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02:09, Jun 28 2013
kenny perkins std
HELPING HAND: Former Canterbury Rams player Kenny Perkins, pictured at a Canterbury training camp back in 2003.

Kenny Perkins, the former Canterbury Rams player and father of Oklahoma City centre Kendrick Perkins, is confident his son will be able to "tutor" newest teammate Steven Adams. 

Adams was the 12th pick in the annual NBA draft and will join Perkins to play for one of the best teams in the NBA.

Kenny Perkins said Kendrick's time at the Boston Celtics where he was able to learn the game under future hall of famer Kevin Garnett will be an advantage for Adams.

"Kendrick is a great leader, when he was in Boston as a rookie KG (Kevin Garnett) tutored him and took him under his wing and I reckon Kendrick can do the exact same thing for Steven."

Kenny Perkins said it was a wonderful achievement for Adams to get selected so early in the draft, ''especially for a young man with such a good work ethic''.

Speculation is rife in the NBA that Perkins will be traded or amnestied by Oklahoma after a dismal performance in the playoffs and the addition of Adams is sure to add fuel to the fire.


Kenny Perkins said he had recently spoke to his son and he was confident that the team liked what he brought to the organisation and if he was traded there would be another team that would want him on board.

"If they do decide to get rid of my son he still has $18 million guaranteed on his contract, he will be picked up by another team."

Kenny Perkins said that while Adams' future is bright he would need to work on his post moves in order to get big minutes at the club which already has a good mid-rang shooter in Serge Ibaka and perennial all stars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

"The boy has got good genes, he just needs to continue on getting better and not be content with just getting to the NBA."

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