understand the importance and influence of the way they behave.

"Specifically for leaders such as the All Blacks, because they are so much more powerful and there is a whole generation of young people who look up to them and will embody what they communicate," she said.

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